Dating British Women – Exclusive Advice for Foreingers

Updated on Jul 2023

The United Kingdom is well-known all around the world as a country of tradition, numerous pubs, and a rather damp climate. It’s also known for its strong cultural and historical ties with the US. There is, however, something else this country is known for: the beautiful, sophisticated British women.

Women from the UK and the US have a lot in common. And still, there’s something many foreign men find special about them. Their accent, their natural beauty and elegance, and their fun-loving nature, to name a few things.

Top cities to meet womenLondon, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Glasgow
Language they speakEnglish (92.3%)
Welsh (56% of Welsh population)
Perfect match for foreigners35% (16.7 million single females over the age of 16)
British Women

What Are British Women Like?

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about British women but haven’t ever dated one. If that’s true for you, it’s time to learn more about them and decide if you want to find a British soulmate!
Here are some important characteristics that set British brides apart.

British Girls Are Beautiful

Go to the UK and have a walk along old cobbled streets. Or just look through the profiles of single British women on dating websites. The first thing you’ll see is how gorgeous British girls are. You might be even surprised by the diversity. The Modern United Kingdom is home to people of numerous ethnicities.

Thanks to that, you can find women of just about any kind of appearance in existence. British beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Blonde hair and black hair, slim and plus-sized, pale and dark-skinned – and everything in between. Some time ago, the majority of women here had pale skin, light eyes, and fair hair, with fine facial features. That’s not the case anymore, and it’s great.

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Their Lives Are Interesting and Eventful

Many British women are in the process of getting a good education. Lots of British girls work. But no matter how time-consuming their studies or jobs are, they always find time for something fun. Even if that doesn’t leave much free time for them. British girls enjoy traveling (even if it’s just a trip to a neighboring town), making new friends, and trying new activities. Most importantly, they love doing all that with a partner.

British Girls Are Traditional

It would be wrong to say that they are conservative. These women are as progressive and modern as can be. Most of them are well-educated, have high-paying jobs, and are incredibly empowered. On the flip side, there is a traditional side to all local people and women aren’t an exception.
Most women in the UK don’t like casual hookups and are looking for serious relationships. British girls are not particularly desperate about this, but they do expect to start a family with kids in the future.

British Girls Are Independent

A typical girl from the UK feels she is gifted, powerful, and capable of great things. And she is absolutely right. Many British women start an independent adult life away from their families early. They are accustomed to living on their own. Being in a love relationship, on the other hand, is a life-changing experience for them. British girls strive to be better persons for their partners. Love and affection for a special person bring out the best traits in them.

Dating British Women

Are British Girls Good as Wives?

There are many foreigners who consider dating British women, and for a good reason. British women dating foreign men aren’t rare. However, the idea of tying the knot with one of them is no less attractive. There are many characteristics that make them wonderful partners. Read about the main ones below.

  • British girls are affectionate mothers. They might not be crazy about the idea of having a huge family but they still make the most devoted and affectionate mothers. Yes, it’s likely that motherhood is not the first and foremost priority in a young British girl’s life. But it’s still an extremely significant one.
  • British women are supportive wives. The idea is simple. Why marry if you aren’t planning to support your husband? Making their partners happy and comfortable is something they deeply care about.
  • British girls do everything they can to make a relationship work. It’s no secret that marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows. A married couple often faces issues, big or small. A British wife isn’t the one who gives up easily. She’ll do everything in her power to find a compromise and sort out all problems.
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What Are British Brides Looking For in a Man?

British women have high self-esteem, are energetic, and perfectly aware of how much they are capable of. Many local women work hard and have good jobs and comfortable lives. This is why when they are looking for a man, they aren’t looking for a provider or supporter. They are picky and want a special man as a partner.
Here are some of the qualities they are looking for in a man:

  • Reliability. British girls are very reliable. They keep their promises and will be there for you whenever you need them. British girls will expect you to treat them the same. They need a trustworthy partner.
  • Equality. A woman from the UK will not be treated like a servant and won’t be quiet and submissive. A serious relationship or marriage is like a partnership between two equal people to her. If you can’t give her the respect she wants, it won’t work.
  • Taking your relationship seriously. As we mentioned earlier, most women in England aren’t after casual flings. British girls are looking for serious relationships – for loving husbands and caring fathers. You’ll have to let her know how serious you are and how you feel about moving toward a future together.

