What Is a Mail Order Bride: Simple and Comprehensive Guide

Updated on Jul 2023

Our constant modern struggle is the fact that we cannot find a proper soulmate. Some get the extremely desperate feeling that wouldn’t ever be a person to devote their life to. But lighten up!

There are 8 billion people in this world, and out of those, you need just one. The probability of finding a soulmate is rather high, and you can even increase your chances by meeting a mail order bride. 

Who Are Mail Order Brides and How Does It Work?

Now, we still haven’t properly approached the answers as to the identity of those ladies. What is a mail order bride? Mind that mail order brides used in its new-fangled fashion and doesn’t imply those ladies of the past that would get themselves into relationships via a “purchase”. Women are not slaves, and it’s just that term “mail order bride” is loosely based on what you’d hear in the context of history. 

Who Are Mail Order Brides?

The term “mail order bride” is rather straightforward and doesn’t involve anything illegal or complex. This is a special term for girls that are interested in marrying foreigners for the sake of sharing their lives with a soulmate. They have their own reasons for that, but it all boils down to the fact that they are meeting men on specialized sites to eventually meet in real life and marry. 

what is a mail order bride

What Are the Dating Sites for Mail Order Brides?

To be frank, there are not that many differences between your ordinary dating site and a site devoted for mail order brides. The main difference is that those sites aim for more streamlined services, whilst supporting a membership or credit system to contact online mail order brides. In fact, most of those agencies are so specialized that they can organize a real meeting with the girl you actually care about. 

Dating and Meeting Mail Order Brides

The process is rather straightforward. First, you find a mail order bride site that you specifically need. Usually, those sites differ in the audience that they have. There are sites for Latinas, Slavic brides, Asian chicks, etc. You register there, get a membership and then get to your exploration stage. This is where you check the profiles thoroughly, trying to see whether the interests of a mail order bride actually match your preferences. Then you get into an in-depth conversation to confirm whether she is the one for you. If everything goes down smoothly, you try to buy airline tickets and go visit your girl. 

Why Mail Order Brides Are So Popular Among USA Men?

Naturally, there has to be a reason for this increase in the popularity toward mail order bride. To answer that question, we’d have to go deeper into what most foreign men enjoy and how certain dating approaches can make or break you. Essentially, most foreign men are tired of how most local women like, and their experience is much better with mail order brides. Let’s see what exactly the reasons are.

What Is It Like to Have a Mail Order Bride: No Money Value

You heard it right. There is this thing that many women want to find a foreign guy only because they have a good salary, thus making them want to make use of it. It’s completely different with mail order brides. They don’t really need your money as much. Those girls can stand on their own and their only aim with you is to create a proper relationship. 

what is the average cost of a mail order bride

What Is It Like Having a Mail Order Bride: Serious Relationships

Many people use dating sites and applications for casual fun. Mail order bride agencies don’t work that way. Everything here is arranged in a way that if you are satisfied with your girl, then you are likely to get married to her someday. She came to this site to devote her life to searching for a proper husband. She is not here to waste time with some one-night stands. 

What Is It Like to Get a Mail Order Bride: Many Possibilities

The best part is the fact that you have room for trying out many ways of international dating. Slavic girls aren’t your cup of tea? Then try hot Asians. Do Asians seem too expensive for you? Then try visiting Latin American mail order brides. It all boils down to the prices, the bride’s character, and your specific preferences. If you’re not enjoying your time with the current bride then don’t fear to let go and try your search all over again. Mail order bride scene is meant to be experimented on.

Which Countries’ Brides Were Most Often Chosen by Men in 2022

As we already stated, most of the sites are devoted to a specific part of the world of mail order bride. You chose your site based on whether you want to date girls from Latin America or elsewhere. Naturally, you want to know which countries have the most popular mail order brides. It’s hard to list all of them, as there are so many countries full of amazing mail order brides, but we can list 5 to show what a mail order bride is really like.

