13 Best Countries to Find a Foreign Wife in 2024

Updated on Aug 2023

Many people dream of dropping everything and looking for happiness, usually professional, in distant places. But why shouldn’t one look for love in another country? The odds aren’t that bad, provided you choose the best country to find a wife.

best place to find a wife

In the age of the Internet, you can easily meet and marry a woman who lives on the other side of the world. There are hundreds of websites with women seeking to marry a western man. Some countries are the most attractive for finding mail order brides. We would like to tell you about them.

Why Are American Men Actively Seeking Wives From Other Countries?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the reasons why western men are looking for mail order brides rather than seeking serious relationships in their home countries can be varied and complex. Every individual man might have his own unique reasons to look for a foreign bride.

However, it’s still possible to outline the main aspects that generally motivate American men to look for foreign women for marriage and serious relationships.

They Want to Be Loved

Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. The main reason why many western men are looking for foreign women is that they want a relatively young partner who would love them and appreciate them for what they are.

They Want Younger Partners

It’s not a secret that many international couples have a significant age gap. At the same time, the chances of finding a younger partner among western women are substantially lower. 

To be fair, not all international marriages are about large age gaps. Many western men are looking for foreign women whose age is closer to theirs.

They Are Interested in Women Who Know How to Take Care of Themselves

Many Western women often find self-care and makeup redundant. They have busy lives and just don’t have time for this nonsense. At the same time, most women in eastern Europe, Asia, and South America take a lot of time and effort to make sure they look good. 

They Want to Have Children

More often than not, western men aged 40 and older want to have children. However, the chances that they can find a younger woman willing to be a mother in their home countries are pretty low. Mail order brides often not only don’t mind marrying older men but feel happy about the prospect of having kids.


Finally, it’s just easier to find a suitable partner among foreign women as opposed to western women. In many traditional foreign bride countries, there are many more women than men. This means it’s just easier to find a foreign wife that would match your preferences. 

6 Things to Pay Attention to When Looking for a Foreign Wife

Many of us dream of a fairy tale experience with a loving partner. People find their partners overseas, settle down and build happy families.
However, this whole process might not be as easy as it seems. There are many factors involved and you have to consider them carefully before you make the decision to look for a foreign bride in one of the overseas countries. 

#1 Divorce Rate

The divorce rate usually refers to the number of divorces per 1000 population. Statistically, it’s significantly higher in Europe than over the pond. Women in countries with high divorce rates are usually quite interested in dating and marrying western men. 

#2 Average Age of First Marriage

In various countries, people tend to marry at different ages. Normally, western women tend to get married later than foreign women from third world countries. Women raised in traditional cultures usually get married earlier. 

#3 Loyalty of the Future Wife and Cultural Benefits

Cultural aspects often affect people’s mindset and behavior in a significant way. 

Traditional, more conservative cultures put a high value on things like faithfulness, loyalty, mutual respect, and supportiveness in a relationship. 

best wives in the world

#4 Ease of Communication

Only by being able to communicate properly can you get to know a potential foreign bride as well as possible. A language barrier can seriously slow down this process. That is why it would make sense to make sure that mail order brides in the country of your choice speak some English. Or at least that learning the language your potential foreign wife speaks wouldn’t be a major problem for you.

#5 Cultural Differences and Ease of Adaptation

It’s much easier for both partners when a foreign bride comes from a similar cultural and religious background. 

On the other hand, if a potential foreign wife belongs to a different religion and comes from a culture that’s very different from what you are used to, this might cause a number of issues.

#6 Travel Costs and Overall Bride Cost

Last but not least, you have to consider how much the entire experience will cost you. Before you get into it, consider how much it will cost to travel to the country of your foreign bride. How much will you have to spend once you are there? Finally, how much will you have to pay to prepare all the documents to register a marriage and have a wedding? All this points matters when we are talking about your future mail order wife cost.

Now let’s look at the most popular countries with mail order brides and talk about all of the above in more detail.

