Dating Someone From Another Country – The New Trend of 2024?

Updated on Mar 2023

To most men, online dating with local girls feels extremely exhausting. But what about dating someone from another country? In this article, we will tell you about the main advantages of relationships with foreign girls, tell you what are the best dating sites to use to find them, and how to properly prepare for a trip to another country to meet.

Why Is It Worth Dating Someone From Another Country in 2024?

There are certain pros and cons of marrying someone from another country. You might start wondering, whether there is even a point in meeting a girl from a different country. International dating is something that only recently got the focus of many men, being a relatively new thing.

It’s Hard to Date Girls From the Same Country

An interesting aspect of dating someone who lives in another country is that it allows for great interactions. Local girls are kind of used to everything Tinder has to offer, and they are just present online for the sake of it. Foreign girls are just built differently.

Dating Someone From Another Country

You Are in Control of Your Dates

Most dating agencies work on the basis that you have to wait till they find a suitable girl for you. You are constantly bound by their specific limitations, being obliged to get what you are offered. With foreign girls, you are able to create specific lists or ban unwanted girls. 

You Save Your Time

Dating sites are effective in the way that they suggest multiple profiles that you can interact with at a fast pace. This allows you to simultaneously communicate with different girls, constantly having “Plan B” to decide who is the best match for you.

You Have Access to Any Region

The beauty of dating someone in a different country is that you are shortening the distance between two people. Furthermore, online translation tools help any girl have an understandable conversation with an English-speaking foreigner. This is your opportunity to dive into different cultures.

Girls From Other Countries Support Family Traditions

Many Western girls diverge from the main point of marriage, constantly shifting focus to the point that you don’t know which role belongs to your relationship. Dating someone from another country sets you up for a great family life. 

Why Are Dating Sites the Best Way to Meet a Partner From Another Country in 2024?

Apart from foreign girls being the main benefit of online dating, there are also perks to using online dating sites in general. They made dating in different countries simpler, taking into account the wishes of many. You can see it in this list:

  • The mobility of everything. Dating sites are amazing because you can use them from about any device, even if there is no devoted mobile app.
  • You can arrange for your real date online. Dating random girls on the streets is a thing of the past. It’s ineffective and just slows you down. Dating sites help you get something established. 
  • This is the most comfortable way of dating someone overseas. Many girls can be shy on a first date, not being able to connect sentences and interact in a proper way. Online dating alleviates that fear, helping you communicate without seeing each other.
  • You avoid the fear of rejection. There are many girls available to you online. Every single one of them is worth becoming your wife. Don’t focus on one person.
  • You get to choose who you are looking for. Many good dating sites have really great search filters, making you able to date someone from another country based on preferences. 

5 Best Online Dating Sites to Start Dating a Girl From Another Country

You now got the idea that online dating with foreign girls can only benefit you but what are the best means to do so? You can’t use Tinder or Badoo as they have a different focus that doesn’t entirely set you on the right course. To see better sites, check our list below. 

EasternHoneys: Best Site to Find Asian Girls

Number of users1,200,000
Popular countriesVietnam, China, the Philippines
Average age of women27
Male to Female Percentage47% Male 53% Female

EasternHoneys is good for:

  • Finding your single after getting divorced
  • Wanting to start fresh interactions with completely different people
  • Starting introverted interactions that lead into strong relationships

Paid Services:

  • Viewing any photos from girls
  • Getting more matches per day
  • Messaging with an unlimited number of characters
  • Starting a video chat
  • Seeing the profiles that add you to their lists

Free Services:

  • Going through a questionnaire to form your matches
  • Viewing any profile
  • Sending winks or smiles
  • Customizing your profile
  • Signing up

Women’s Profiles:

The site is mostly managed via a matching system, being amazing for dating someone from another country of Asian origin. There are even some more obscure profiles from less popular countries and we are all here for variety.

AsianMelodies: The High Standard of Dating

Number of users1,600,000
Popular countriesChina, Japan, Thailand
Average age of women25
Male to Female Percentage49% Male, 51% Female

AsianMelodies is good for:

  • Controlling your finances via an advanced credit system
  • Falling in love with someone from a different background
  • Encountering hot Asian ladies

Paid Services:

  • Seeing the number of profiles interested in you
  • Quick Tinder-like matching system
  • Having an infinite amount of active chats
  • Sending any kind of message

Free Services:

  • Profile verification
  • Signing up
  • Downloading mobile app
  • Searching someone via geolocation
  • Noting someone that you like them

Women’s Profiles:

AsianMelodies has a bigger audience, and there are more fancy means of customizing your profiles, helping you date someone in a way that doesn’t oblige anyone. Though we don’t like messages being paid, it’s great how you can manage it with credits.

