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Updated on Aug 2023

At the current stage of modern dating, international dating experts recommend trying to use the best international dating sites. These dating websites, in turn, have improved the personal life of every foreign single. Thus, when choosing the best international dating sites, you have to pay attention to the terms of use of the international dating app in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Find Your Match: Best International Dating Sites & Apps Today

Hot women from different countries are eager to meet you on the best international dating sites and you only choose a worthy love candidate! No matter what type of relationship you choose, you may also find a serious relationship on one of our best international dating sites. There is no friend for taste and color as it all depends on your preferences regarding the international online dating service. Let’s move further!

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Dating Tips From International Dating Experts

It’s not enough just to know how to use the best international dating site! There are also pitfalls that should be avoided to make your search for partners on the best international dating sites successful. In this way, you will build a serious relationship by referring to the use of an international dating app or website:

  • Cultural differences. To get around cultural differences with your fiancée, keep in mind that it’s worth learning deeply about the girl’s culture so that dates abroad are easy and don’t fall through on the first date. Your new girlfriend from abroad will be able to open up to you already on the first dates abroad. Show yourself being knowledgeable in cultural traditions and values using the best international dating sites. Anyway, international online dating is the first step to a real date!
  • Language barriers. Do not forget that your chosen one from abroad for serious relationships may have language barriers. Nevertheless, not all international singles ideally or even speak a foreign language. International singles are looking for partners on their own but do not always take into account the possibility of language barriers while using online dating sites.

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In turn, few online dating sites offer translation services to make communication with international singles easier. Therefore, when choosing an international online dating platform, be on the alert and learn the culture and language of your international singles. You can ask a marriage expert at an international online dating resource to find a bride who speaks your native language perfectly!

  • Well-chosen profile application photos or on international dating sites. High-quality and rather spectacular profile photos on any international dating site play a significant role if your acquaintance does not take any place in real life. The main photo of the profile on the international dating platform is the thing that attracts and makes you fall in love with international singles;
  • Completed dating profiles. Looking for a serious relationship involves pure openness through online dating profiles on international dating sites. The dating platform’s questionnaire does not provide any information that does not really attract the attention of serious singles on international dating sites. You may get the impression that a foreign user of an international dating site came across the site by accident and is not ready to meet an international dating site user from another country indeed;
  • Regular exchange of messages on international dating sites, timely responses and entertaining interaction. To make a decision about meeting singles for serious relationships, members need to get to know each other. It is absolutely not important to pass a personality test like on the international dating site eHarmony. Still, we are talking about regular dating foreigners on international dating apps and dating websites.

It should be also understood that a personal meeting is not as easy to organize as it can be done on an international dating site. Secondly, dating on an online dating service does not require any effort associated with potential risks. Thus, in order to make a decision about a romantic trip abroad, it will not be enough for a foreign man to get acquainted with the facts from the biography of the girlfriend on an international dating site.

Let’s find out more about the dating services available nowadays!

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Best International Dating Sites & Top Dating Apps

If you are still confused about which international dating site or dating app to choose, then feel free to check out our today’s list! We have chosen only worthy international dating sites with reasonable prices for services and terms of use.

Which International Dating Sites & Dating Apps Are Completely Free?

International dating sites and applications are both paid and free. We have collected such international dating sites and dating apps as:

  • EasternHoneys;
  • Asian Melodies;
  • Lovefort;
  • FindEuropeanBeauty;
  • EliteSingles.

Each dating service has both paid and free features. However, international dating apps and dating websites like Elite Singles are completely free:

  • Free international dating websites are dating sites built without investment and using the functionality of the constructor as an online dating platform. A user who has registered on international dating websites is allocated a certain place for files and a database and is also provided with a third-level domain. In fact, all rights to international dating apps and dating websites belong to their respective owners. The best dating app user only manages the dating service at his own discretion.
  • Paid international dating apps and sites are projects based, as a rule, on the basis of using a premium membership. A paid second-level domain is often used as the address of a paid international dating app or site. However, there are exceptions. Thus, the first month of using an international dating app like Lovefort can be obtained for free, but its renewal through a premium membership will cost much more. Inherent is the compatibility matching system which can be used after purchasing a premium membership. Elite Singles provides a free personality test while passing registration to identify the user.

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What about websites’ pricing?

Site Cost/Month/Credit Total
EasternHoneys 0.15 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
AsianMelodies 0.15 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
LoveFort 9.99 USD / 20 Credits 19.99 USD
FindEuropeanBeauty 9.99 USD/Month 19.99 USD
EliteSingles 37.95 USD / Month 113.85 USD

It is important to know what else dating services can be optimal for modern dating online. Let’s check it out!

