How to Make a Filipina Fall in Love With You: Experts Share Their Tips

Updated on Mar 2023

The Philippines has the reputation of having the most beautiful Asian women. That’s why many men dream of knowing how to make a Filipina fall in love with you. In this article, we’ll tell you what tips you can use to make a Filipino woman fall in love with you, how to tell if she likes you, and tips on how to date these women correctly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Filipino Girlfriend

Before starting to date local girls, you have to compare the good and bad. We are all different, and some things might be okay with you whilst others create an unsettling feeling, making you want to stay away from girls as far as possible. Thus we’ve created a short list of the pros and cons of a Filipino girl before diving deeper into how to make a Filipina fall in love with you. 

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Let’s get to the more likable aspect of your future wife. There are many reasons to love girls from the Philippines: 

  • Behind her kindness, there is a fearless leader-like character
  • They are overly loyal, being always by your side
  • She can feel when you need help, so she prioritizes you
  • They have a wide spectrum of emotions and are able to control them
  • They are extremely beautiful due to a wondrous mix of genes and self-care


Your relationship is never 100% perfect, and sometimes you might even encounter the infamous Filipina girlfriend problems. This is nothing serious, but you got to be prepared for that:

  • They can be overly zealous about following traditions and being devoted to family
  • Being very humble and shy, Filipina might not reveal their dislikes straight away
  • Taking into account the poor state of her country, some Filipina girls want to use you for money
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5 Tips for How to Date a Filipina on a Dating Site

There was a bit of mystery going on around her, which is partially connected to the fact that for some time the Philippines weren’t popular as much, leading to a bit of confusion. Fortunately, we got our expert to explain to you some of the most important aspects about meeting Filipino women

How to get a Filipina girl to like you? For a serious relationship, you will have to tell the girl that you plan to stay in the country for a while. Otherwise, you will only be able to get one-night stands, and serious women will not be interested in you if you are just passing through.

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How to Date a Filipina Girl on the First Date?

The first date is the most important point of your relationship, where you make decisions on whether you should continue or just stop. This is the chance to prove to her that you are a decent human being and a good husband material. To be perfect on your first date, here are some important first-date tips when encountering a Filipina. 

Being Yourself

The absolute peak of the desire to be a better person falls on the first date. The desire to develop is commendable, but good qualities do not always manifest themselves, and it is not a good idea to shock your partner with negativity on the fifth or tenth date. The better the person seems to be on the first meeting, the greater the expectations for him on the next date. 


How to please a Filipina woman? Being a new acquaintance, you can say anything to the girl, making her more prone to compliments. You can say anything, making it believable. Ironically, people tend to believe new acquaintances more than old ones. Especially when it comes to negativity or positivity, so use that to your advantage. 

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Staying Confident

Adequate self-esteem, its embodiment in behavior, is a magnet. Subconsciously, people are drawn to such personalities, trying to imitate them or at least fill up with a part of their energy. A woman who walks slowly and confidently, or a man with a straight, determined gaze, is a manifestation of pure sexuality.

Success Story

So, the thing is that I like Asian girls, but there is something about their temper that doesn’t make me feel good. I decided to try Filipina girls for a change, using a dating site that helps me meet with girls from this region. Aurora blasted me away with the spectrum of emotions, being a great combination of elegance and humbleness. She is making me consider helping her move to my country.

Success Story

I was able to encounter Jasmine by chance, and I grant you this was the greatest luck in my life. The most important thing was to treat her, not push too hard on her private space. If she’s not in the mood, then I can wait for another time. In return, she provided the same kind of understanding, creating a relaxed but strong relationship.

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How to Tell if a Filipina Really Loves You: 5 Signs

Any Filipina woman can be a mystery for a foreign man. They differ from your local dates, so you don’t know how to go about understanding her emotions. She can smile and act kind, but how do you 100% understand that she is into you? You need some signs a Filipina likes you. 

