9 Real Stories of Mail Order Brides From Different Countries

Updated on Jul 2023

Do you want to find a beautiful girlfriend or wife online but don’t know if it works? We can assure you that mail order bride sites can help everyone to meet an ideal partner. And there are tons of positive mail order bride stories that confirm it.

In this article, we want to share with you some inspiring mail order bride stories where men from the US and Europe found girlfriends and wives abroad through mail order bride services. So, keep reading to see how online dating helped Western men to find love and build happy families.

mail order bride stories

Can a Mail Order Bride’s Marriage Turn Out to Be Strong and Lasting?

Nowadays online dating is a popular way to find someone for a romantic relationship. Women whom you can meet on mail order bride services are just the same as those whom you can meet on the streets, in cafes, and other places. The only difference is that you don’t need to travel somewhere and waste a lot of time and money to find them.

However, there are tons of stories of mail order bride, some of which are not successful. And these stories make American and European men doubt the effectiveness of online dating. And we want to show you the truth and explain why meeting girls on international dating sites is a great way to find a life partner.

Mail Order Brides Have Serious Intentions

If you’re looking for long term relationships, dating on mail order bride sites is a good decision. Why? Simply because the girls you can find on these sites know what they want and register there with one purpose — to meet an ideal partner.

Dating a mail order bride, you don’t need to wonder if she wants to start a relationship or not. These women are single and ready to start serious relationships or get married if they meet a decent man. That’s why there are a lot of positive mail order bride stories, that end up with a happy marriage.

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Mail Order Brides Are Real Women Looking for Love

There is a myth that mail order brides are not real and that those you talk to on mail order dating sites are bots. But we can assure you that it is far from the truth. Women on mail order bride platforms are real single ladies from different parts of the world. Most dating platform also offers account verification that requires providing a valid ID document. This measure helps to protect users from scam and guarantee a great dating experience that can become one of the success stories mail order bride frequently share on the Internet.

Mail Order Bride Services Are Interested in Helping You

Every mail order bride website has only one purpose — to help single men and women find each other and build happy relationships together. Such services benefit from every successful couple that forms on their website, so they’re genuinely interested in your happiness. This is the main reason for so many real mail order bride stories that end up with a happy marriage. International dating platforms make everything possible to guarantee a pleasant user experience and help every single man meet a perfect partner.

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There are many stories of what it’s like to have a mail order bride, and most of them prove that it is possible to find a loving wife online. So, don’t worry and try a mail order bride site to meet your perfect life partner!

Which countries' mail order wives were most likely to be chosen by American men in 2022?

According to recent statistics, mail order brides from Ukraine, Japan, Colombia, and Russia were the most popular choices among American men in 2022. A total of 120,000 American men registered on international dating websites in order to find a mail order bride from one of these countries, and the majority of these men ended up finding a partner and getting married within the year.

№1: Ukrainian mail order brides.

The women from Ukraine were particularly popular, with 30,500 American men choosing a Ukrainian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their traditional values and strong family ties. In addition, the fact that Ukraine is a relatively affordable destination for American men may have also contributed to its popularity.

№2: Japanese mail order brides.

Japanese women were the second most popular choice among American men, with 24,000 men choosing a Japanese mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Japanese women are known for their intelligence and education, as well as their ability to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles. In addition, the exotic and unique culture of Japan may have also been appealing to American men.

№3: Colombian mail order brides.

Colombian women were the third most popular choice among American men, with 18,000 men choosing a Colombian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Colombian women are known for their passion for life and their love of dancing and music, which may have appealed to American men who are looking for a partner who will bring some excitement and adventure into their lives. In addition, the relatively low cost of living in Colombia may have also been a factor.

№4: Russian mail order brides.

Russian women were the fourth most popular choice among American men, with 12,000 men choosing a Russian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Russian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their strong family values and traditional gender roles. In addition, the close cultural ties between Russia and the United States may have also played a role in the popularity of Russian mail order brides among American men.