NationalityKey features
Argentinian womenThey love being caring mothers
Korean womenKnow how to take care of their physical and mental state
Ukrainian womenThey show the biggest kindness you’ve ever seen
Chilean womenAlways act like your best right hand
MexicanCreate warmth in about any household


what is a mail-order bride
  • They lead an active lifestyle
  • They love being caring mothers

Argentina is popular because of how beautiful mail order brides are there, so no wonder this country is experiencing a boom in popularity. It is extremely common to see girls in swimsuits whilst having no shame about it! Local girls are used to looking sexy no matter where you’re trying to look. This is their pride and glory.

Though they are so great at being sexy and confident, they still want a man to show some courage and dictate the rules of a date. Stay strong, and do not be scared of approaching those sweethearts. There are many good moments about a local mail order bride:

South Korea

what is the statistics on a mail order bride
  • Real fashionistas
  • Know how to take care of their physical and mental state

Surprised? Yes, China and Japan are extremely popular with men craving a nice foreign wife, but those are not the countries where you’d be successful with your goal. You see, they are both conservative nations where girls are not always welcoming toward foreigners. It exists on a nationwide level, and washing off that kind of stigma is a long test of endurance. South Korea, on the other hand, is more innovative. Local mail order brides are elegant and cute and can get to extreme heights of the career path they choose. Due to this progressiveness, however, some of the mail order brides don’t even consider having a child and give preference to a shared life where you devote yourselves to each other. 


what is it like having a mail order bride
  • They are natural Slavic beauties
  • They show the biggest kindness you’ve ever seen

What kind of woman is more likely to be purchased as a mail order bride? Ukrainian is the answer. Ukraine got to the tops of most popular mail order brides due to some unusual circumstances. You see, the brides here deserve all the love and care, but another reason for their popularity is that most mail order brides moved to Europe due to the war waged by Russia. Thus many women got into a new stressful environment whilst being encouraged to start anew and find a nice foreign boyfriend. Girls from Ukraine are simply astonishing. They have a nice fighting spirit, being able to go for a new career whilst being a lovely wife and mother. So we give them points for:


what is it like to get a mail order bride
  • Masterful cooks
  • Always act like your best right hand

Yet another Latin American place. Chile is not as popular as its Brazil counterpart, and due to that fact many men are missing out on hot mail order brides here. The loyalty of a Chile mail order bride is undeniable. They put all of their love and trust into their husband, believing that they can accomplish everything. They encourage you whilst also supporting a strong workaholic mindset, striving to be equal to their lovely husband. Interestingly, there is this scale for Chile mail order brides when they are interested in foreigners whilst not being extremely open toward dating them. It’s just that they want you to prove that you are worth it. 


what is the price of a mail order bride
  • Possibly the smartest women in the world
  • Create warmth in about any household

Mexican mail order brides are in this interesting spot as they are rather close to the USA. Thus it makes it much easier for Western men to organize a date with those beauties. Besides, all of this effort is worth it as there are so many great Mexican women out there. The only possible downside here might be the fact that you have to get involved with the Spanish language. You see, a local mail order bride loves her native tongue and wants you to appreciate it. No, they don’t want you to sound like a native speaker, it’s just that they want to see the effort. In return, they are going to devote themselves to English or any other language that they know. It’s a steep learning curve that they are interested in. 

Which countries' mail order wives were most likely to be chosen by American men in 2022?

According to recent statistics, mail order brides from Ukraine, Japan, Colombia, and Russia were the most popular choices among American men in 2022. A total of 120,000 American men registered on international dating websites in order to find a mail order bride from one of these countries, and the majority of these men ended up finding a partner and getting married within the year.

№1: Ukrainian mail order brides.

The women from Ukraine were particularly popular, with 30,500 American men choosing a Ukrainian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their traditional values and strong family ties. In addition, the fact that Ukraine is a relatively affordable destination for American men may have also contributed to its popularity.

№2: Japanese mail order brides.

Japanese women were the second most popular choice among American men, with 24,000 men choosing a Japanese mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Japanese women are known for their intelligence and education, as well as their ability to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles. In addition, the exotic and unique culture of Japan may have also been appealing to American men.