Which countries' mail order wives were most likely to be chosen by American men in 2022?

According to recent statistics, mail order brides from Ukraine, Japan, Colombia, and Russia were the most popular choices among American men in 2022. A total of 120,000 American men registered on international dating websites in order to find a mail order bride from one of these countries, and the majority of these men ended up finding a partner and getting married within the year.

№1: Ukrainian mail order brides.

The women from Ukraine were particularly popular, with 30,500 American men choosing a Ukrainian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their traditional values and strong family ties. In addition, the fact that Ukraine is a relatively affordable destination for American men may have also contributed to its popularity.

№2: Japanese mail order brides.

Japanese women were the second most popular choice among American men, with 24,000 men choosing a Japanese mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Japanese women are known for their intelligence and education, as well as their ability to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles. In addition, the exotic and unique culture of Japan may have also been appealing to American men.

№3: Colombian mail order brides.

Colombian women were the third most popular choice among American men, with 18,000 men choosing a Colombian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Colombian women are known for their passion for life and their love of dancing and music, which may have appealed to American men who are looking for a partner who will bring some excitement and adventure into their lives. In addition, the relatively low cost of living in Colombia may have also been a factor.

№4: Russian mail order brides.

Russian women were the fourth most popular choice among American men, with 12,000 men choosing a Russian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Russian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their strong family values and traditional gender roles. In addition, the close cultural ties between Russia and the United States may have also played a role in the popularity of Russian mail order brides among American men.


For those looking for traditional Asian beauty, China is one of the best countries to find a wife. Let’s explore why that is the case.

Chinese women

Main Advantages of Chinese Brides

Here are some things that make Chinese women stand out in the eyes of American men:

  • Special kind of beauty. Like many Asian ladies, Chinese girls often look like petite porcelain dolls.
  • Friendliness. Chinese brides like to smile and will gladly chat with foreigners and help them if they need any assistance.
  • Kindness and care. These women are incredibly kind-hearted, caring, and supportive.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Chinese Mail order Brides

  • ChinaLoveCupid. This site was specifically created for Chinese girls interested in meeting foreigners.
  • Jiayuan. This is one of the largest Chinese dating services. It’s mostly intended for young singles.
  • Tantan. One of the most popular Chinese dating apps perfect for those who want to meet Chinese mail order brides.

How to Win Them Over

Taking into account the peculiarities of Chinese culture, here are a few tips on how you can win the heart of a Chinese bride:

  • Be respectful. These ladies will judge you based on your ability to show respect not only to them but also to their family and friends.
  • Learn about Chinese culture. People in China are extremely proud of their culture and heritage. 
  • Show humility. These girls can’t stand arrogance but can appreciate confidence.

Mail Order Brides from China: Specific Features

Contrary to the established stereotype, Chinese women are often proactive and not meek at all. At the same time, they are respectful and ready to compromise. 

It’s worth taking into account that most Chinese women have never left their native country and don’t speak any foreign languages.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)6
Average age at first marriage25
Divorce rate3.2
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)4
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)5
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)7
Cost (average)$15,000


To many people from the west, Japan is a country of wonders. Unique culture, groundbreaking technology, and of course, uniquely beautiful women. Let’s find out why these ladies are among the most special to the foreign eye.

Japanese Brides

Main Advantages of Japanese Brides

The majority of Japanese brides make the best foreign wives thanks to these few qualities:

  • Faithfulness. Cheating is against local culture, most Japanese wives wouldn’t even dream of being unfaithful.
  • Care. A foreign wife who comes from Japan will take care of all of your needs. She’ll cook, clean, look after your children and make your life as comfortable as possible.
  • Honest motives. These Asian ladies will choose you because they like you and not what you can give them.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Japanese Mail order Brides

If you would like to start looking for the best woman to marry online, here are a few options you might consider.