Asian Mail Order Wife Stories

Asian countries are home to many beautiful ladies who are distinguished by their calm personalities and devotion to traditions and family. And men who want to find sweet and loyal wives frequently look for Asian single women. There are a lot of Thai and Filipino mail order bride stories, but we want to tell you about other Asian brides too. So, keep on to find 3 stories about love between Western men and women from Japan, China, and Vietnam.

Japanese Mail Order Bride Love Story

The first one of mail order bride success stories is about a 25-year-old Yui from Fukuoka and a 31-year-old Michael from Seattle who met each other on a mail order bride website. Yui had several unsuccessful relationships in Japan before deciding to try her luck on online dating sites. Yui says that she spent almost three months dating on the website before she finds a perfect match – Michael.

Michael is fond of Japanese culture and started dating online simply because he wanted to meet a Japanese girl to practice Japanese with her. Yui was almost the first woman he met and she immediately caught his interest. They had been dating online for almost a year before Michael visited Fukuoka to meet Yui in person. Now they are engaged and live happily together in Fukuoka.

Japanese Mail Order Bride Love Story

Chinese Mail Order Bride True Story

Aaron, a farmer from the US, told us his love story with Lin, a Chinese woman from Shanghai. Their relationship started like all other mail order bride success stories – from online dating. Before finding Lin, Aaron had a few unsuccessful online dates, but he didn’t give up. He said that from the first date with Lin we knew that she is the one he wants to build long-term relationships with. 

They had been dating for two years before Aaron proposed and they decided to create a family. Lin got a visa and moved to the US to live together with her husband. After 1.5 years, they are still together and we are absolutely happy about their relationship!

Real Story of Mail Order Women From Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular destination among American men who are looking for an Asian wife. And one of the real mail order bride stories is about Ethan and Binh. They met each other online while searching for relationships on a mail order bride website. They both are lawyers, and it was one of the reasons why Ethan started communicating with Binh. But after chatting for a while, they found a lot in common and spent hours talking on different topics.

Their first date was in Hanoi, where Binh lived. Ethan came there from London to spend two weeks with his love. It has been a year since they started dating, and they are planning to move together. Such stories of mail order bride are amazing and make us believe in true love!

filipina mail order bride stories

Eastern Europe Mail Order Brides Real-Life Stories

Beautiful women from Ukraine, Poland, and other Eastern European countries are some of the most gorgeous ladies you can ever meet. And are very popular among Western man because this mail order wife cost is low enough.

Many of them don’t mind using online dating sites to look for relationships or marriage. There are enough happy-ending Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Russian mail order bride stories. And let us tell you some of them.

Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Story of Love

We heard a lot of Ukrainian mail order bride success stories, but we want to tell you the most beautiful one. David, a businessman from Chicago, decided to search for love online. Online dating was a new experience for him and he got lucky to meet Olena from Ukraine. She is a stunning 25-year-old lady who was looking for serious relationships. It took a while for David to conquer Olena, but after several months of online dating, he succeeded. 

David visited Kyiv to meet her in person and after that their relationships became stronger. Now, they are planning to get married and live together, and David is helping Olena to apply for a K-1 visa. He said that she is the most charming person he has ever met, and he can’t imagine life without her.

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Happy Marriage With a Russian Mail Order

One of the beautiful Russian mail order bride success stories started with 27-year-old Margarita and 45-year-old Jack, a manager from Minnesota. He found her searching one of mail order bride websites and immediately fell in love. Margarita didn’t mind starting a relationship, so after a month of a few months of courtship, she accepted his offer to travel to the US and meet in person.

