How to Date Canadian Women

Updated on Jul 2023

Canada makes up a huge part of the Northern American continent. It’s the second largest country in the world. What do people picture when they think of Canada? Maple leaf flag (and maple syrup), hockey, vast wooded areas, cold climate, and beautiful Canadian women.

Canadian girls are known as the cutest, nicest, most friendly women in the world. Is that true? Let’s find out!

Top cities to meet womenToronto, Vancouver, Quebec City, Montreal
Language they speakEnglish (86%)
French (30%)Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Spanish (15%)
Perfect match for foreigners22% (8.45 million single females)
Canadian Women

What Are Typical Canadian Women Like?

Is there a typical Canadian woman? It’s hard to say. There are many cultural influences in Canada, mainly from France and the United Kingdom. The neighboring and trading partner United States influences Canadian culture in a major way as well.

In this country, you can meet ladies coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds, differing in ethnicity, education, or mother tongue. Canada is a predominantly multicultural nation and local women come from varied walks of life and culture.

All this means it’s difficult to paint a portrait of an average Canadian lady. However, there are still some things many women in Canada have in common:

  • Most Canadian women are seen as generous, peaceful, compassionate, honest, and friendly;
  • The most common ethnicities in Canada are Caucasian, Asian, Native American, and African American. This means that you can meet women with extremely diverse facial features, appearances, and traits;
  • Average height of women in Canada is 5’4”;
  • Most Canadian women are happy to help you even if you are a stranger. Canadian girls are very hospitable;
  • Canadian girls are independent. Canadian women are accustomed to living their lives without relying on men. Canadian women work hard to provide for their families;
  • Canadian women make extremely faithful wives. A study shows that only 8% of Canadian women said they cheated on their husbands;
  • Ladies in Canada believe that good manners are very important. From an early age, they learn how to act as true ladies and pass this on to their daughters.
  • Canadian girls have a natural beauty that comes not only from their physical appearance but also from within.
  • Ladies in Canada prefer to spend much of their free time outdoors. Canadian girls are very outgoing, enjoy an active lifestyle, and love spending their time in nature;
  • Although many don’t think of Canadian women as particularly passionate, they really are! Canadian women are very affectionate and enjoy being physical with their partners.
  • Canadian girls are well-educated, smart, and open-minded. Having a conversation with a girl from Canada is a pleasure. You definitely won’t get bored in her company talking on various topics.

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Canadian Women: Statistics and Some History

Here are some facts about women in Canada that you might find interesting.

  • Canada is 29th on the list of countries with the highest divorce rate. 40% of marriages break up;
  • 74% of Canadian women aged 20-24 and 46% of women aged 25-29 plan to have kids;
  • 4.1% of local girls are aged 18 to 24 and around 13% of them are aged 24 to 44;
  • Almost 65% of women in Canada have higher education.

And here is a little bit of history:

  • Canadian women gained the right to vote in 1928;
  • Ladies in Canada got the right to receive higher education in the 1960s;
  • In 2012, the first female prime minister was elected.
Canadian girl

Canadian Dating Culture

Without understanding certain cultural conventions, you’ll miss out on key elements in your quest to date beautiful and hot Canadian women. In Canada, context is particularly important.

Behaving appropriately in each context is a code followed by the letter in this northern country.

Here is some advice that will make your attempts to date Canadian brides much more successful.

Read Between the Lines

In Canada, Canadian girls don’t say “no”. Not directly. This kind of answer will sound harsh and too final. When you start getting to know Canadian ladies, you’ll find that it’s extremely rare for a woman to say “no”. Single Canadian women do their best not to hurt a man in his attempts to seduce.

This might make your communication somewhat confusing. It might be frustrating when she seems willing to go on a second day but doesn’t follow through. The general rule of thumb is this: whenever she says something like “yes, but…”, she means “no”.

Don’t Argue with Canadian Girls

If you like to argue and debate about things, you might want to dial that habit of yours down. She might even share your opinions but she won’t argue with you. Canadian girls don’t stubbornly try to convince you or insist on their opinions.

In Canada, to argue is to take the risk of upsetting someone, and it’s rarely an initiative well received. But if you absolutely want to do that, let the lady speak. Don’t insist on your controversial opinions even if you really want to.

beautiful Canadian women

Be Funny

As Canadian girls sometimes say, if you make a woman laugh, you’ve almost won her heart. Humor is a perfect asset when you are trying to get a Canadian lady to like you. But be careful: you want to use fine, tasteful humor and try to avoid edgy jokes as much as you can. It’s likely she won’t appreciate dark humor or political jokes. You should definitely avoid joking about the independence of Quebec if you are dating a French Canadian!

Give Your Canadian Girl Compliments

Mail order brides in Canada love men who know how to give a compliment. Tell them they look good, tell them you like their outfit, tell them whatever you want as long as it comes close to being a compliment. This is guaranteed to put them in the best of moods. Nice words cost nothing but go a long way, especially when Canadian girls are genuine.

