European Dating Culture – Tops Marriage Customs in Europe

Updated on Sep 2023

Dating culture is something that is a joy and happiness for many people all over the world. As there are so many countries globally, every country has its way of doing it. So through this article, we will discuss dating culture in Europe and what this means and looks like. It is fascinating how different people date and go through the whole process of dating. In many European countries, two people dating will not be called dating. They would say they are just going out for a drink together. We will go through various countries and how each country does the whole Dating experience a little differently.

About Dating Customs in Europe

Everyone gets excited when they think of dating the girl of their dreams. Local dating culture has many surprises for foreigners. We will show you how to date European girls and what type of dating culture customs you can expect when dating in Europe.

Going Out for a Drink

You will find this very popular in Great Britain. Many dates end up heading to a pub or bar in the UK. This is the usual way people get to know each other in Britain. It is not unusual for kissing to take place or even sex on the first date. It is not a big deal at all in England.


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Kissing in France

In the local dating culture, kisses are important. When you are out with someone in France, and you kiss each other, it means you are an item. The French do not call it a date. They say a rendezvous. If you end up having three kisses on a date, it is something serious between you.

Doing Activities Together

In German dating culture, you will see a couple go out for a bike ride during the day; this is what many would consider a date. They often go out with many friends, and it can usually lead to something from this. It is common for men and women to be friends in Germany so, it is easy to spend time with each other before anything gets serious.

Treating Women With Respect

In Italian dating culture, men like to open doors and take their date out for a meal. They will always pay the bill. It is super important to look and smell good on a date in Italy. It can be difficult for an Italian couple to get time alone as they often live with their parents into their thirties. Going out for a drink then a meal is a usual way an Italian date would go.

Not Making Things Official

In Spanish dating culture, people do not like to say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. This is very different from America, where it is common. If you get asked to meet the family in Spain, it is a big deal. Make sure you bring some wine or dessert with you. By going empty-handed, it is looked at as rude.

Men Must Provide for a Woman

In Polish dating culture, a man will pay the bills, and the women expect some gifts. It is not common to kiss on a first date, but opening doors and bringing out chairs is expected. Never drink and drive your date home; drop her at a bus or subway station.

As you can see, Dating culture varies from country to country. But for the most part, it is an informal event. People in the EU do not like to say they are dating. They generally just go out and enjoy each other’s company without labeling it. Dating services have become very popular over the last few years, with more people using them to get connected with others. Some people even say there is a European marriage problem as the marriage numbers are down. This is mainly because Europeans like to keep things simple, and not getting married is easier.

Things You Should Know About European Relationship Culture

It is always interesting learning how others around the globe date and begin relationships. We all seem to do it in a slightly different way. In Europe, these are common ways to show that you are interested in someone.

  • It is always a good idea to take things slowly. No European girl enjoys things being rushed. It is a good idea to do casual dating at first until you both feel comfortable. Sometimes casual dating can be for a couple of years.
  • You will also find that men tend not to show off as much as American men. There is a more laid-back and humble way of doing things. In American dating culture, the ego plays a huge part.
  • In local dating culture, you will see that men and women who go out for a dinner date will wear very nice clothes to make a good impression, especially in Milan and Barcelona. It is the culture of European women to want to look amazing for a date.
  • If you are a woman and dating a Spanish or French man, you must be prepared for compliments. These men like to go overboard with compliments. It is like Valentine’s day every day when dating these European men.
  • When dating a German man, they will tell you exactly how they feel and what they like. This is much different from American men who will tell you what they think you like. German people are sincere, and serious dating is something they enjoy.

European dating culture is varied and interesting. What makes European dating so special is it seems to have more honesty to it. Nowadays, many Europeans are using dating apps to meet new people. This allows people convenient access to thousands of other users, meaning it is easier to meet the person of your dreams.

Do Singles in Europe Use Dating Sites?

Absolutely. Many European singles are turning to the power of dating websites to help them meet others. Many Europeans like the idea of going on a date after chatting online and getting to know someone. This way, they feel much more comfortable and confident as they feel they have a better understanding of them. Another massive advantage of using a dating establishment online is that you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, and Europeans love that. Many reliable sites allow you to meet European singles; the only difficulty is choosing which one to use.

As more and more people use apps to find love, the members are growing in numbers, which gives people more chances of finding a marriage partner. It does not matter which country you are from; a good app connects you to other users in minutes. It is possible to use video chat to get to know someone and even have a sexy time online. Overall, Europeans love the idea of using dating sites to start a relationship.


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Is Marriage in Europe For Foreigners Common?

Yes, there are plenty of foreigners that decide to come to Europe and get married. It is a dream of many adults to meet a European and settle down in Europe. Europe has some of the most famous cities and places globally, so many girls would love to live in Europe. If you are a single woman who lives outside of Europe and you visit for a weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet European single men. You could even arrange a date through a mail order bride service. Top-quality sites will match singles together based on their personality traits and background.

Famous European Wedding Traditions

Here are some famous traditions in Europe on a wedding day you may be interested in:

  • In Germany, the day before the wedding, plates are smashed at the bride’s home, which brings good luck. The bride is taken after the wedding by her friends, and the groom must find her. Generally, they end up in a pub.
  • In France the wedding is split into two one part is the registration process in front of friends and family. Then the religious ceremony at the church. Often the wedding dessert is a huge plate of profiteroles.
  • In Italy, guests throw rice over the bride and groom as they leave the church. This is supposedly good for fertility. The groom must also sing a song to his bride to be and give her a bouquet.
  • In the UK the custom is to marry wearing a white wedding dress. The bride will throw her bouquet over her head, and whoever catches it will be the next to marry. The father of the bride will walk her down the aisle.

The European marriage law is that the bride and groom can not be under 18 when they marry. The average age of marriage in Europe is 34 years old for males.

Dating Relationships in European Culture vs American Culture

Dating relationships in European culture Dating relationships in American culture
It is laid back and informal, so sex on the first date is usually a no. Sex is very important, and many men want it on the first date.
Going out for a bike ride can be classed as a date. They believe dating a few people at once is fine.
A kiss on a first date is taken seriously in Spain and Italy and means it is serious. A kiss on a date is a normal thing and is expected.


What Is Dating Like in Europe?

It is a fun experience that is not so formal. It can be done with a group of friends and many times German’s like to go for a walk or bike ride with the one they like. The man is expected to pay for any bill in a restaurant, but in the Netherlands, it is known that they like to split the bill 50/50. This is different from the culture of Ukrainian women, who expect the man to pay.

Who Pays for Weddings in European Culture?

The traditional way marriage was paid for was by the bride’s family. This has changed over the last ten years, with many couples choosing to contribute to their wedding day. Depending on the weather, many Europeans like to have a wedding outside in beautiful surroundings.

Do European Want to Marry Foreigners?

Yes, there are lots of Europeans that want to meet and marry foreigners. There are lots of European men who are fascinated by the Latin culture in dating and often head over to South America searching for women. The climate over there is something that appeals to European men.