She Likes Talking To You

This signal can be difficult to interpret. Some pretty Filipino women will smile broadly during your conversations. But there are also some who will feel nervous and overwhelmed, trying to avoid contact with you. But also pay attention to whether she is looking for a conversation with you on her own, or whether you are always the one to do it.

She Laughs at Your Jokes

Even when you make jokes that you yourself hardly find funny, is young Filipina dating you the first to laugh? Does almost every sentence you say that seems frivolous make her giggle? That’s a pretty clear sign that she likes you. If she even smiles, that’s a pretty clear signal that she’s interested in you.

She is Always by Your Side

Is she usually less than five feet away from you during recess at school or university, or the office? If you haven’t made an appointment with her or anything like that, and she always seems to be around? That could very well help you how to tell if a Filipina girl likes you.

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She Notices Your Presence

Even if she gradually changes her demeanor when she notices you enter the room, it can tell a lot. Suddenly Philipino girl sits up straight, moves more gracefully, and smiles at you, obviously greeting you warmly. Then it could all mean that she likes you a little more than other people do.

Filipina Girlfriend Touches You

If she touches you often, especially casually, looking for physical intimacy, or even likes to cuddle, she probably likes you a lot; unfortunately, it can also be purely platonic. Also, it very much depends on how she touches you.

How to Tell if a Filipina Is Lying?

All people lie, without exception. Sometimes it’s a “lie for good,” when you don’t want to offend a person and praise him or her for a bad haircut. Or you save the person from unnecessary excitement and turmoil. Sometimes lies occur even in the most intimate of relationships, and it’s always good to know your girl better.

  • Emotions. Even good liars cannot cheat nature. Subconsciously, the person tries to create a “barrier” to make it difficult to recognize the lie. Emotions will help determine the truth, seeing the subtle weird facial expressions;
  • Repetition of a question. It is necessary in order to remember or come up with the right answer. Liars use a similar technique. Inconsistency between actions, gestures, and words. Unintentional disclosure unambiguously indicates lying;
  • Manifestation of anger. If a question about a situation or a person makes a girl angry, you should be alert. In a normal situation, there should be no anger. Here it is important not to overdo it and not to ask the same questions over and over again. Often girls try to silence the other half, so that thoughts of lying do not even arise. 
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Secrets to Living With a Filipina Woman

So, imagine a situation where you’ve managed to get your sweet life with a Filipina girl. But where to go from that moment? Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it might as well fade away in mere moments, leaving you with no happiness. There are certain nuances to living a shared life with a Filipina lady. This is nothing complex, and those are rather some of the more obscure facts that most people don’t notice.

Reserved Nature of a Filipina Love

Filipinas fall in love fast. They have a reputation for being simple and smiling. They live in an environment that is conducive to relaxation and joy. Filipino women like to socialize with people and are known for their hospitality. They are, however, rather shy. Usually, compared to other Asian women, they are less talkative. Thus, don’t pressurize her with talking more, invading her private space. She is going to enjoy it extremely so. 

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The Conservativeness of a Filipina

In the Philippines, tradition still holds an important place in everyday life. People are very conservative when it comes to customs and rituals. The Filipino woman understands that family is the most precious thing. She will therefore do her best to value the pleasure and joy of being with her loved ones. If you want to be part of her world, you will have to get used to this idea.

The Simplicity of a Filipina

Meeting Filipina girls means planning a life filled with simplicity. However, she would still like to step out of this lifestyle from time to time and open up to the world a little more. You can imagine that if she chooses to marry a foreigner, she hopes to change her life. And when we talk about change, it implies a perspective of financial evolution. The Filipino woman is still easy to make happy. Just make an effort to remember her wishes and never restrain her from personal obligations. 

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about Filipina women dating: 

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Here we are at the end of our article about how to meet a Filipina woman. This one is both a person who attracts one-night stands and people looking for true love. But either way, you'll need to know how to approach this type of woman if you want to accomplish either of these desires. To meet Filipinas who may live next door to you, you must use a dating site, as it will be difficult to find such a woman in a French-speaking country via face-to-face meetings.

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