  • JapanCupid. This is one of the most popular international dating sites that has been running since the early 2000s.
  • Pairs. This is a very popular dating app that didn’t need years to gain recognition. It’s possible to sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Tapple. This is one of those international dating sites that are very similar to Tinder. Here, you can easily find a suitable match based on common interests. 

How to Win Them Over

So how do you impress a potential Japanese wife so she wants to date you and possibly marry you? Here are a few tips:

  • Be friendly and polite. Politeness and tact mean a lot in traditional Japanese culture. 
  • Be punctual. Being late for a date is one of the greatest mistakes: a Japanese bride will take it as disrespect.
  • Learn some Japanese. While learning the language might be a real challenge, everybody can memorize a few words or phrases.

Mail Order Brides from Japan: Specific Features

There’s a reason why Japan is considered one of the best countries to find a loyal wife. Brides in this country are polite, caring, and supportive. Women in larger cities can be more independent, but the influence of traditional culture here is still significant.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)7
Average age at first marriage29
Divorce rate1.7
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)5
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)6
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$30,000


This country is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the most attractive spots for expats in the world. But is it the best place to find a woman? Let’s see.

Thai Brides

Main Advantages of Thai Brides

  • Thai girls are family oriented. Taking into account traditional Thai culture, it’s not surprising most women here want to settle down with a decent man and have children.
  • Thai wives are non-confrontational. They won’t make a scene in public or start a shouting match. 
  • Thai ladies are wonderful homemakers. There are few things as important to these women as keeping their homes clean and comfortable.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Thai Wives

  • Thaifriendly. This is one of the international dating sites that boast the largest audience – over 2 million. The dating site welcomes men and women in Thailand and abroad.
  • Thai Cupid. This dating site is a part of a huge international dating network that helps men all over the world to find a foreign wife.
  • AsianDating. This online dating site caters to western men interested in Asian women, including Thai brides.

How to Win Thai Girls Over

One of the reasons why Thailand is one of the 10 best countries to find a wife is because Thai women are not hard to win over. Here are a few tips on how to impress foreign women from Thailand:

  • Don’t be too pushy. It’s likely that your potential Thai bride will want to take it slow. 
  • Make friends with her family. All things related to family are extremely important in this country. 
  • Learn more about her culture. There are cultural differences that might lead to misunderstandings. Try to learn as much as you can about traditional Thai customs. 

Thai women: Specific Features

The female population of Thailand is larger than male. This is one of the reasons why Thailand is the best country to find a wife: there are lots of pretty women to choose from. Thai ladies are quiet, polite, and smiling. They are kind and generous and, what’s especially important, very interested in marrying foreigners and relocating.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)9
Average age at first marriage22
Divorce rate1.4
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)7
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)7
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$6,000

The Philippines

Is the Philippines the best place to find a wife? It’s definitely one of them! There are many western men happily married to Filipinas, and they’ll tell you that these girls are the best wives in the world.

Filipino Brides

Main Advantages of Filipino Brides

  • Foreign women from the Philippines are honest. They’ll tell you everything how it is, without any embellishments. 
  • Filipino brides are great at homemaking. Like most Asian women, these girls love to keep their homes nice, clean, and cozy.
  • Beautiful women from this country are humble. These girls are not too demanding and just want to settle down with decent men. 

Top 3 Websites to Search for Filipino Wives

  • PinaLove. This is a popular online dating site for singles in and outside the country. There are almost 1 million members and a nice set of features to find the best wife in the world.
  • AsianDating. The online dating site covers the entire region of Asia with thousands of women who want to get married to foreign men. 
  • Tinder. In this country, this online dating app is as popular as it is in the west. Many girls from various cities in the Philippines actively use it to find decent men for marriage. 

How to Win Filipino Girls Over

  • Have some patience. Filipino brides don’t like things to be rushed. They need time to understand you are the man to start a family life with.
  • Be romantic. These girls love romantic gestures and they will expect you to be a true gentleman. 
  • Give compliments and gifts. Filipino women don’t expect men to give them expensive things but small presents that show that you care will be much appreciated.