№3: Colombian mail order brides.

Colombian women were the third most popular choice among American men, with 18,000 men choosing a Colombian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Colombian women are known for their passion for life and their love of dancing and music, which may have appealed to American men who are looking for a partner who will bring some excitement and adventure into their lives. In addition, the relatively low cost of living in Colombia may have also been a factor.

№4: Russian mail order brides.

Russian women were the fourth most popular choice among American men, with 12,000 men choosing a Russian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Russian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their strong family values and traditional gender roles. In addition, the close cultural ties between Russia and the United States may have also played a role in the popularity of Russian mail order brides among American men.

Why You Should Try Online Dating

A dating site is first of all a platform that I would recommend for its accessibility, provided that it is one of the top dating sites. If you are looking for a virtual meeting place where you can consult a large catalog of profiles, a dating site will offer you the accessibility you need. 

Registration to this type of platform is possible for anyone over 18 years old and has no maximum age limit. They are aimed at young adults looking for new experiences as well as seniors who want to find a more active social life. By registering on a platform dedicated to dating, you give yourself the opportunity to exchange with people located at the other end of the world.

This accessibility is an asset that can be difficult to approach. The possibilities offered by dating sites are multiple: you don’t need to engage in a long process to find pen pals, and these platforms are not only intended to find love. If the vast majority of the subscribers come to them with the aim of finding their soulmate, others visit them to accumulate one-night stands. Others still visit them to widen their circle of acquaintances. Dating sites are then imposed as social platforms on which several generations can exchange freely.

Easier to Meet People on the Net

One of the main advantages of dating sites is that they remove the barriers between people. Regardless of your geographical location, your objective, or your orientation, you will be able to find profiles that will interest you. Unlike traditional dating sites, you’ll have no trouble approaching people who match your criteria. Dating platforms offer you freedom of dialogue that you can’t always enjoy in the real world. Your range of possibilities is not limited to your circle of friends or the places you usually frequent. The Internet makes it easy to meet people and gives you the opportunity to talk to people you might not otherwise have the chance to talk to.

what a mail order bride is really like

It is not uncommon for these platforms to be used to create new circles of exchange. Like social networks, they can be used to develop special bonds between their members. Recently, dating sites have revealed a potential close to that of chat sites. The simplification of dating is approached in an even more accessible way by integrating instantaneous exchange options. It is no longer necessary to go through a very strict introduction protocol to chat with complete strangers. Discussions are more fluid, and allow the most hurried to get to the point. This ease of exchange is very much appreciated by those who are not looking for a serious relationship.

A Variety of Sites to Find Love, for All Tastes

Dating sites can be compared to clubs where everyone can exchange freely. This freedom is accentuated by the possibility of finding platforms for particular profiles. Nowadays, dating sites are not only generalist, you will find on the web platforms gathering only people of the same social background or with equivalent levels of education.

You can choose your dating site according to your sexual preferences, your income or your religious beliefs. This list also includes sites that bring together people with similar eating habits or who enjoy a particular activity. The diversity of dating sites allows the average Internet user to find a community in which he or she will find more than one profile corresponding to his or her romantic expectations.

The Virtual Border

With dating apps, you won’t have to procrastinate for 30 min with “will I approach her or not? The shyest people who don’t dare to go and see the person who makes them fall in love with seeing things made easier: it is much easier to seduce someone behind a small screen and to get to know him or her little by little. It also avoids the embarrassment caused when you realize once seated in front of your conquest that you have nothing in common with them! You can easily stop the exchanges.

Top 5 Trustworthy Sites to Found a Mail Order Bride in 2024

We mentioned the good aspects of online dating, but mind that you have to be thorough with your choices. Some sites are devoted to specific mail order brides, splitting them by region. Additionally, there are sites that are rather mundane and have nothing great to offer to their users, so avoid those. Additionally, you have to remember that it is always better to choose a site with some kind of membership. Good quality mail order bride sites require payment, and it is natural to make those services manageable. 


