Dating a Lebanese Woman – Facts, Statistics and Tips

Updated on Jul 2023

The oriental beauty of Lebanon is displayed not only in its beautiful sceneries and ancient cities but in local ladies too. Lebanese girls are one of the most attractive in Western Asia and get a lot of attention from foreign men.

What does dating Lebanese women feel like? If you are also interested in these alluring girls and want to find answers, keep reading our article. We will provide you with all the necessary information to impress beautiful girls from Lebanon and how to date Lebanese girls.

Why Do Foreigners Meet Lebanese Women?

As Lebanon is a small country, foreigners usually are not very familiar with its history, culture, and people. That’s why you might not imagine how exactly a typical Lebanese woman looks. What does a Lebanese woman look like? What attracts men the most to these girls? To find the answers, take a look at the top 3 reasons for girls’ attractiveness we listed below.

They Have Western Asian Beauty

The appearance of Lebanese ladies is exotic for Western people and seems a mixture of Arabic and European features. Lebanese woman face features are very delicate, the women usually have a round or oval face shape, big brown eyes, and full lips. Lebanese women hair is usually dark, but a lot of girls like to dye their hair in a lighter brown color.

One of the Lebanese women features that catch men’s eyes, is their curvy figure. Most of the ladies are not afraid to emphasize their best parts and frequently wear tight and revealing clothes. Lebanese women faces are also usually covered with makeup as these girls are big fans of the beauty industry and trends.

They Are Passionate

Another characteristic that men really like in gorgeous Lebanese women is their passionate nature. When it comes to flirting or romantic relationships, it is hard to resist this ladies’ charm. They do know how to conquer men and make them happy in relationships.

Their passion is shown not only in bed but also in their manners, gestures, and look of eyes in everyday life. Beautiful women of Lebanon possess natural charisma and self-confidence, which helps them to live without any restrictions and build relationships full of love and passion.

Lebanon Women

They Are Convivial and Fun

What else foreign guys are obsessed with famous Lebanese women is their easy-going and cheerful personalities. They can’t live without constant communication, spending time with their friends, and meeting new people.

These traits are also a reason why it is extremely easy to meet Lebanese girls. They are open to communication with strangers and like to meet foreigners, as Lebanon is a popular tourist destination, especially in summer.


Lebanese Women Profiles

Esmeralda 27 y.o.
Social worker
Audrey 25 y.o.
Financial manager
Penelope 22 y.o.
School teacher
Mehreen 29 y.o.
Sahar 28 y.o.
Nasrin 29 y.o.

What Do Lebanese Girls Like In Men?

If you are serious about dating a Lebanese woman, you definitely should learn what characteristics they want to see in men. It will help you to understand how good modern Lebanese women fit you and your personality, and whether relationships with local girls are what you seek or not. Let’s check our list of what every girl in this country wants her future boyfriend to have.


It is very important to any woman in this country to be with a man who is not stingy. It doesn’t mean that these ladies are materialistic. They just understand that generosity is a necessary quality for building long-term relationships or married life. It never goes to an absurd point, as Lebanese beautiful women don’t expect a man to pay everywhere for them or regularly buy expensive gifts. For example, a girl can want a man to pay for their dinner, but she will buy something else in return.

Cheerful and Fun Personality

As Lebanese women are very social and talkative, they want to date a person who also likes to interact with other people and spend time in noisy company. If you’re an introverted person, it would be hard for you to get along with an average Lebanese woman. That’s why to draw the attention of a girl in Lebanon, show her your cheerful personality and readiness to spend nights dancing in clubs and enjoying communication with people around.

Good Relationships With Her Family

As in many other Western Asian countries, family is the most important thing in a Lebanese girl’s life. And this fact greatly affects her choice of partner. Keep in mind that to make a woman in Lebanon fall in love with you, you have to make her parents like you first. That’s why before dating Lebanese women, find some information about Lebanese families and what they usually expect from partners for their daughters.

Lebanon Dating Culture

Even if you know what local women like in men, there is still a possibility to fail your date, as the dating culture of Lebanon is quite different from the Western one. That’s why we want to share with you some interesting facts about dating in Lebanon and show how it differs from European dating traditions.