Filipino Women: Specific Features

Female population in the country is slightly less than male. However, Filipino brides often find local men lacking. They see foreign men as more caring, romantic, and reliable. What makes the Philippines one of the best countries to meet a wife is that the majority of local women speak English. This is especially true for girls from larger cities. 

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)9
Average age at first marriage26
Divorce raten/a
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)9
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)8
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)9
Cost (average)$15,000

South Korea

In recent years, men from the West turned their attention to South Korea as one of the best countries to meet a wife. What’s so appealing about women from Korean cities and towns? Let’s figure it out.

Korean Brides

Main Advantages of Korean Brides

  • Women of South Korea make perfect wives. Korean girls are caring spouses, loving mothers, and great homemakers.
  • Korean brides appreciate traditional family values. In Korean culture, family is one of the most important things in life. 
  • Girls from Korea take care of their appearance. Proper self-care is one of the most important things in the life of a Korean bride. 

Top 3 Websites to Search for Korean Brides

  • KoreanCupid. This is probably the best dating site specifically designed for western men looking for international marriages in Korea.
  • Ok Cupid Korea. This dating site is one of the best options for men who take the search for foreign wives seriously.
  • SkyPeople. If you are looking for a well-educated wife, this dating site is for you. It specifically targets people with university degrees and qualified professionals. 

How to Win Korean Girls Over

  • Look presentable. If you want to get a wife from this country, make sure you look well-groomed. Women in Korea pay a lot of attention to appearance.
  • Be a gentleman. Brides in this country highly appreciate men who treat them like ladies that they are. 
  • Have a good sense of humor. Korean girls love to laugh and have fun and enjoy men who make tasteful jokes.

Korean women: Specific Features

There’s a good reason why South Korea deserves the title of the best country to marry a woman. Korean brides are cheerful, fun-loving, and polite. They are interested in starting a family with the right man. However, if you want to get a well-educated wife who speaks English, we recommend looking in larger cities like Seoul.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)10
Average age at first marriage31
Divorce rate2.1
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)7
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)7
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$40,000


Vietnam is easily one of the best countries to date a woman. In this country, there’s no lack of breathtaking places, both natural and cultural. One of the greatest attractions of the country is its women. Let’s find out what makes these girls special.

Vietnamese Women

Main Advantages of Vietnamese Brides

  • Girls from Vietnam are charming. Many Vietnamese girls are petite and slender, have beautiful smiles, and are very feminine.
  • Vietnamese brides are healthy. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. In this country, women don’t smoke and spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • A wife from Vietnam will do anything for her family. These girls are faithful, loyal, and supportive. 

Top 3 Websites to Search for Vietnamese Women

  • AsianDate. This dating site is designed for men who are looking for a wife in Asian countries. There’s a great number of Asian ladies, including Vietnamese brides.
  • VietnamCupid. The dating service that also caters to western guys looking for a wife from Vietnam.
  • Asian Dating. If you are a man from a western country looking for a wife from an Asian country, this dating website is for you. There are lots of Vietnamese girls for marriage to choose from. 

How to Win Vietnamese Girls Over

  • Let her know you take your relationship seriously. Vietnamese women are raised in traditional culture and aren’t interested in casual dating.
  • Be respectful and considerate. Women in this country are looking for partners they can trust and completely rely on.
  • Make sure her family likes you. Vietnamese women are very close to their family members.

Vietnamese women: Specific Features

Any dating expert will tell you that Vietnamese ladies make perfect wives. They are humble, modest, and soft-spoken. These girls are raised to respect their family and their husbands. Your family life with a woman like this is bound to be a happy one. Besides, Vietnam is one of the easiest countries to get married in. 

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)7
Average age at first marriage24
Divorce rate0.2
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)5
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)6
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$11,000


Whenever there’s a question, “What country has the best wives?”, you can be sure Ukraine will be on the list. It’s no surprise, so many guys looking for foreign women pick Ukraine as one of their options. 

