Are Mail Order Spouse Illegal, or Is It Totally Safe in 2024?

Updated on Jul 2023

Are mail order spouse illegal? That’s about the first question many men ask when they stumble upon this term with an unusual ringing to it. Who are those brides? What do you imply by “purchasing” them? The answers are rather simple, but it’s not common to find an article that properly structuralizes the information you are looking for. This is exactly why we decided to establish this guide on online spouses. 

Who Are Mail Order Brides, and Why Are They Legal? 

From the way the term sounds, you might feel like it’s something wicked and unacceptable. Well, we’re here to tell you that things have changed, and you can forget about any historical associations that you get when you hear the term “mail order spouse”. There is nothing fishy or suspicious about it, and we’re going to analyze it in detail. 

are mail order spouse illegal

Who Is a Mail Order Bride?

So, are mail order brides real? Mail order bride is your casual foreign girl that looks for a husband to share a serious relationship with. They are mostly looking for Western men from English-speaking countries as this is the language they decided to devote themselves to. Also, those brides are using specialized quality dating sites in order to meet foreigners. This tendency is happening due to the fact that most dating services are meant for casual fun only, thus making the brides obliged to look for better options.

The Definition of “Buying” a Bride

Whenever you use a bridal service, you will encounter the term “to buy a mail order spouse”. What does it mean? Does it make mail order spouse illegal? Are you going to have some kind of sugar baby? No, this might sound misleading, but “buying a bride” implies that you are spending the money to use the site, meet the wife and help her move to your homeland. It’s all about counting this money to see what is the final price tag to set your path to happiness. 

mail order spouse

The Dating Process Concerning Mail Order Spouses

The dating process here is rather straightforward and can be split into three phases:

  • Online dating
  • Meeting in real life
  • Settling in.

Essentially you are using the site to find the girl that suits your needs. If she likes you then you talk some more until you decide where it is fine for both of you to date. Then you make some expenses to visit her in real life and see whether your feelings still hold up. If both of you are happy about this relationship then you are moving with her to your country, trying to strengthen your relationship. 

The Legality of International Dating 

As we were mentioning, you are not buying anyone, and thus there is no human trafficking involved. It makes mail order spouse legal. This is simply an evolved way in online dating to find yourself a proper wife. Many sites failed with this task, so dating agencies were created for the sake of perfecting this goal. They act on a legal basis and don’t allow any girls below the age of eighteen. Also, there is a strong verification system, helping you to make sure you are communicating with a real person. 

Are Mail Order Brides Totally Legal in Western Countries?

To make you feel safer about what you are doing, we are going to outright tell you that mail order brides are not prohibited in some way shape, or form. There is nothing illegal about bringing in a wife that you are in love with. However, mind that both of you should be law-abiding citizens, not having anything problematic in your past. If something comes by, you might kiss your bride goodbye. So let’s take a look at how English-speaking nations deal with the matter of a mail order spouse. 

are mail order brides real


The USA doesn’t outright state that it is against mail-order brides. How can it be when there is a specified visa meant for a foreign bride? The only important thing here is not to overstress the fact that you are bringing a “mail order bride”. The migration services might not understand you right and will think that it is some kind of scheme that would damage the reputation of the country. Just say that this is your bride that you are going to live with together.


Canada is even more open about mail order brides than in the USA according to demographics data. though there is still quite a lot of paperwork to take care of. Think this way: you are doing all of this work in order not to have any issues in the future. Canada does its best to not make foreign brides abuse their position as a fiancée. 

are mail order brides legal

The United Kingdom

Are mail order brides real, and are they prohibited in the UK? No, mail-order marriage is not prohibited in Great Britain. Though it won’t be simple, it is acceptable to carry a mail order wife to the United Kingdom and be married there from practically any nation. One of the harshest laws in the world prohibits marriages to foreign women in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is accepting toward international marriages as this is a place with many immigrants. 

Are Mail Order Spouses Real?

It’s always great to know some tricks to mail order spouses, and their popularity, but it is also desirable to see whether other people are on the same page with the information we’re describing here. Are mail order services that great and do they allow for a charming dating experience? Well, let’s take a look at men who got along with mail order spouses quite well.

Why Are Legal Mail Order Spouses Getting More Popular Every Year?

So why should you bother with mail order spouses if many options for meeting girls online live nearby? Well, the most noticeable thing is the fact that most men think that local women are just ain’t it. It is hard to find a normal fine wife who shares similar views with you. Local girls miss that spark that can set a relationship ablaze. Here, take a look at why many men value mail order spouses so much. 

