Poltava Women: One of the Best Choice for Western Man in 2024

Updated on Jul 2023

When referring to Ukraine you would usually hear about cities like Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, or Odesa. But little do you know about Poltava – a city that is so welcoming to foreigners with many intellectual and beautiful women to boot. Poltava women are something otherworldly, and today we are going to tell you why they are worth your time. 

Poltava Women

Girls From Poltava: What Do You Need to Know About Them?

So you are going to Poltava but have limited knowledge of what to expect from girls there? Don’t get overly obsessed with it. Poltava women are similar to any Ukrainian girl out there. However, there are indeed some nuances to take into account.

Poltava Chicks and Youth

If you are addressing a Poltava woman whom you do not know in Ukrainian, there is only one appropriate term for it, and that is “divchyna”, which means “young woman”. And yes, even if the woman in question is in her late fifties, she would still be a “divchyna”. Any other form of address would not only upset her but could also be considered an insult.

Poltava Chicks and Feminism

Poltava women do not have the ideas of feminism of Western countries in the East. by feminism in Western countries. Due to various factors such as women’s emancipation and feminist ideas, women in the West are losing the traditional roles of women, family is no longer a priority and in the West, women give more priority to their career, work, or friendships. This is not the case for Poltava women. 

poltava girls

Why Are Poltava Ladies So Popular Among Western Men?

Though we stated that Poltava women are underrated, there are groups of men who worship local women. They visited the city, got themselves a nice date, and had a good experience. So what exactly do men think of Poltava girls? Let’s take a look:

  • They have a strong inner character to match any man
  • Poltava women keep their natural femininity. They want to be attractive to men. 
  • They take care of their appearance, figure, and health throughout their life. 
  • Poltava women preserve traditional values. From a young age, they are educated to be respectful of men and to take care of the family. 
  • They often participate in household chores and enjoy decorating the house. 
  • Poltava women are very hardworking, and after work, they spend most of their time with their families and children. 

Why do you think Poltava women are so strongly attracted to foreign men?

There are a number of reasons why Poltava women are so attractive to Western men and so popular among them. Here are the most common ones we would like to tell you about.


Poltava women are known for their beauty. They have striking features and lovely figures.


Poltava women are very feminine. They dress in a feminine way and they have a very gentle, loving nature.

Family Orientation

Poltava women are very family-oriented. They want to get married and have children. They will make excellent wives and mothers.


Poltava women are very loyal. They will be loyal to their husbands and they will be faithful to their families.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Dating Poltava Girls

There are many reasons why we decided to make this article. Poltava women are truly underrated and it’s a shame as there are many things to appreciate here. That’s why we’d like to outline the most interesting things we’ve noticed about local women. 


Poltava women are more naturally beautiful than Russian and Belarusian women. Unlike Russian women, who spend their time wearing makeup, Poltava women spend less time wearing makeup in general. This also means that Ukrainian women are more naturally beautiful.

women of poltava ukraine

Model-Like Looks

Many Ukrainian women look like real models. Walking down the street in Poltava, you can easily see a lot of thin and beautiful women everywhere. If these women were born in the USA where obesity is common, they can easily become models. So, traveling to Ukraine and meeting Poltava women will certainly broaden your perspectives and expand your experiences.

Traditional Approach

Poltava girls are more feminine than other girls and are more interested in taking care of the household and maintaining relationships, so they are more feminine and can take care of a family well.

Sexual Passion

Poltava women are good in bed. Most Ukrainian women like to dance, and many of them take dance classes to improve their movements. As a result, the body of a Poltava woman is often very slim and flexible, which makes her wonderful in bed. In addition, a woman who loves music and art also tends to be a sexual woman, because, according to ancient psychology, art and music are basically derived from sexuality. 

poltava ukraine girls

High Level of Education

Most Belarusian women are highly educated. Ukraine is considered the most intelligent country in Eastern Europe, as more than 88% of its population has a secondary education. Young Poltava women can speak English, German, French, and Spanish, so communicating with them is easy.

There are more some Pros and Cons about dating Poltava women.

They will always be there for youYou will have a “post-Soviet” mother-in-law and father-in-law
They are loyalThey are too self-sufficing
They are feminine 
They are the most beautiful 

The Best and Trustworthy Dating Sites to Find a Girl From Poltava

Now, you need some platform to start with. Eventually, you are going to meet in real life but it’s best to start with something simple like online dating. It helps you to develop communication and see whether the Poltava girl is the one you are looking for. But where should you start? Well, we got the list just for you.


One of the legitimate Ukraine dating sites where women are eager to meet foreigners is AmourFeel. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface and is attractively designed.

Another advantage of AmourFeel is that you can find women of Poltava Ukraine. Maybe you want to get in touch with a woman from another country than Ukraine, and this is where AmourFeel is unique because of the massive amount of women from all over the world.


DateRussianGirl can be your best alternative if you’re sick of spending chilly, long nights alone yourself in your apartment. For a stunning Ukrainian woman from Europe, there is a dating service here in Ukraine.

If you are interested in single women Poltava Ukraine, DateRussianGirl is a site you can’t miss. Even though the site focuses mainly on Russian connections, the number of Ukrainian women is no joke. This may be due to the fact that Ukraine is right on the border with Russia, which makes them neighbors and fellow humans.