Ukrainian women

Main Advantages of Ukrainian Brides

  • Women in this country are well-educated. Most girls in Ukraine have at least college degrees and can support a conversation on any topic.
  • A typical Ukrainian wife is great at cooking. In this country, they know how to cook. A Ukrainian wife will be happy to treat you to something delicious every day.
  • Ukrainian women respect traditional family values. They respect their husbands as leaders and look for partners they can rely on.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Ukrainian Women

  • UkraineDate. Like all other dating services included in the network, this one is intended for western men looking for a Ukrainian bride.
  • Elena’sModels. One of the biggest and oldest dating services, with hundreds of pretty girls from Eastern Europe. Lots of potential wives from major Ukrainian cities and towns.
  • Tinder. Women use Tinder all over the world, and Ukraine isn’t an exception. 

How to Win Ukrainian Girls Over

  • Be honest. These women can easily feel falsehood and will see right through you if you are trying to deceive them.
  • Be a gentleman. Ukrainian brides enjoy being treated like ladies and expect to be respected. 
  • Be confident. A potential Ukrainian wife wants a partner who believes in himself and his abilities. 

Ukrainian women: Specific Features

Ukraine often pops up in the “best country for mail order brides” type of ratings. No surprise there: Ukrainian brides are beautiful, intelligent, and industrious. These women combine the independence of spirit with deep respect for traditional values. 

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)10
Average age at first marriage26
Divorce rate2.8
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)8
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)9
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)10
Cost (average)$35,000


Many guys in western countries want to get married to a pretty Polish bride. Whatever reason they’ve got, the female population of Poland is almost 20 million, so there are many girls to choose from.

Poland women

Main Advantages of Polish Brides

  • A typical Polish bride is very intelligent. Polish women have access to high-quality education. Many of these ladies have university degrees.
  • Girls from this country are well-traveled and curious about other cultures. Poland is a part of the EU so girls in this country can easily travel wherever they want. 
  • An average Polish bride appreciates traditional family roles.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Polish Women

  • Sympatia. One of the most popular dating services in Poland, with over 1 million users. 
  • eDarling. This dating website will help you find women all over Europe, including Poland. 
  • Once. This is a dating service designed specifically for people who want to find a potential life partner and get married.

How to Win Polish Girls Over

  • Have some confidence. Polish women are confident and independent, and they expect their partners to be the same.
  • Praise her cooking skills. A potential Polish wife enjoys cooking and is incredibly good at it. 
  • Be kind and generous. Girls in this country will judge you based on how kind and generous you are to the people around you. 

Polish Women: Specific Features

If you are looking for a wife with a traditional mindset but still intelligent, modern, and independent, a bride from this country might be the right choice for you. These women will gladly get married to a decent western guy who will give them the respect and attention they need. 

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)9
Average age at first marriage28
Divorce rate1.7
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)8
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)9
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)9
Cost (average)$40,000


Among the best countries to get married, Russia is probably one of the most popular. The female population in this country is much larger than the male. There are almost 20 million single ladies that foreign men can choose from.

Russia women

Main Advantages of Russian Ladies

  • Russian women are stunning. The feminine beauty of Russian ladies has been talked about so much it doesn’t need any further advertising. These women are gorgeous.
  • Ladies from this country are straightforward. They believe that honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to marriage.
  • Traditional family values. Russian women, especially those who don’t live in larger cities, have quite a traditional, even conservative, mindset.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Russian Women

  • Russian Cupid. Under the umbrella of a large international dating network, this website has been operating for years. 
  • Charm Date. This is another long-running dating service with lots of profiles of real Russian ladies and advanced features like video chat or dating expert help.
  • Elite Singles. This dating website is designed for Americans looking for a Russian wife for marriage. 

How to Win a Russian Bride Over

  • Be straightforward. Russian ladies for marriage can be brutally honest and appreciate the same in their partners. 
  • Be confident. A potential Russian wife wants a life partner who is strong-willed and believes in himself but is not arrogant.
  • Be romantic. Ladies from Russia love all the small romantic gestures – they make them feel special.