Mail Order Brides: Focus On Building Proper Relationships

Yes, the biggest and nicest surprise is the fact that mail order spouses don’t search for casual one-night stands. She can start with small steps, trying to understand what kind of person you are, but it all boils down to the fact that she is testing you. If you are lying about marrying and just want to trick her into getting into a bed then she is going to hate it, and you might ruin the day for both of you. Most foreigners enjoy the fact that those girls are serious with their intentions, and have a strong spirit to start a family. 

mail order brides illegal

Mail Order Brides: Loyalty and Supportiveness

What most men hate is this moment when a girlfriend gets “bored of it” and keeps going with the relationship even though she clearly feels that you’re not “the one” for her. Perpetuating the inevitable is the most awful thing you can do in a relationship and dragging for the sake of it just doesn’t feel natural. It’s different with mail order spouse, however. First, the girl decides whether you’re a good match. You build a strong connection, and then she opens up bit by bit, getting more and more relaxed around you. 

Mail Order Brides: Traditional Family Values

Yes, another fine aspect of a mail order spouse is the fact that they are a bit more conservative, thus wanting to support common male and female roles. Modern society is shifting to the point where you don’t exactly know how to approach women. They act hostile and impose demands that sound “wild”, to say the least. It feels unnatural, thus lacking something wholesome to support serious relationships. Amazingly, mail order spouses take the opposite approach and create the finest family environment in about any household. 

mail order spouse legal

Mail Order Brides: The Freedom of Choice

Possibly the finest aspect of getting into international dating with mail order spouses. Online brides are usually defined by different countries and regions, thus opening many ways for experimentation. You can opt for many dating choices, trying to find the perfect compound for fine relationships. It might be a personal preference concerning the looks of a mail order spouse or just picking a girl based on the mentality she has. 

Women From What Countries Are Considered the Most Popular Mail Order Spouses?

You know who the mail order spouses are and why are they so beloved, but where do your searches start? Well, it all depends on your preferences as there are as many types of brides as there are nations out there. However, some countries might be less compatible with foreigners due to huge complications in mentality differences. To help you start, here are the best countries to start your search for a spouse. 


When it comes to the Asian world, Vietnam feels like more obscure land when choosing local mail order brides. Well, we’re encouraging you to change your mindset as those brides are bound to be your best pick. They look Asian whilst acting opposite to what you think an Asian girl might act. Vietnamese women cheerful and kind and know a thing or two about cooking delicious cuisine. They are truly masterful at constant learning and self-improvement, and you couldn’t ask for a better spouse. 


Japanese brides are special because they are reserved and can solve any conflict peacefully. The only downside is the fact that they are not as open about showing their feelings. It takes some time and commitment to reach the point where she is okay with being who she is. Local brides are swift and are quite amazing and charming cuties. They act according to the situation and always try to get to the best approach. What’s nice is that women here can be self-fulfilled thus, they don’t rely on men to always be there for them to provide the needed resources. 

are mail order brides real


Probably the most popular country to get accustomed to mail order brides. And the reason for the popularity is quite understandable as everyone loves a good Brazilian woman who leads a life full of surprises. She will be there for you so you can stop feeling boredom. But be prepared for the fact that those ladies hate being lazy and expect the same from their husbands. It’s not that they don’t know how to rest, it’s just that they have this fear of missing out on opportunities. After all, life is abundant with so much information. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is special in the way that women there are highly-educated and are able to get to new heights, but they are constantly slowed down by the sheer amount of obstacles imposed by the constraints of the local society. Costa Rican brides are underestimated, and they realize they have nothing to do here. Thus they want to find an interesting husband to whom they can relate. Those women are good at conversing, and they have such a good focus on traditional values that it is a crime to ignore those beauties. 

mail order spouse legal


Now, Polish mail order spouses definitely know how to charm their man with their amount of knowledge of fashion. They know when an outfit can be appropriate and what makeup they should wear, and their body language is so vivid at saying that they want someone to conquer them. There isn’t a bride as elegant as a beautiful Polish woman. This is the paragon of Slavic beauty and feminine recognition. 

Which countries' mail order wives were most likely to be chosen by American men in 2022?

According to recent statistics, mail order brides from Ukraine, Japan, Colombia, and Russia were the most popular choices among American men in 2022. A total of 120,000 American men registered on international dating websites in order to find a mail order bride from one of these countries, and the majority of these men ended up finding a partner and getting married within the year.

№1: Ukrainian mail order brides.

The women from Ukraine were particularly popular, with 30,500 American men choosing a Ukrainian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their traditional values and strong family ties. In addition, the fact that Ukraine is a relatively affordable destination for American men may have also contributed to its popularity.

№2: Japanese mail order brides.

Japanese women were the second most popular choice among American men, with 24,000 men choosing a Japanese mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Japanese women are known for their intelligence and education, as well as their ability to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles. In addition, the exotic and unique culture of Japan may have also been appealing to American men.

№3: Colombian mail order brides.