LoveFort: Best Site for Serious Relationships

Number of users900,000
Popular countriesColombia, Brazil, Mexico
Average age of women23
Male to Female percentage46% Male, 54% Female

LoveFort is good for:

  • Shy people that want more means to break the ice
  • Spending a lot of time online communicating
  • Creating erotic sections with your special girl

Paid Services:

  • Viewing private gallery of any girl
  • Sending messages
  • Sending smiles
  • Sending personal photos or videos

Free Services:

  • Winking
  • Adding girls to your personal list
  • Searching via additional filters

Women’s Profiles:

LoveFort is probably the greatest dating site for interacting with different Latinas. There are mostly girls from Brazil, but if you give more time, you’d be able to find profiles from less popular countries. Also, it might be a cultural thing, but local girls are in particular love with stickers. 

DateUkrainianGirl: Meeting the Most Beautiful Girls

Number of users970,000
Popular countriesUkraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia
Average age of women24
Male to Female percentage52% Male, 48% Female

DateUkrainianGirl is good for:

  • Having serious relationships with Eastern European girls
  • Making independent choices on interacting with profiles
  • Being entangled within Slavic culture

Paid Services:

  • Live chatting
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Sending videos
  • Requesting additional information on girls
  • Sending longer mails 

Free Services:

  • Signing Up
  • Liking profiles
  • Winks
  • Viewing basic gallery
  • Creating your profile

Women’s Profiles:

As you can see from the name, there are many Ukrainian girls to interact with on a site. However, they are not your only option here, and you can date someone from Poland or Baltic countries. Furthermore, there are Ukrainian women in about any European country.

FindEuropeanWomen: The Best Slavic Dating Site

Number of Users800,000
Popular CountriesRussia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic
Average Age of Women29
Male to Female Percentage 55% male, 45% female

FindEuropeanWomen is good for:

  • Hiding your account so as not to be bothered by other users
  • Customizing different lists to remember the user profiles
  • Contacting Slavic girls from many different countries

Paid Services:

  • Sending real gifts
  • Seeing special notifications from other users
  • Sending messages to whoever you want
  • Accessing private content created by girls

Free Services:

  • Creating your profiles
  • Sending winks
  • Seeing the pics of other girls
  • Using extended search

Women’s Profiles:

FindEuropeanWomen is yet another Slavic dating site that equally focuses on any country with Eastern European girls. This site has some of the more beautiful girls, and you get some nicer notifications from them. Though girls here are nearing the age of thirty here, they look stunning.

What to Consider Before You Start Dating Someone in Another Country?

Online dating might be a completely different thing to you, especially if you are doing this with a foreigner. How to date someone from another country? There are certain tips we’d like to give you so as to make this experience manageable. This is mainly so as to help you avoid some mistakes. 

Meet Partner From Another Country

Calculate Everything

Eventually, you are going to meet with a person in real life. If you are going to a different country, then you have to calculate everything so as not to get some surprises financially. Think about your accommodation cost, plane tickets, gifts for your wife, etc. 

Get Accustomed to Differences

Your potential wife comes from a different background. Something normal might be considered crazy to you. Don’t freak out because of that, and simply ask her more about the things that she is doing and what she considers taboo. It’s always best to ask those things when dating someone from a different culture. 

Be Careful With Fraudsters

Yes, it is possible to encounter fake accounts even on paid sites. Furthermore, there might be girls that want to make use of you. Always be wary about the information you reveal, and don’t talk about something you don’t want others to know. Dating someone from a different country is slow, and you talk more with them when you establish proper trust. 

Be Confident

Don’t be afraid to write first. Any person will be pleased that someone is interested in him. He’s sure to like being singled out from the masses of dating site users. Start your message with an open dialogue. Write about what exactly interested you in your chosen one. Compliment her some more. 

Don’t Forget the Matching System

Some sites have a decent questionnaire that is meant to fill in some of the most important needs that you seek within a girl. The more truthful you are about it, the greater results you are going to have. If it doesn’t work for you, however, you can always use the advanced search.

Real Love Stories of People From Different Countries

It’s also worth noting that our sentiment on dating sites is shared by many couples. The online dating scene is evolving, and there are many tools to interact with each other, breaking the limitations created by different circumstances. 

Girl From Another Country

Dave and Maria

To be honest, girls with darker skin attract me more than anyone. It’s not only about how those women look but also about their mentality. They love freedom, and they have a lot of passion to share with. I met Maria on a Latin dating site, and she’s probably one of the most honest people in the world. If she doesn’t like something, she addresses it.

Peter and Yukiko

Dating someone from another country online is extremely fun. They have a wholly different communication culture, making your journey feel worthwhile. In my country, girls act like it’s another boring day, barely interacting with you, acting like they are here because of some obligation. And with Asian girls, I can feel interested, and it’s on a spiritual level.

Geoffrey and Amora

Honestly, people underestimate distance relationships, thinking that it’s full of hurt and monotonous blabbering between two people. They don’t know that there is a lot to discuss online, plus you can always find a site with video communication to see your girl. You can always make it erotic, even.

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about intercultural dating:


This is all of the information we have on falling in love with someone online from another country. You can only benefit from trying to find a wife from another country. Uniting two different mindsets help you establish the most powerful relationships. You are two halves, meant to make each other whole. It’s best done by using dating sites and now you are aware of all of the main nuances of using them.

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