TheLuckyDate main page

We recommend it more as a starting site for finding mail order brides. The site isn’t that innovative with the features it has: messaging, and sign-up processes are serviceable. But where TheLuckyDate truly shines is in its ability to provide many various mail order bride profiles. Those are genuine profiles and not just empty shells used by fraudsters. Those profiles are rather detailed, and we all know that it’s uncommon for a fishing account to be full of preferences and nuances. Furthermore, there are mail order brides from different parts of the world, helping you to decide on what kind of wife you want to get. Additionally, if you’re new to dating sites, TheLuckyDate is good for its simplicity and for helping you navigate it in a smooth way. 


CuteAsianWoman main page

This site is meant for you if you want to devote your searches to an Asian mail order bride. The site is constantly getting to the top of dating sites and is praised by critics for it’s various means to date mail order brides from Asia. Interestingly enough, this is the site that maintains its reputation for more than twenty years! It proves that the developers know what they are doing. You can constantly see the news on data leaks from different social networks or dating sites, but luckily CuteAsianWoman doesn’t make the list here. There are no cases of safety breaches and it’s doing just fine. 


SingleSlavic main page

SingleSlavic is a perfect fit if you want to date Slavic women in particular. We’re talking about Czech, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc. What’s nice about this site is that it asks you to verify your identity in order to reduce the number of fishing accounts. That’s the reason you can see so many high-quality profiles that are brimming with all the necessary information you need to know before messaging that person. There are also private galleries where a mail order bride posts her nice quality photos to show her hobbies and how beautiful she is. 


LatinWomanLove main page

Are you into hot Latinas? LatinWomanLove is perfect if you want to date girls from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, or Argentina. The list can go on as there are many Latin American countries out there. Furthermore, mail order brides from here like to travel to find a better fate as there are instances of abuse and inequality. And this is where you can play your cards. Create a detailed LatinWomanLove profile and start an interesting conversation with local girls. Yes, it requires you to pay for a membership but given what you receive, the price is totally worth it. If you’re discouraged, there are many discount options for newcomers. 


EuropeanDate main page

You can guess from the name that this is the site that devotes itself to the European part of mail order brides. It goes into detail about the available parts of Europe, even accounting for Slavic ladies from Eastern Europe. The main thing here is that local girls are not interested in finding themselves rich, prosperous husbands. Europe is good as is, and mail order brides are rather interested in finding a foreigner who is more accepting of their mindset. That is exactly why the site’s mail order bride is ready to converse on a constant basis without getting bored of it. You can write to the girl, try to send her a voice message or even start a video call. The possibilities are wide in variety. 

Dating Site: How to Make Your Profile

Don’t forget that on dating sites, everything goes very fast: your profile must be attractive. First, ensure you fill it out completely, without leaving anything out. Insufficiently filled-out profiles are often ignored and users may quickly move on to someone else. This profile should showcase you, your qualities, and your tastes. However, be careful not to say too much either, you must keep a part of the mystery!

Main Profile Advice

don’t try to pass for someone else, honesty is essential. Don’t invent a passion for skydiving and an extrovert character if you are a swimming fan and somewhat reserved. You have children, say so. You smoke, say so. You have a very demanding job with shifting hours, say so. 

Your presentation text should be punchy but not overdone. Write a dynamic text in which you talk about yourself but also mention your expectations. Again, be honest! If you are looking for a serious relationship and avoid one-night stands, it is better to be clear from the start, which will avoid disappointment for you (and for others!).

Then comes the crucial question of the photo. Choose a recent photo (this is important!) where your face and figure are clearly visible. If you don’t have one, improvise a photo session with a friend.

what is it like having a mail order bride

Go Quickly From Virtual to Real

You like this mail order bride, so a piece of advice: don’t delay in meeting her. This will avoid you from wasting precious time fantasizing about someone you haven’t seen yet. More seriously, if the current dating situation is good between you, believe in your luck. This can start with a phone call if you are shy, but it should quickly evolve into a date. Nothing is more important than hearing the other person’s voice, seeing how they express themselves, and observing their skin tone. Who knows? Love, at first sight, could be just around the corner!