Top International Dating Sites for Casual Dating

If you are looking for casual dating or a serious relationship from different regions, then check out the top international dating sites and online dating apps. From our list, you will choose the most suitable online dating website. This way you can try instant chat on one such dating website or dating app:

  1. EasternHoneys – Offers a convenient instant chat and video calls to make casual dating process more convenient;
  2. AsianMelodies – Great dating website that offers to use real-time chat and instant messaging connected to the advanced compatibility matching system;
  3. LoveFort – One of the best dating apps and sites with instant chat, flirting tools and advanced video call options;
  4. FindEuropeanBeauty – Among the best dating apps that offer to use free and quick messaging with affordable flirting tools like sending Winks and Likes;
  5. EliteSingles – Best dating app and site with an advanced compatibility matching system and premium chat options like constant messaging.

Among the best dating apps we have included, you may choose where you find the best match from different parts of the world including Europeans (namely, Slavic women) as well as Asians.

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Best Niche Dating Sites

Best niche dating apps and sites are those online dating services available in Asian, Latin American and Eastern European countries. Typically, on such dating sites, international people are looking for senior singles or younger members of a particular online dating community:


EasternHoneys can be called the best dating app which is considered a niche in the online dating industry. Now, thanks to this dating site, you will find a soulmate who lives in an Eastern country. Thanks to convenient communication and flirting tools, you will contact the hottest foreign singles!

Asian Melodies

AsianMelodies is a decent dating site with acceptable terms of use. On this niche site, you will find partners from Asian countries for building serious relationships or casual dating. Well-designed chat rooms can help you have a great time with the hottest foreign girls! Also, don’t forget to use additional communication tools like winks, emojis and gifts (as a bonus).


LatinFeels is one of the few decent niche dating sites and best dating apps that offer a variety of communication features and maintain an exceptional quality of service in international online dating. You will find thousands of active women from Latin America on the site.

Most of the girls who register on this dating service are looking for family relationships. However, some single Latina women are looking for a laid-back relationship and romantic connection with a man from another country. This niche online site combines excellent quality, ease of communication, and a huge number of foreign girlfriends from Latin America!

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This is a special niche dating site that offers a lot of hot girls from Latin American countries including Argentina and Brazil. On LatinDate, you can also meet single but passionate girls from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil as well. Although their profiles are not very detailed but almost all the girls provide at least 5 high-quality photos along with basic information about themselves on the dating site such as marital status, education, religion, etc.

*The administration of the niche site LatinDate checks all profiles of girls without exception.

The users’ profiles are only accepted after providing copies of the IDs and official requests to create and publish their accounts. If any of the site members are falsehoods, you may contact the support service to inform the administration of this online dating resource about this.


This niche dating site offers its users to try webcam chat rooms with the most sociable girls. JollyRomance is one of the most popular international dating sites that connects single people from all over the world and provides them with interactive communication tools.

The site has useful features, advanced search tools, and all sorts of connections useful for long-distance relationships. If you’re looking to find a compatible long-distance romance partner, or at least try one out before you go offline, this is the best online resource for you!

What Is the Best Dating App to Meet Foreigners?

They say that Slavic women are the most serious and beautiful. No wonder Zoosk is the best dating app for this type of single women search. Zoosk is a fun and easy-to-use dating app that can help you find the right person.

With over 30 million app downloads and a database of over 40 million single people, your chances of meeting someone special are high! You can create a Zoosk account in less than a minute which is pretty fast compared to other dating sites and apps. At any time, you can come back and spend more time filling out more information about yourself if you want a more detailed profile and better search results.

Here is a small story of a successful marriage from a real Zoosk user:

“Years passed and now I settled on the right dating app. There I met irresistible foreign women, but my goal was marriage. Initially, it seemed to me that Zoosk was a stupid idea, but then I was lucky to meet my destiny there!” – Oliver, 35, Ohio

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What Is the Best Online Dating Site for International Relationships?

We can complete our list of top dating sites for international dating. However, it is worth pointing out the following:


It’s one of the best websites out there and boasts a huge amount of success stories these days. This is exactly the site for long-term relationships leading to marriage. Moreover, on this dating resource, your perfect match has already been waiting for you! You just have to go through a quick and free registration!


LaDate is also one of the top dating sites where you will find the best singles from Latin America. Due to the well-thought-out compatibility matching system, you will find exactly the match that suits your preferences. Using additional communication tools like winks and sending unlimited messages will help you find the perfect match faster!


Let’s dwell on one affordable dating site called UkrainianCharm. The personality test of this online dating platform will help you understand how reliable this online service is. In addition, an advanced search engine will help you find exactly the match with which you will have a lot in common.

Here we can see a real success story from a user:

“I immediately liked one Ukrainian girl with whom communication grew into something more. From now on, we have a pretty serious relationship! Don’t be afraid to try online dating because there really is something worth getting out of it!” – Martin, 42, Phoenix

What Dating Sites Do Foreigners Use?

