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Updated on Mar 2023

We created our Anastasia date site review specifically for people looking for an online dating experience. Anastasia is a perfect platform for people who are looking for real love but are tired of unsuccessful relationships. With the help of this online dating platform, you will be able to find a man or a woman, even without leaving your homeland. However, it’s worth mentioning that this site is perfect for American men who are looking for European women. 

AnastasiaDate main page
Site nameAnastasia Date app
Starting PriceThis dating platform offers a wide variety of different subscription options. However, this is not a subscription in the standard sense of the word. Instead, you will be able to buy special currency, with which you will buy everything you want. For example, 150 credits will cost you 19.99 USD.
Payment option This online dating site will be offering you every payment option available at this moment. For sure here you will be able to pay for credits with your credit card from MasterCard or Visa, by some popular payment providers such as PayPal and even e-wallets. 
✅ Good forAnastasia date is perfect for men and women who are looking for their couples. This site will be perfect if you want to find serious relationships, romance, or even a fling for one night. But as we mentioned before this platform is perfect for men from the U.S. who want to find a European bride.
Dominate age of womenOn Anastasia’s date you will be able to meet ladies of the most different ages. Here you will meet young girls around 25 years old, but the main community but the main part will be women over 30-35 years old. 
All Profiles numberAnastasia date dating site has a community that consists of around 200 thousand active users. 
? Women Profiles numberThe percentage of women profiles count around 40 percent of the total. That means that around 80 thousand girls will be waiting for you online 
What countries coverAnastasia dates cover a lot of countries around the world. But of course first of all it’s the countries of Europe.
RegistrationGreat news about this site is that you will be able to create a profile on Anastasia date absolutely free. Of course, if you decide to use the top features of the app, you will have to buy credits, but the registration will cost you nothing. 
⚖️ Legitimate
Anastasia date is a website with a crystal clear reputation. The platform was established in 1993, and since that time it hasn’t had any problems with legitimacy. 
AnastasiaDate features

Our Experts’ Overall Verdict Regarding the Anastasia Date Website 

To create a complete impression regarding this dating site, we also collected the total marks for the Anastasia dating app from the best dating experts. We have summarized all the points and have added the average points for each section. In this table, you will be able to find out marks for the site and app usability, main features, prices, level of customer support, quality of the platform’s profiles, and of course, security.

Site usability4.0/5


App usability4.7/5 
Customer Support4.8/5 
Quality of profile3.8/5

What Do Users Say About the Brand of Anastasia Dating?

We also totally understand that when it comes to the review of the dating website the final word will not be after the experts, but instead, it will be after the real users and customers. That’s why our review will not only include the experts’ evaluations but also honest and transparent testimonials from real users that will help you to decide whether you want or do not want to spend your time for Anastasia dating. 

Toby A.

AnastasiaDate testimonials

Sebastian F.

AnastasiaDate testimonials

Anastasia Date Dating Site: Pros and Cons

When we started our article about this dating site, we made it our number one priority to write honest and detailed reviews for you. We’ll not tell you that this website doesn’t have any online dating cons since we all know that no service is perfect, and it can have its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Fast and convenient sign-up process that will help you to register an account without any difficulties. You will not have even time to blink and your account will be already created. In other Anastasia Date dating site reviews some experts and users are claiming that the prices for buying special currency named credits are a little bit overpriced, so not all customers can afford the top features of the Anastasia date.
A wide variety of different features, and we’re talking not only about paid features but also about those which are totally free. Do not worry we will have enough time to talk about all features in the special section of our review. Another imposing disadvantage that may upset the users of Apple is the fact that the Anastasia Date app is not available on IOS. So, if you wanted to chat with some woman from your iPhone account on iPhone, unfortunately, there is no chance for that now.
A huge community of women from Europe are looking for serious relationships. Be sure that you will never find more beautiful girls on other dating websites.Like any other popular dating app, Anastasia date has some amount of fake profiles. Of course, moderators of the app do their job, but fake profiles and scammers still find their ways to come back. 
Great work of the customer support team, which is working round the clock without offs. And we have also had an opportunity to check the work of support, and to be honest, it was really impressive. 