Watch the video to learn what men do British women dream of:

  • What appearance attracts British women
  • What traits attract British girls
  • How British women choose guys to date

British Women: Statistics

That being said, here are some hard cold facts to give you even more information about women in the UK:

  • The divorce rate in the UK is fairly low: 8.9 divorces per 1K marriages
  • On average, marriage in the UK lasts for 12.4 years
  • 37% of British women have a higher education
  • Over half of local women aged 30 were childless in 2020
  • Average height of a British woman is 5’3”

British Dating Culture

If you are afraid that dating a British lady has a lot of pitfalls, forget about it. Dating British women is easy and the main reason why is that they aren’t that different. You don’t have to learn any foreign languages because they also speak English and the culture has a lot in common with yours.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should come unprepared. Here are several tips that will help you get ready for a meaningful relationship with a British girl.

  • Wait for a special occasion to introduce yourself. Approaching women in the streets out of the blue will earn you a lot of weird stares and a decisive rejection. It would be best to do that at a social event, nightclub, or cafe.
  • Don’t go overboard with romance. Everybody enjoys some romance in their lives but a British woman might find it weird if you get overly dramatic. Be more casual about it and don’t take it too seriously. Just spend some time together and try to learn as much as you can about each other.
  • Don’t try to always be in the lead. Ask about her ideas and opinions. Not that they don’t like men who can show their strength, but you’ll have to show your date that her opinion is important to you.
  • Learn more about her culture and likes. As we mentioned, you have a lot in common. It’s true, but there are still cultural differences you have to take into account. This might be a fun cultural exchange for you both! You might learn you have the same interests.
  • Let her know she is the one for you. British women might not be as explosively jealous as Latinas, but they definitely won’t like to share your attention with someone else. The best tactic would be to forget other women exist (apart from your family).
  • Don’t talk about family early in the relationship. British ladies prefer to take things slowly. Being practical and sensible as they are, British women don’t like rushing into things. Especially something as important as marriage.
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Where to Meet British Women

If you are comfortable with the idea of buying a plane ticket and heading straight to the UK, this might be the best option. There’s no better place to meet British mail order brides than their home country.

However, because British women like traveling, you can also meet them in other countries or even in your area.

One more option – and one of the most popular ones nowadays – is to use one of the dating services to meet British girls online.

Meet British Girls in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There’s a good reason for that: it can offer numerous breathtaking natural, cultural, and historical sites. Here are a few places you might want to visit to meet single British women.


For obvious reasons, the capital of the country is crowded with tourists all year round. On one hand, this might mean that your dating experience here will be less than satisfactory. British women see lots of tourists every single day, after all. On the other hand, if you manage to find places further away from the city center and main tourist routes, you might have a chance.
Some places you might want to visit are:

  • Little Venice canals
  • Neal’s Yard
  • Sky Garden
  • The Churchill Arms pub
  • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town hidden bar
  • Primrose Hill
  • The Dickens Inn
  • Kyoto Garden
  • Battersea Park
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The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is stunning thanks to its architecture and great historical sites. There are museums, art galleries, rich nightlife, and lots and lots of pretty British singles. There are few other cities like this ancient and very romantic place to meet your soulmate in.

Visit the following great places of Glasgow:

  • Pollok Country Park
  • Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens
  • Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace
  • Innis & Gunn Ashton Lane pub
  • Ark Glasgow pub
  • Sub Club
  • Popworld Glasgow nightclub


The capital of Wales, Cardiff combines the special charm of an ancient city and the energy of a modern place. It’s old, it’s beautiful, it’s lively and can offer a high concentration of gorgeous British girls.

Check out these amazing places in the city:

  • Cardiff Bay
  • Roath Park
  • Shopping Arcades
  • Cardiff Market
  • Waterloo Tea in Wyndham Arcade cafe
  • Uncommon Ground cafe
  • Bute Park
  • Clwb for Bach Cardiff club
  • Fuel Rock Club Cardiff club
  • Pasture Cardiff steakhouse
  • Gin & Juice bar

Meet British Brides Online

Are you also a man who prefers to take things slow? That’s great because you already think like the majority of British girls. Many British women know about and enjoy online dating so you’ll have no problem meeting them via one of the reputable dating companies.

With the opportunity of dating over the Internet, finding your true love has become much easier. You browse through the profiles of beautiful women, pick those who caught your fancy, contact them and start communicating! This is a great way to get to know a woman before you finally see her face to face.

The only thing to be concerned about is the number of fraudulent websites trying to scam money out of people. British girls often publish bad links, among other things. Make sure that the service you are using is completely legit. Look for user reviews (it’s best to use an independent review service) and check women’s profiles for authenticity.

Watch the video to learn how to impress British women:

  • How to compliment them
  • Which presents to gives them
  • What is the perfect date looks like for a British single
British women dating


Beautiful British women are amazingly easy to date. Partly because of the similarity of cultures, partly because they are so very uncomplicated. Like all western women, they are independent, strong-willed, and have a great sense of self-worth. As traditional women, they are affectionate and supportive and look for serious relationships.

Use the advice in this article to make your dating experience more successful!

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