That being said, this site is entirely filled with beautiful Russian women as well as Poltava Ukraine women. When we searched the site for girls there were about 1000 results. If you don’t believe that the site is full of beautiful glamorous women looking for love, we suggest you go check it out.


DateUkrainianGirl is a pretty obvious and very good choice to start your Ukrainian dating adventure and meet Ukrainian women. The name of the site says it all: it focuses mainly on providing Ukrainian dating, which makes it easy for Ukrainian women Poltava to find that special someone outside of Ukraine.

Even though the site doesn’t have as many members as others on the list, it’s certainly a great choice for finding Ukrainian women. The site, in general, has a lot of activity and you can find hundreds, if not thousands of members online at any given time of day. 

Real-Life Success Stories About Foreign Men and Women From Poltava

Apart from knowing dating tips and good spots to date local women, it’s always worth seeing whether other people have positive feedback concerning dating a particular woman. Today we have some extra thoughts from people who actually had a good time with the Poltava girls.

How to Meet and Date Poltava Women: Tips From Dating Experts

It’s not hard to start Poltava dating, but still, it’s always great to know where to start with. There is always a unique approach to any woman in any city. So what exactly do Poltava women enjoy in dating and how should you attract them? 

poltava dating

Become a Regular

You shouldn’t forget about bars and cafes. But instead of going to a new place every time, try to choose one and visit it regularly. In a familiar, comfortable environment it’s easier to meet new people. And the bartenders’ cheering response to your appearance will definitely turn everyone’s eyes in your direction.

Be Alone More Often

Don’t scare strangers away with the sight of your laughing female friends and especially your male friends. Practice solitary walks (or even trips), and trips to cultural events, or cafes. Just don’t try to replace the temporary lack of communication by listening to music in headphones or constantly checking your smartphone. Let those around you know that you are alone and not waiting for a late girl to show up.

women from poltava

Take Care of Your Appearance

This does not mean that you need to urgently get out of the closet to all the shortest and shiniest girls or the most expensive guys. It is better to bet on simple but stylish solutions in clothing. And needless to say, it is necessary to look good everywhere and always possible. A well-groomed and neat appearance is at least a sign of politeness to yourself and others.

Ask Poltava Chicks a Question

Women of Poltava love attention just as much as men. Especially if that attention flatters their horizons and intellect. Take advantage of this little weakness in order to win over an unfamiliar Poltava girl. For example, ask a professional question to a pretty colleague or ask a stranger from a language class to explain a grammar rule.

Compliment Poltava Chicks

Everyone feels good when they are praised. Poltava women are no exception. It is not necessary to sing dithyrambs about their appearance or masculinity. You can flatter the performance of a stranger at a conference or event with an open microphone. Or walk up to a cute dog lady in the park and compliment her four-legged friend.

women of poltava

Best Places to Meet Poltava Beautiful Women

Dating online is all good, but you might venture on a trip to the city itself. Poltava has many attractive places for tourists but remember that you are going there for the sake of dating. You need to find something much more special to start out with your dating. 

Food Chains

We’re talking about various food courts, food malls, gastro markets, and many other places to explore. Covered a large area, with lots of tables, lots of benches, and some food for sale left and right. Lots of traffic of some kind, lots of young guys and girls, places to take pictures, live music. And it’s one of the best places to meet someone, exchange phone numbers, and then maybe go to a nightclub together.

poltava ukraine women

Restaurants Specializing in Wine

Some beer places used to be popular, but it was hardly a place for girls. Beer was replaced by wine – we got wine places. It’s a completely different business. Not to say that a special pathos crowd comes there: everyone who can’t be bothered. From evening to morning, the place is crawling with people, and many girls and guys come there after the clubs. So don’t miss such places, where you can meet your soulmate.

Discotheques and Nightclubs

Of course, there are always discos and nightclubs as the best places for dating. But in recent years, these institutions are not very popular for normal and educated people who lead healthy lifestyles. In these institutions, you are more likely to find easy guys and girls than normal and educated with the right views on life. But if you have that kind of character yourself, then these places are for you. But remember, you won’t build a relationship or a family thanks to these places.

Watch the video to learn more about Poltava women: 


And this is where our in-depth guide on Poltava women comes to an end. We’ve many interesting details about local chicks, whilst concentrating on means to date and marry them. There is no other place like Poltava. It’s probably the best place to find a pure Ukrainian woman. 


What dating sites to use to find Poltava Ukraine girls?

So, Poltava girls usually follow modern trends and gravitate towards the apps and sites that most women are using. We’re talking about apps like Badoo, Tinder, etc. Also, Poltava women partially share the sites that Russian women are using. Some of the popular ones are RussianCupid and Mamba.

What are the best places to meet beautiful single girls from Poltava?

Poltava is somewhat considered to be the paragon of Ukrainian culture. This place is amazing to delve into the history of the country whilst dating local women. In fact, you should ask her some interesting trivia concerning the city and traditions. Poltava women are patriotic, so they will tell you many things about local culture. Regardless, here are the best places for dating: Bila Besedka House of Ivan Kotlyarevsky Poltava Regional Museum Museum of long-range strategic aviation Monument to Poltava dumplings

Is it safe to go to Poltava, Ukraine to meet women?

This question is a bit complicated to answer. See, Poltava is great for foreigners and you can easily find women from Poltava interested in dating you. However, your safety entirely depends on whether there is an air raid alert in Poltava. This is something that appeared with the war. If you get a warning notification then you should wait it out somewhere underground and stay safe.

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