Anastasia Date Dating Site Functionality and Features

Another great news is that Anastasia Date has a wide variety of different features that will provide you with an opportunity to start your communication as effectively as possible. We already mentioned that this dating platform has a wide variety of different free and paid features that will help you to meet a lot of girls in other countries and especially in Europe. To create this list of the best features, we also have checked other Anastasia date reviews to provide you only with the best one.


We wanted to start our list of tips with one of the most interesting features that you will be able to find on Anastasia Date. As you may already have guessed, with help of this feature you will be able to communicate with a girl in real-time via a special video chat. Many customers noted that it really brings passion and some mystery to some regular chatting. What is more important is that you will be able to see your girl even before you meet her in real. Indeed this feature will cost you only 5 credits for one minute, but what are credits when love is on loan?

AnastasiaDate users

Three-Minutes Chat

Interesting feature that you will never meet on any other online dating site. What is more important is that, unlike the previous feature, a three-minute chat is totally free, and you will not have to pay anything for it. The point of this feature is pretty simple but intriguing, that lies in the fact that you will have 3 minutes to communicate with a person, and after the time when the time will be up, you will have to pay credits to continue. Be sure that for 3 minutes, you will understand if it’s worth continuing your communication with the girl or not. 

Virtual Gifts

The final but not least feature that we will discuss in this section are virtual gifts. For only 15 credits you will be able to send some virtual gifts via the online chat to the girl you liked the most. We assure you that it’s a perfect way to show your sympathy to the woman you like. Even if she didn’t answer your messages first, there is no chance that she will not notice your profile after such a gentle gesture. 

Sign-Up Process to Anastasia Date

In this section, we’d like to discuss the Anastasia date login process that you will have to go through to start your online communication with beautiful girls from different European countries. But before you will need to log in you will have to create an account, and below you will find detailed instructions that will be really helpful for this matter. 

AnastasiaDate create account

Create An Profile

The first step that prevents you from meeting with girls online is online registration. But do not worry, it will not take a lot of time from you. The only thing that you will have to do is insert your email, and name and come up with a password. 

Verificate Your Profile

As soon as you complete the previous stage, you will be redirected directly to the online dating profile. That means that you’re almost there, you already have an account, but to start using it you should confirm that your email is valid by submitting a special letter that was sent to you. After that, your communication with girls will begin. 

Start Your Communication

After you complete the registration steps, you will have to add some photos of yours, and that’s it, your profile will be complete. Of course, you will be able to continue to add information about yourself, or to start directly communicating with hot girls from different countries. 

AnastasiaDate girl profile

Free vs. Paid Membership

In this section, you will totally understand the difference between communication via free and paid membership on this dating site. For your convenience, we have collected everything you will need to know into the table below: 

Free Paid
Totally free registration that will give you a free and convenient personal profile where you will be able to look into profiles of beautiful European girls from Ukraine, Poland, the Сzech Republic, Slovakia, and many others. A wide variety of different features with help of which you will be able to start dating online the most beautiful girls. For example, you will be able to use cam shares, phone calls, sending pictures, and gifts for special currency – credits. 

Plans and Prices

As we already mentioned, this online dating website doesn’t offer any subscription plans, but instead, you will be able to buy a lot of paid features with the help of credits that you will have to buy for real money. For example, you will be able to buy some amount of credits that you will have to spend during some period of time. 

Monthly$49.99150 credits
Monthly$149.99600 credits
Monthly$299.991500 credits

How to Start Using Anastasia Date After Registration?

You may be wondering if it is easy to start communicating with beautiful girls online. And the answer is yes. With the help of the Anastasia date, you will be able to start your dating journey with beauties from Europe right after your registration. Here everything will be pretty simple. You verify your email address with a special code, come back to your profile, and to your attention will be already presented profiles of girls. So here are the steps that you should do. 

AnastasiaDate girl profile

Choose a Girl

For you it will be a real paradise since you will be checking dozens or maybe even hundreds of profiles. It may even become a little challenging to choose one girl with whom things might get serious. But we’re sure you will handle this. 

Choose a Communication Method

To your attention will be provided different communication methods such as cam share, chats, and emails. But you should take into account that not all girls will immediately start a cam share with you. At first, it’s better to start your communication via text messaging. 