Colombian women were the third most popular choice among American men, with 18,000 men choosing a Colombian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Colombian women are known for their passion for life and their love of dancing and music, which may have appealed to American men who are looking for a partner who will bring some excitement and adventure into their lives. In addition, the relatively low cost of living in Colombia may have also been a factor.

№4: Russian mail order brides.

Russian women were the fourth most popular choice among American men, with 12,000 men choosing a Russian mail order bride. This may be due to the fact that Russian women are known for their beauty and femininity, as well as their strong family values and traditional gender roles. In addition, the close cultural ties between Russia and the United States may have also played a role in the popularity of Russian mail order brides among American men.

Best Legit International Sites to Meet Mail Order Bride in 2022

Nowadays, dating sites are a great way to meet singles outside your usual social circle. Through these sites, it is also possible to search for mail order spouses near you with the same interests, expectations, and much more. In 2022, there is a multitude of sites where you can meet brides online.

If you’re interested in finding a mail order spouse, you may be wondering which are the best legit mail order brides sites. In our article on the top mail order spouse services, we provide detailed reviews and rankings of the best websites that connect men with potential brides from around the world. From Ukraine to Colombia, these sites offer a wide range of options for men who are looking for a partner from a different country.

Because of the wide range of choices available, it can be difficult to find the site that best suits your needs. To make it easier for you to find the site that’s right for you, we’ve selected the most popular and well-liked mail order bride platforms. 

Ukraine Date

UkraineDate main page

UkraineDate has quickly established itself as one of Europe’s leading online dating services. The site is aimed at singles looking for long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. eDarling is renowned for the quality of its dating site, its seriousness, and its most efficient dating system. All singles on the site are required to complete a comprehensive personality test so that their algorithm can present you with the singles with whom you have the best compatibility.

Unlike some dating sites where you are offered all the profiles of singles around your location, UkraineDate offers only the singles with whom you have the best compatibility. 


InternationalCupid main page

InternationalCupid provides singles with an original dating service. The InternationalCupid dating site offers free access for women and paid access for men in order to balance the male/female ratio on their site. Indeed, there are usually more men than women on dating sites. InternationalCupid has a different concept from other dating sites. On this site, it is the women who choose their partners.

At first, only women can approach men. This original concept has already seduced millions of people. On this site, it is possible to make serious meetings as well as more superficial meetings. The search for compatibility with people in your city is less advanced than on other dating sites. Nevertheless, we praise the quality when it’s due, and this is one of those cases. 


OrchidRomance main page

OrchidRomance is one of the largest selections of singles looking for a lasting Asian relationship. This dating site for discerning singles has many advantages. It offers complete and verified profiles of singles. Each member is also required to fill out a personality test so that their dating software can suggest the most compatible singles nearby.

OrchidRomance is a great solution if you are looking for a serious relationship with someone who has the same goals and desires as you. In order to help its members, OrchidRomance provides personalized advice and excellent customer service. With dating for demanding and ambitious singles, OrchidRomance stands out from its competitors. It deserves to be in our ranking of the best dating sites in 2022.


Latinfeels main page

LatinFeels has quickly become one of the market leaders thanks to its reliability and seriousness. It is now one of the best dating sites in 2022. This dating site is recognized for the quality of its meetings. If you want to find love through an online dating site, LatinFeels is certainly the best solution. LatinFeels has already had millions of encounters, and many couples have been born thanks to their site.

Because of its popularity and the quality of its dating site, LatinFeels has one of the largest numbers of singles. This makes it easier to find people who are a good match for you. LatinFeels is also appreciated for the complete profiles and the detailed search allowing you to easily find people with whom you have the same interests. The site also offers support to facilitate the search for your partner. A virtual assistant is available to its users to help them in their search.

Region of a future mail order spouseBest Legit Sties
Best dating site to find a legal Spouse from European RegionJolly Romance
Best dating site to find a legal Spouse from Asian RegionEasternHoneys
Best dating site to find a legal Spouse from Latin RegionLoveFort
Best dating site to find a legal Spouse from Slavic RegionBravoDate

Mail Order Brides: Avoiding Scams

The Internet has its share of joys and sorrows. The web is a very fertile ground for ill-intentioned people, especially on dating sites, where love is -very- blind. Falling for the good, the bad or the ugly? That is the problem. In order to avoid being tricked, read our tips for safe flirting! On dating sites, you must be careful with your profile. There are different ways to spot whether a person is suspicious. 

Someone Asks You for Money

Beware of anyone who uses an excuse to ask you for money. If this happens to you, we recommend that you stop all exchanges with the person and block them for safety. This is true even if the person says they are interested in meeting you in person to prove their good faith.

They Send You Compromising Requests

The scammer always starts by gaining the trust of her victim to better trap him. Over time, she will ask you for intimate photos or, worse, to communicate via a webcam. You will never see her on screen because the scammer will always have a good excuse not to show himself.