But don’t go overboard with it. There is a fine line between complimenting a girl and blatantly flattering her.

Where to Meet Canadian Women

If this all sounds interesting to you, chances are you are already thinking of ways to meet Canadian women. There can be at least three main options for that: to meet them in your country, in Canada, or start your acquaintance online.

Each one of these options has undeniable benefits. The good thing about them is that if you use one of them, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use another. We recommend that you try each one to enhance your experience with Canadian women.

 hot Canadian women

Meet Canadian Girls in Your Country

Most ladies from Canada don’t see a problem in traveling to other countries. This is especially true for Canadian tourists in the US – crossing the border is very easy, and Canadian girls don’t need to learn foreign languages to do that.

This is why there’s a good chance there are Canadian girls in your area. Ask around on some local forums to learn more.

Meeting Canadian Girls in Canada

The easiest way to meet and seduce a Canadian woman is obviously to go to her country. If you live in the US, this shouldn’t be a big problem for you.

In terms of the most popular places to find Canadian ladies, here are a few tips for you:

  • Bars and nightclubs. Unfortunately, it’s rare that this leads to a serious relationship afterwards.
  • In the street. If you like a girl, you can try to approach her. However, think a little about what you are going to tell her.
  • At cultural events. This might even be the best place for you to meet Canadian brides who want to meet foreign men.


A city very popular with French-speaking tourists, Montreal is a must for a visit to the beautiful province of Quebec. However, it’s a popular tourist destination even for those who don’t speak a word of French.

To visit Montreal is to discover its diversity and its multiple neighborhoods with very different identities. It also means meeting lots of beautiful, friendly, charming women.

Dating Canadian Women

Quebec City

Once you’ve seen Montreal, head to the capital of the province. It’s a small town, but it stands out for its European architecture. It gives off vibes of an old town somewhere in France, and it’s one of the most romantic places in Canada to meet a lady. Walk the cobbled streets, enjoy the stunning views, and fall in love with the prettiest of all western women!

Don’t worry if you don’t speak French. Many local people speak several foreign languages, and most of them speak English. Also, for French Canadian women dating foreigners isn’t uncommon.


On the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the capital of Ontario. It’s a multicultural metropolis with vibrant and rich nightlife and a multitude of breathtaking sights. Very well laid out, the shores of Lake Ontario are perfect for a pleasant walk in the city center. Canadian girls are also perfect for meeting pretty local ladies.


On the west coast, Vancouver is a major city to visit in Canada. Here, urbanism is in perfect harmony with nature. The city’s exceptional location between the sea and mountains allows it to offer its visitors an ideal setting to marvel at breathtaking landscapes. Located in British Columbia, Vancouver enjoys a more moderate climate than the rest of Canada and is renowned for its quality of life. So it’s not surprising the city attracts so many foreigners. Many of them are looking for the best dating experience with local ladies.

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Meeting Canadian Girls Online

And last but not the least option is meeting Canadian women on one of the reputable dating websites. It’s true that traveling to Canada might not be a huge problem for a US citizen in terms of finances. However, it might still be an issue for those who find it difficult to approach women in the street or in a nightclub.

In this case, it would be a great idea to use one of the Canadian or international dating services. This is where you can find lots of gorgeous women from Canada from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other cities with the same interests as you.

Online dating offers a great opportunity to establish a connection with a woman before you actually meet her. This might be an important factor for shy men out there.

Unfortunately, the international dating scene is plagued by scammers. Some dating companies publish links to websites with a high concentration of fake profiles. Make sure you are using a legitimate service. Check the profiles they offer for authenticity and consult with an independent review service to see if they can be trusted.

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Things to Avoid When Dating Canadian Women

There are certain things you want to avoid when dating a girl from Canada. If you are looking for true love and serious relationships, remember to always be careful with your words to make sure you don’t offend your date.

Here are some of the things you should not say or do:

  • Laughing at her French Canadian accent. In case you are dating a girl from the French part of Canada, her accent might seem a little funny to you. Avoid making jokes about it: it’s unlikely Canadian girls will be able to appreciate it.
  • Complaining about the cold climate. If your Canadian lady is serious about your relationship and relocating isn’t an option for her, this can put her off. If you can’t stand the cold, she might think you are planning to leave.
  • Talking to her about maple syrup and poutine. Yes, these are arguably the best-known Canadian food products in Europe. But Canadian girls are not everything Canadian cuisine can offer. Try to learn more about the country, its culture and food.

Watch the video to learn how to flirt with Canadian women:

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  • How to compliment Canadian women
  • How to organize a perfect date with one of the beautiful Canadian girls


Canadian brides are definitely among the best you can find. Canadian women are independent, well-educated, smart women who are also traditional enough to enjoy taking care of their partners and supporting them. We hope that our advice helps you to find your true soulmate!

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