Enjoy Talk With Hot Girl

The final step of our little instruction is enjoying your communication with a hot European girl. What is more important is that you will be able to constantly change the communication tools. That means that you will not only text your girl all the time, but you will also be able to send her virtual gifts, call her, and of course, as soon as she is ready you will start communication via video and finally meet in real life.

AnastasiaDate girls users

Review of Anastasia Date Profiles

You are gonna be surprised by the number of beautiful girls that you will see on this dating app because it’s really impressive. What is more important is that behind each profile will be a real woman and not a fake who you have already probably met on other dating sites. Every person that once used this app, mentions the highest level of the profiles here, and you will be able to see it for yourself real soon.

Alternatives Reviewed: I Tried and Here’s What Happened

You may ask us: “What about the alternatives? I don’t believe that there aren’t any other dating apps out there.” Of course, there are a lot of dating apps out there nowadays, but the truth is that most of them have really poor quality, and to make it clear to you, we have collected some of the top reviews that will show you the real state of things. 

  • AmourFeel. We have checked a lot of reviews from users and experts regarding this service, and most of them were negative. So if you do not want to find a fake girl that will ask you for money, do not use this service at all.
  • Bumble. Another dating site with a bad reputation is offering a wide variety of girls’ profiles, that are mostly fakes. What is more important is that the app is overpriced and doesn’t have unique features. 
  • Hinge. If you want to lose your money and be scammed, use this site because it will never give you real relationships. Be sure that instead of a beautiful girl, you will be communicating with some guy who is paid for it.

FAQ to Our Expert 

Why are we sure about the Anastasia Date?

We are sure of this site because it’s a platform with a long story and a lot of people who really found true love here. 

What should I avoid on Anastasia Date dating site?

Of course, sometimes you might meet fake profiles on this app, and the best advice is not to send money or buy presents for a girl you have never met.

Are there real photos on girls’ profiles?

Most of the girls that you will see here will have real photos on their profiles, but as we already mentioned you should be aware of some obvious fakes. 

AnastasiaDate girl profile

Success Stories of Foreign Men and Women Met On Anastasia Date Dating Site

Here we have collected some real stories that will help you to decide to register. 

Daryna and Matt

Matt and Daryna met each other on this app, in April 2021, and they have been chatting via the platform for around the year. From their words, they have felt that they finally found a person with whom they will be able to spend the rest of their lives. Now they are living together in the U.S. and preparing for marriage. 

AnastasiaDate girl profile

Patrick and Magdalena

Pat wrote Magda on his first day of using the app. As he told us: “I have never believed in any of these dating apps until I found this platform. With its help, I finally met the girl that actually likes me.” At the current moment, Patrick and Magdalina are leaving apart, but she will try to receive a visa to the States. 

Emilia and Peter 

Peter was a regular and single worker who has never had huge popularity with girls. But everything changed as soon as he registered on the platform. As Pete told us: “I have never spoken to more girls, from the day I registered, I already met five or six girls. And finally, I met my Emilia, and I think she is the one I will marry.”

Tyler and Barbara 

Tyler was desperate after he broke up with his last girlfriend. In his own words: ”I was really broken, I thought that I will never meet anybody in my life ever, I thought that I’m not worthy to be loved. But then I wrote to Barbara on this site, and she proved to me that I was really wrong.” Now Tyler even thinks about coming to Poland to finally see Barbara in real life.

Do you wonder how it feels to date Eastern European women? Then watch the video:

Our Expert Conclusion: Is Anastasia Date Worth It?

If you were looking for a dating app for the long term, we congratulate you since you finally made it. This dating platform has everything you need to help you finally find your love and spend your time not with your friends but with a beautiful girl. The prices for features are nice, and what is more important app’s tools are really helping.


Will Anastasia Date help me to find a date?

Absolutely yes, you will never find a better place to start dating. We assure you that you will find yourself a couple after 30 minutes in the app.

How many successful marriages on Anastasia Date?

There are no exact statistics regarding this question, however, every third person who registers on the platform finds a couple within a few weeks.

What is the average cost on the Anastasia Date?

The maximum that you can really spend here is $100, because the number of credits for this sum will be more than enough.

Are any fake profiles found on the Anastasia Date site?

There is a little percentage of fake profiles on this dating site, but moderators and customer support are constantly dealing with this problem.

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