In a year, Jack proposed to Margarita and they got married. Despite the age difference they are an amazing couple and have been married already for 2 years. This is one of those true mail order bride stories that shows that finding a partner abroad is possible!

positive mail order bride stories

The Story of a Happy 3-Year Marriage With Polish Mail Order Woman

How many true mail order bride stories end up with a long-lasting marriage? The answer is a lot! This story of an American man and a Polish woman is one of them. Logan met Joanna unexpectedly after registering on a dating site without high hopes to find a perfect partner for serious relationships. Joanna was charming and funny and immediately won Logan’s heart. They started frequently meeting in person, despite the distance, and in a year decided to get married. It has been almost three years since then, and their marriage is still strong and happy.

Success Love Stories of Latin Mail Order Brides

Hot, feminine, and cheerful brides from Latin America attract a lot of men around the world. American and European singles frequently travel to Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries with the hope to find a girlfriend or a wife. But, with mail order bride sites, it is possible to find a beautiful Latina wife without leaving your house. Down below you will find stories of what its like to have a mail order bride from Latin America.

Love Against All Odds: American-Brazilian Couple’s Story

This is one of those inspiring stories of mail order bride who endured many difficulties on their way to happy family life. Adriana from Brazil dreamt of a happy marriage since her childhood. And one day she met Matthew from the US, who was looking for a mail order bride for marriage. They started a romantic relationship and Matthew frequently visited Adriana in Brazil. 

After a year in a relationship, he proposed to her and they started planning their life together. They wanted to move to the US and live in Matthew’s house but faced a lot of problems. After applying for a K-1 visa, Adriana was denied the visa and couldn’t enter the US. At the same time, her family wasn’t happy with her decision to leave Brazil and tried to convince her to stay. But, despite all these difficulties, the couple managed to get a visa and get married. Now, they are a happily married couple and we can enjoy their happy-ending mail-order bride stories.

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The Story of Creating a Happy Family With a Mail Order Bride From Colombia

Gorgeous Colombian women can be hard to get, but mail order bride success stories show that everything is possible. Samuel met his future wife Camila online and, after just a couple of months of chatting, visited her in Colombia. They had an amazing date and were obsessed with each other. Just in one year, Samuel proposed to Camila and decided to bring her to the US.

It took a while for them to prepare documents and obtain a K-1 visa for Camila, but they did it and got married in the US. It is almost the third year of their marriage, and they feel like it is the happiest time in their lives.

Cuban Mail Order Wife Story

The last of the mail order bride real stories is about Theo, a man from Carolina who found his charming wife Ines in Cuba. She texted Theo first, and from the very beginning of their conversation, they understood that they were perfect for each other. After almost a year of chatting and meeting in person, Theo and Ines got married. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Cuba and then moved to Theo’s hometown.

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There are tons of success stories mail order bride, but it is impossible to tell them all at once. Mail order bride sites give everyone a chance to meet a perfect partner and build long, happy relationships. So, if you were unsure about trying online dating, take a look at mail order bride real stories to see how dating on online platforms can help you to find love.

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How successful are mail order bride marriages?

There are a lot of mail-order bride stories that end up with a strong and long-lasting marriage. The reason for it is simply the fact that mail order brides are usually women who know what they want and who are ready to start serious relationships. So, singles who meet each other on mail order bride services usually have more chances to build a happy family.

What is the average age of a mail order bride?

Most women who become mail order brides are in their 20s. Depending on the website and the country where a bride is from, the average age can be different. Generally, the average age of a mail order bride is between 20 and 25. However, on mail order bride websites you can meet girls of different ages, so it is not a problem to find a perfect match.

What percentage of mail order marriages end in divorce?

It is hard to tell the exact number of mail order bride marriages that end in divorce. Of course, there are mail order bride stories that don’t have a happy ending, and the reasons for it are the same as for divorced couples who met each other in a traditional way. However, according to research, mail order bride marriages are more likely to be long-lasting.

Which mail order brides are the best?

Nowadays, it is possible to meet mail order brides from any country in the world. But there are some of them who gain more popularity than others. For instance, girls from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia frequently become mail order brides to find a perfect husband. These women are distinguished by their beauty, mindset, and attitude toward marriage and family life. All these characteristics make them amazing wives and interesting for foreign single men.

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