Russian Women: Specific Features

Ladies from this country are well-educated, know foreign languages, understand other cultures, and have a better chance of finding a job. What’s more, they are good cooks and more likely to be good in bed. They are not strictly against casual relationships and can be quite flirty. And yet they take marriage seriously.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)10
Average age at first marriage26
Divorce rate3.9
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)7
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)8
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)9
Cost (average)$20,000


Colombian female population is diverse and multi-ethnical. Some say that this is one of the reasons why Colombia is the best Latin country to find a wife. Now let’s see what other reasons are there.

Colombian Women

Main Advantages of Colombian Ladies

  • Ladies in this country are confident. They know they are beautiful and know how to use their charms to drive a man crazy.
  • Colombian women are cheerful. Ladies from this country just love life and the beauty of it.
  • They are family oriented. When it comes to family, Colombian ladies are very traditional and put a high value on family connections.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Colombian Women

  • Colombian Cupid. This is probably the biggest dating service for those who dream of getting married to a beautiful girl from this country. 
  • Tinder. If you are looking for a potential date from one of the Colombian cities, Tinder will do just fine. Women in this country actively use it both for casual dating and looking for serious relationships.
  • Bumble. This dating app has long been a convenient way for Colombian ladies who want to get married to American guys.

How to Win a Colombian Lady Over

  • Be patient and open-minded. Like many Latinas, Colombian ladies are not very punctual. 
  • Learn to dance. The entire female population of Colombia loves dancing! Impress them with your moves.
  • Learn their language. Learning some Spanish will definitely increase your chances to get married to a woman from this country.

Colombian Women: Specific Features

Ask any dating expert, and they’ll tell you: there are few ladies as energetic, emotional, and life-loving as Colombians. Women in this country are flirty and sexy but at the same time looking for a serious relationship with a reliable man.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)8
Average age at first marriage24
Divorce rate0.7
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)6
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)7
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)7
Cost (average)$5,000


When people talk of fiery Latinas, it’s Brazilian women they often have in mind. Ladies in this country are incredibly charismatic and sexy. Whether they are from big cities or small towns, they can easily capture a man’s heart.

Brazilian women

Main Advantages of Brazilian Ladies

  • Women in this country are incredibly temperamental. Their strong, fiery character and charisma are the first thing you notice about them.
  • They appreciate traditions. This country is very traditional, whether it’s about family or keeping century-long customs alive.
  • They are family people. Familial ties are one of the most important things to every Brazilian’s heart.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Brazilian Women

  • ParPerfeito. This dating service is one of the largest in the country, and seems like it attracts a large part of the Brazilian female population. 
  • Brazil Cupid. This dating service is intended for foreign men looking for serious relationships with women from this country. 
  • Tinder. Like many women all over the world, Brazilian beauties enjoy using this dating app to find quick matches. 

How to Win a Brazilian Lady Over

  • Enjoy an active lifestyle. These ladies are very energetic and would be bored with a partner who likes being a couch potato.
  • Have a good sense of humor. Women in this country love to laugh and joke and would appreciate it if you make them smile.
  • Have confidence. Ladies in this country are strong and independent and need a strong, confident partner by their side.

Brazilian Women: Specific Features

The female population of Brazil is over 100 million. Many of these women are single ladies interested in meeting, dating, and marrying foreign men. These ladies are confident, proactive, life-loving, and have a lot of fire in their blood. At the same time, women in this country value family above all and are great mothers and partners.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)9
Average age at first marriage31
Divorce rate1.4
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)6
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)7
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$15,000


Mexico is a country with a rich history and culture. The largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, it’s home to a female population of almost 65 million.