Now we can safely continue to explore what kind of sites foreigners use. Be prepared to take into account the following:

  1. EasternHoneys – The site is admired by all Western bachelors as well as representatives of some European countries. This dating website is intended for foreign wife-finders as well as those seeking love adventures;
  2. AsianMelodies – This online dating platform is always happy to welcome Western foreigners focused on building a serious relationship as well as an easy romance. This site is also widely used in Asian countries where foreign brides are active members;
  3. LoveFort – This dating website is a great option for foreigners in need of love and constancy. On this site, you will find the most interesting foreign candidates from Latin America and Asia;
  4. FindEuropeanBeauty – Where else can you look for a European beauty if not on this website of international dating? The site can serve as a great start if you are tired of failed relationships!

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Is It Possible to Date Internationally?

At first, it is difficult, confusing, troublesome and frustrating. But it comes from the many problems that arise in the person such as:

  • Desire to pass certification;
  • Be accepted by a foreign society;
  • Become loved;
  • Like the blood relatives of the beloved;
  • Become an official citizen of the country in which you marry (as needed).

Thus, there are many social conditions that give rise to many myths about international dating, the dating process, and also about seduction. A tale of “one” and “rule of three days” and no sex on the first date, who does what first, what signals to pay attention to, and so on… to the point.

As we get older, we become more daring to question everything. We come to a stage in our lives where we don’t need approval because we don’t strive to be accepted and loved to such an extent that we don’t respect ourselves, our core values, and our boundaries in the end!

You can be bold in your approach to women and fearless. However, the key is that now we are aware of ourselves, life, and all the damn nonsense that we were fed. And when someone says where they come from, it does not matter at all if we lose any opportunity on the first date. Now everything is simple. Everything we once wanted when we were teenagers does not matter, and all the fears we once had will be dispelled with the arrival of the right foreign partner for a relationship.

Now rejection is just feedback to tell us, “She doesn’t have what I want. Great. Bye”.

And we can move further. It makes a lot of things easy! This gets rid of all the challenges of looking for signals and spending time with indecisive women who lack understanding of whether you want to know the date or forget it. Disappears with time and the fear of loss. When we get rid of the fear of loss and have an abundance mentality through foreign connections, life becomes simple which means that international dating is also simple!

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Tips for Dating Internationally

International relationships really take effort, and they can be strong and happy if you know the right life hacks. A romantic connection can be strengthened and improved by working in several ways:

  • demanding more from yourself;
  • demanding more from a foreign partner.

No magic is required! Everything is pretty simple and outlined in the tips below following which you get a sure chance to build your international relationships to the “forever” mode:

  • Be honest with your feelings;
  • Know exactly what you want from a relationship;
  • Don’t chase your partner for no reason;
  • Take care of your soulmate from another country;
  • Try to adapt to your international partner;
  • Solve problems together.

This is good advice for those who aspire to meet with a partner at the international level. This is how intelligent marriage experts see ideal international relationships.


There are quite a few top international sites to meet irresistible partners from abroad. Among them, you will find the top dating sites available in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Each of the sites offered have a fair pricing policy and acceptable terms of use.


How to Meet Guys From Other Countries?

It's as easy as shelling pears to go through a quick registration on one of the dating sites available in your area. Choose only reliable online dating resources to build serious and long-term relationships with foreigners.

How to Find an International Boyfriend?

As a single lady, you can either register on an online resource like EliteSingles, Zoosk, and the like or apply to a marriage agency. This way you will find a boyfriend from abroad for a happy and romantic relationship.

How to Date International Girls?

You can date foreign girls by creating a profile on one of the proposed sites and applications, or you can contact a marriage broker. The second option also involves marriage after organizing a real meeting with a foreign bride.

How to Attract a Foreign Girl?

It is worth being the most interesting and gallant man. Even using a certain dating site, you should fill out the questionnaire well and choose the best photo to impress a single girl from abroad.

How Do I Meet Someone in Another Country?

First of all, think about what type of relationship you want to have and where to look for a partner. You have to get acquainted with a certain country and city in order to get on an excellent interlocutor with whom a happy future awaits.

How Can I Date a Foreigner Online?

To date a foreigner online, it is enough to choose a worthy dating site or an international dating app. There you will go through a quick registration, get acquainted with the features of the platform, and purchase a premium subscription (if you wish) to get more options for online dating.

Are There Any Legitimate Foreign Dating Sites?

To check whether the site is legal, it is enough to read the reviews about the site (for example, you choose LaData), and also read the terms of use of the online dating service. You can use video chat to make sure you are dealing with a real user so you can avoid fake profiles.