3 Dating a Lebanese Girl Facts

Like any Asian country, Lebanon may seem mysterious to most Western foreigners. And it is natural that some dating customs will be unusual and surprising to you. Here are 3 facts you should know before meeting pretty Lebanese women. Keep reading to be aware of what dating is like in Lebanon.

  • The dating may vary depending on the religion your girlfriend follows. There are 18 religious groups in Lebanon, and each has its own rules for dating. The rules usually regard the age a girl and a man can get married, whether they can live together before marriage or not, etc. However, there are a lot of women who don’t follow their religion strictly. Their dating style is more westernized and wouldn’t be surprising to you.
  • Regular dinners with parents are a must. It is not enough to meet a family of your girlfriend once a year or half-year. Everyone who dates Lebanese girls should be ready to visit their parents way much more frequently. However, if you live abroad, the situation is a little bit different, but the girl will expect you to visit her homeland at least one or two times a year
  • Beautiful women from Lebanon don’t rush with marriage. Although there is no minimum legal marriage age, attractive Lebanese women prefer to get married no earlier than in their late 20s. The reason is that Lebanese people see marriage as a serious step and prefer to date longer before making a decision of getting married. Also, both men and women of Lebanese want to become financially independent before building a family, and mostly focus on a career in their 20s.

dating lebanon women

How Different Are Lebanese and European Dating Cultures?

Looking at the facts we described earlier, you might have already understood that Lebanese beautiful women dating is not similar to most European countries. However, to give you the complete picture of the dating culture in this oriental country, here is a table that compares the characteristics of Lebanon and European dating.

European girlsLebanese girls
Being in romantic relationships, ladies from Europe tend to be equal in everything with men.The women see a man as the main provider in the family. And even before marriage, it is expected that a man pays for his girl.
The decision of starting a relationship with someone fully depends on an individual’s will.The parents usually have a strong influence on their child’s personal decisions, especially regarding romantic relationships.
Europeans are more open-minded in relationships and the culture of casual dating is very common in Europe.Women in Lebanon prefer traditional dating and usually enter only serious relationships.

Keep in mind that these all are general facts, and every woman can have her unique picture of relationships and dating. That’s why we recommend always paying attention to the girl herself first and then using our tips depending on how similar she is to Lebanese women stereotypes.

How to Understand That a Lebanese Girl Likes You?

Are you meeting single Lebanese ladies but can’t understand their feelings for you? Don’t worry, the signs of a Lebanese beautiful woman’s affection sometimes can be not clear, but there are some tips that will help you to find out whether a girl is into you or not. Let’s check them out.

  • A single Lebanese woman is open with you and doesn’t mind telling something personal about herself.
  • She wants to talk with you constantly and start messaging right after you walk her home.
  • If you are offered to meet Lebanese women friends and, sometimes, even family members, the girls are totally into you.
  • She starts to follow all your social media accounts and tries to make more stories together.


Dating Lebanese ladies perfectly fit those men who are looking for an easy-going and charming partner. Most beautiful Lebanese women are very talkative and friendly not only with locals but with foreigners too. They fascinate with their passionate personality and seducing bodies – doesn’t matter if you date thin or thick Lebanese women, they all look hot and are equally incredible.


What Is Expected of a Lebanese Wife?

Lebanese women make amazing wives, as they are very family-oriented people. They always take marriage seriously and get married only to men they truly love. Also, they are good at children's upbringing and don’t mind becoming housewives after marriage.

What Are Lebanese Women Like?

A typical Lebanese look is big brown eyes with long thick eyelashes, dark brown hair, delicate facial features, and plump lips. Also, Lebanese women are possessors of alluring curved figures, that look amazing in revealing clothes.

How Do Lebanese Women Flirt?

When a single Lebanese woman likes someone, she will show her affection with plenty of attention and constant communication. If you see that a girl wants to spend more time with you, try to be closer, and ask you personal questions, there is no doubt she flirts with you.

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