Western Men and Mail Order Bride: Success Stories

It never hurts to hear additional stories from people who actually had great chances with mail order brides. Now, maintaining a relationship is a commitment, but eventually, it leads you to a fine experience, making you the happiest man alive. Of course, there are different ways to make yourself feel good, so the men described below chose their happiness with the help of a mail order bride. 

How Much Would a Mail Order Brides From Different Countries Cost?

Honestly, the country is the biggest factor when calculating a cost for a particular mail order bride. It’s not only about the airline prices as the cost is also influenced by how expensive it is to stay in a country for a week. Other factors include how many gifts a bride wants and the K1 Visa for her to become your proper wife. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 main regions and what is the average cost of a mail order bride.

what is the average cost of a mail order bride


So what does Asia offer with its price for mail order brides? Well, let’s take South Korea for example. The airline expenses will cost you $3,000. The mind that your girl might not be in the capital, so you might as well spend some money to travel the country, which is about $1,000. Then there are expenses for your girl. It all depends on whether she is humble or wants something rich. Also, mind that she can have restricted knowledge of English, so that are additional expenses for an interpreter. Taking it all into account, the cost can reach up to $10,000.

Latin America

Now, let’s take a look at Latin mail order brides. Ticket airlines here are cheaper but still depend on which state you’re flying from (we’re taking the USA for example). On average the tickets to Brazil are around $2,000. Going to the country, it gets much easier from now on. You can spend about $500 to live here for a month. Plus, the presents here are rather cheap and you can impress the girl for $1,000 or so. So what is the statistics on a mail order bride from Latin America? Given all of the other factors, the price is about $6,000. 


And thus we approach our final area in the shape of Europe. Let’s take the Czech Republic for example, as this country has a great synergy of price and quality when it comes to mail order brides. Plus it’s always better to focus on Slavic brides. Airline tickets cost about $1,300. Living here is also not as expensive, so you can spend $1,000 or so. Then mind the translator factor and the presents and don’t forget the cost of a K1 Visa. In the end, you can get a price tag of about $7,000. 

Watch the video to learn more about mail order brides dating culture:


Now you know what is a mail-order bride. We went on who mail order brides are, where the most popular ones are, and what exactly you can get from this kind of relationship. Don’t deny yourself this opportunity mail order brides might sound complicated, but those are just simple girls looking for some happiness just like you. Just be a decent human being, and they will approach you with open arms. 


Why do women prefer to marry foreigners?

There are many different reasons why a mail order bride would prefer a foreigner. Most of those reasons accumulate to the fact that some brides come from unsafe places where they get constantly abused by men. This is the treatment no woman deserves, thus they’d rather abandon this country. Also, foreign men are more open to the views of local women, thus being more open to how they want to live.

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?

The answer is rather hard to answer as there are different aspects to take into account: the site you chose, the country your bride is in, the accommodation, the hurdle of getting the visa, etc. What is the price of a mail order bride? It’s all about smaller purchases that accumulate to the final price tag. If you want the roughly estimated number, then on average mail order brides cost $12,000.

What are the advantages of marrying a mail order bride?

There are so many advantages to opting for a mail order bride. First, remember that there are mail order brides all over the world, thus implying you are granted to find what you are looking for. A mail order bride can introduce you to a new mindset, welcoming you into a new kind of culture. Also, mail order brides have a strong sense of family attachment to them, thus making them connected to traditional family values.

Are mail order brides legal?

Mail order brides are definitely legal. Essentially, there is no difference between a mail order brides and a foreign woman that wants to get a K-1 Visa. On the other hand, you should take into account whether your state is okay with you moving in with your new bride (usually, there are no problems with that but it never hurts to check). Also, mind that you don’t have to be worried about the legal age of mail order brides. Proper agencies require genuine authorization, thus making them obliged to confirm their identity.

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