In any case, if you are happy to please her by continuing to exchange, the more time will pass, the more she will convince you to undress in front of the camera. She can even push you to perform intimate acts behind your screen. She will then make you believe that he has captured the video and will blackmail you with this video by asking you for money.

mail order spouses

They Send You Verification Links by Email

Beware, some scammers will send you an email pretending to be the dating site you registered with. In this email, you will find a link to click to confirm your identity, to confirm a match, etc. After clicking, you will find boxes to fill in with information about yourself: above all, don’t do it and always go directly to the site’s interface. 

You Are Sent an External Link

After various exchanges with a person on a dating site, some will send you a link informing you that it is their personal profile: Facebook, Instagram, or another social network. Never click on these links.

Often, they are viruses or malicious bots intended to steal your personal data. So, stay chatting on the dating site where you met, but above all, a piece of advice cut off any conversation from the moment you receive this type of suspicious link.

You Are Facing a Profile Without a Photo

Beware of profiles without a photo or those with a blurred or pixelated photo. To check, you can do a Google search by inserting the photo in the search bar: this will allow you to see if the photo has been stolen from another site. You can also try typing the nickname into the search engine to see if it is present on another dating site.

Also, if the person is open about her daily activities, then she is bound to send you new unique photos like her visiting a coffee shop or going to the mall with a female friend. Also, don’t try to abuse your position and ask for new photos all the time because she might get uncomfortable.

How Much Would It Cost to Buy a Mail Order Spouse?

Counting a price for a mail order spouse is not easy. You have to take into account many factors many factors that shape a mail order bride cost. Mind that you are not buying the girl but paying for the means to contact her and find a budget ways to get to her country to stay there for a month or so. Remember, that staying at her place is not an option if your relationships are at the early stage. She might not be comfortable with it. Also, it is your task to pay for her Visa and help her go through every necessary stage of marriage. So let’s take a look at the most common prices. 

are mail order brides real

Latin America

So let us start with the continent of pretty Latinas. Tickets to go to Brazil or Argentina cost from $1,500 to $2,000. Living here for a month might be about $2,000 (taking into account food, accommodation, and transfer fees). Also, remember to prepare something in advance as a present for a bride. Latinas don’t need an expensive present, and they are easy to impress, so think something around $500. Help her with a visa, and the price reaches about $8,000. 


Then we get to Asia. Here, the price can drastically differ, taking into account what place are you taking into account. Take Vietnam for example. Going there is not as expensive. Airline tickets might cost from $1,200 to $1,800. Living there for a month is about $1,250. Gifts for a girlfriend will take you from $250 to $750 (depending on preferences). Thus the final price is about $6,000. This is a rough estimate, but the number is relevant. 


Europe is always somewhere in between Latin America and Asia. It feels like a perfect balance when thinking about budget and quality. There are especially some good choices if you visit Poland, Slovenia, or the Czech Republic. Going to Poland with cheap airline tickets will cost you $1,000 or so. Staying there for a month will take you $2,000 (that is if you want quality accommodation). Now, going with the present option, it’s a bit hard to say. You don’t have to impress Polish spouses with something expensive, just ask what she enjoys and buy something appropriate. The price for a bride might be $7,000 or so. 


And there you have it. A complete guide on are mail order spouse legal. As you see, it is simply an aspect of international dating that provides you with the possibility to date girls that might be a perfect match for you. If you feel like local girls are out of touch and want to date out of personal agenda, then don’t bother and try dating platforms to satiate your needs. Finding a mail order spouse has never been easier. 


Are mail order brides legal in Australia?

Yes, mail order brides are totally legal in Australia. You see, there is no clear division between a mail order spouse and a foreign woman you want to marry and help move to your homeland. Thus, if you pay a Visa fee and confirm that your actions are absolutely legal, then the state will have little to no objections. However, if they feel that your bride is using you for the sake of gaining citizenship, then you will get denied. Also, mind that there might be some interviews and health checks as a natural procedure.

How can I legally take my mail order bride to the United States?

It’s rather straightforward in the US as it is the same as just marrying a foreign girl. You’re filing Form I-130 and Form DS-160 and then forgo some tests to confirm the intentions and see whether you strike as a normal couple who just wants to marry. Mind, that there are also some additional interviews and medical examinations as it is obligatory for anyone who moves to the USA.

How durable are marriages with mail order spouses?

It completely depends on what terms you are with your mail order spouse. If you’re losing that spark that evokes your relationships in the first place, then you are probably going to break up. However, mail order brides are rather picky with their choices concerning whether they feel happy with their husbands (it’s not about money). Thus if you are going out with a mail order bride, then you are likely to be married for a quite long time (forever, even).

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