Mexican women

Main Advantages of Mexican Ladies

  • Ladies of this country are beautiful. Mexican females are among the most beautiful women in the world.
  • They are bold. Many Mexican women are distinguished by their strong will, bravery, and boldness.
  • They are good-humored. In this country, they love to have a good laugh and have a very positive attitude to life.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Mexican Women

  • Mexican Cupid. This dating service helps foreigners find beautiful ladies from Mexican cities and small towns.
  • Amigos. A popular website for both casual dating and serious relationships.
  • Chispa. A dating app similar to Tinder with lots of beautiful Latinas.

How to Win a Mexican Lady Over

  • Be bold. Ladies in this country like guys who know how to take the initiative when it comes to dating. 
  • Be patient. Being right on time for dates and other appointments isn’t one of these ladies’ virtues.
  • Respect Mexican culture. People in Mexico are passionate about their culture and heritage.

Mexican Women: Specific Features

Females in this country are known for their friendly and positive nature. These ladies are smart, adventurous, and daring. At the same time, Mexican culture is very traditional and values family above all.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)9
Average age at first marriage27
Divorce rate1.3
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)7
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)8
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)9
Cost (average)$15,000


Known worldwide as a country of tango, Argentina is also home to women who are among the most stunning in the world.

Argentinian Women

Main Advantages of Argentinian Ladies

  • They are charming. Women in this country possess a special kind of charm that shines from within.
  • They are sexy. There are few countries that can boast ladies with so much sex appeal.
  • They are passionate. Females in this country know how to keep their men excited in the bedroom and beyond.

Top 3 Websites to Search for Argentinian Women

  • Latin American Cupid. The service is for foreigners looking for hot Latinas for marriage and dating.
  • Badoo. One of the most popular apps for finding a couple in the country.
  • Down. An app specifically designed for those looking for ladies from South American cities.

How to Win an Argentinian Lady Over

  • Pay attention to your appearance. Ladies in this country prefer well-groomed men who dress well. 
  • Be straightforward. In the country of Argentina, females appreciate men who are honest and direct about their intentions.
  • Be active. These ladies are adventurous and enjoy an active pastime. 

Argentinian Women: Specific Features

The female population of Argentina is over 20 million. Many of them are single ladies from larger cities who want to date and marry foreign men. Argentinian ladies are passionate and full of special charm and energy. They might be impatient and hot-tempered but they are deeply devoted to those they love.

Popular among men (from 1 to 10)8
Average age at first marriage33
Divorce rate1.2
Ease of communication (from 1 to 10)6
Ease of adjustment (from 1 to 10)7
Level of contentment (from 1 to 10)8
Cost (average)$10,000

What Is the Best Place to Find a Foreign Wife: Asia, Europe or Latin America?

The thing is there can be no unambiguous answer to this question. It all largely depends on what your preferences are. Do you prefer the quiet femininity of Asian ladies? Is the beauty and boldness of Eastern European women more appealing to you? Are you crazy about passionate Latinas?

Here are some advantages and downsides to consider.

Asian Women

Most ladies in Asia are humble, modest, and non-confrontational. They are effortlessly feminine and have the deepest respect for their partners.


  • Healthy and youthful;
  • Modest and always ready to compromise;
  • Devoted wives and mothers.


  • Language barrier;
  • Great cultural differences.
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Eastern European Women

These ladies are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and straightforward. At the same time, they are affectionate and make loyal and faithful partners.


  • Gorgeous and feminine;
  • Combine modern mindset with traditional values;
  • Well-educated and open-minded.


  • Might be brutally straightforward;
  • Demanding.

Latin American Women

Latinas are well-known for their passion, love for adventure, and life-loving nature. Many of the most beautiful women in the world come from Latin American countries.


  • Passionate;
  • Effortlessly charming;
  • Incredibly sexy.


  • Might be too hot-tempered;
  • Can’t be punctual.


When looking for a foreign wife, don’t be guided by generalizations and stereotypes. No matter what country the lady of your choice is from, the main thing is that she is your perfect match. Keep in mind the peculiarities of every nationality we’ve listed above, and yet let your heart make the final decision.

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