Dating Australian Women: A Complete Guide

Updated on Jul 2023

Australia, commonly known as the Land Down Under, is one of those countries that sparkles a lot of curiosity. Amazing history, unique nature, and special culture are just a few things that raise our interest. Australian women, who make up over half of the country’s population, are definitely the first and foremost among them.

Top cities to meet womenSydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle
Language they speakEnglish (over 70%)
Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, and others (28%)
Perfect match for foreigners7.4% (1.95 million single women)

What Are Australian Women Like?

Australian women are naturally stunning and very diverse. Much like the US, it’s a land of immigrants, and you can meet people from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. This is why Australian women can be blonde, dark-haired, or ginger, short or tall, dark or fair-skinned, fit or plump. All of them have something in common, though: Australian women are incredibly attractive.

Australian Women

Physical Appearance

Because Australia is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, the sheer diversity of facial features makes it hard to describe the physical appearance of these women. Many Australian girls are multiracial, so you can see about any kind of features in existence, from dark skin and black hair to very pale skin and red locks. Accordingly, the average height varies as well.

No matter what background Australian women come from, most Australian brides eat healthy and do their best to stay fit. That’s why you can meet many slender athletic Australian girls here.

In other words, it’s difficult to describe Australian beauty standards just because there is no standard. And that’s great! The Australian beauty is multi-faceted and diverse and this means that it’s incredibly fun.

The Personality of Australian Girls

These beautiful women are not only physically attractive but have the best personality. They are honest, straightforward, and strong-willed but at the same time, gentle and humble. A typical Australian lady is practical, rational, and sensible. There’s hardly any arrogance in them.

In fact, Australian women are reasonably modest and prefer honest simplicity to pretentiousness. This is why they are very easy to approach and so great to date.

Another great thing about Australian girls is how easy-going and sociable they are. Even with strangers, Australian women are as friendly and warm as possible. With a woman like this, you’ll always feel welcome and comfortable. Isn’t it one of the things we all look for in a relationship?

Australian girl

Main Character Traits

These women have a strong character but know how to be gentle and feminine. Australian women will speak their mind freely and easily because they appreciate honesty above all. If you are looking for a meek, submissive, and obedient wife, they are not the best choice for you. However, if you want a loyal partner who’s got your back no matter what and genuinely cares about you, you should try to date an Aussie girl.

Watch the video to learn more about awesome character traits of Australian women:

  • Australian women are smart and have a great sense of humor
  • Australian girls are open-minded and talkative
  • Australian women get things done and are very good at time management

Statistics and Fun Facts About Australian Women

Now that you know about their looks and personality, do you want to know more? No worries; here are a few facts about Australian women that you might find very interesting:

  • Out of just over 26 million people living in Australia today, almost 13 million are women;
  • There are more women with higher education in Australia than men;
  • Nearly 48% of all employed workers in the country are women;
  • The divorce rate in Australia is 1.9 per 1000. It’s far from high but not low either;
  • Over 90% of Australian girls want to have kids, and over 80% of that number prefer to have a husband when they do;
  • Every third marriage in the country is intercultural.
hot Australian girl

Some Historical Facts About Australian Girls

  • Australia was the first country in the world to allow women places in the country’s parliament;
  • From 1903 on, Australian women were able to vote and take part in elections;
  • Until 1965, Australian women weren’t allowed in pubs;
  • In 2010, Australia elected its first female prime minister.

All You Need to Know About Australian Dating Culture

If you are a fun-loving, open-minded man, you’ll enjoy dating Australian women more than anything else. Australian women are loyal and caring and know how to build strong, respectful relationship.

Most women in Australia will do their best to make you feel as comfortable in their company as possible. Australian girls will let you know that they are a partner you can rely on both in good times and bad.

As was mentioned earlier, the majority of Australian girls are well-educated. Australian girls also travel quite a bit so odds are they know a lot about other cultures. Australian women dating foreigners are very common. Many of them speak several foreign languages.

All this means is that the Australian mail order brides you might meet on online dating services and in real life aren’t looking for a man who will provide them with financial security. Australian girls are perfectly capable of doing that themselves. What they are looking for are new experiences and more reliable partners. Australian girls are looking for a relationship where both partners equally respect each other.

Australian Dating Culture

What Makes Australian Girls So Special?

An Australian date would be perfect for you if you like a little bit of a challenge. However, you can be sure it will also be the most fun you’ve ever had. Here are a few things that make Australian women stand out.

  • Sexy accent. All men who’ve ever heard an Australian girl speaking agree that they have the cutest accent. Also, a great chance to learn some Aussie slang words no one else knows!
  • Energetic, adventurous nature. Everybody knows that to start a serious relationship with someone, you need to have something in common with them. Do you enjoy an active lifestyle? Are you curious about new places and things? Are you an adventurous person? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, you should take a chance on girls in Australia.
  • Australian girls will have no problem splitting a bill. Australian women are open-minded and independent enough to be able to provide for themselves. They want an equal partner, not someone who can pay for their bills. That’s why they’ll gladly split the bill when you go on a date and think nothing of it.

Where Can You Meet Hot Australian Women?

Do you think you are ready to meet an Australian girl? That’s not complicated at all. First of all, chances are you can meet them in your country. Women from Australia love traveling, and it’s likely you can find them in your city.

Another option is to meet them in Australia. Beaches are one of the most obvious options when you come to the country. There are a lot of those, and there are many girls surfing and sunbathing. Besides, there’s also an option of bars and nightclubs with a high concentration of beautiful women every night.

Finally, the third option is to meet them online. Let’s talk about the places to meet Australian brides in more detail.

meet Australian brides

Meet Australian Girls in Australia

Australia is truly a country of wonders. It’s not just about kangaroos and beaches. It’s amazing history, unique culture, awesome nightlife, and breathtakingly beautiful cities. In short, it’s a wonderful place to meet Australian women who are looking for serious relationships.

  • Sydney. This is Australia’s largest city. Sydney is full of beautiful beaches, fun activities, and good food. One of the best ways to see the beauty of the city is to take a leisurely stroll. A stunning beach walk – and one of the best – is from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. Another popular pedestrian walkway is along the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Both hiking trails are free and one of the greatest ways to meet Australian singles.
  • Melbourne. According to EIU’s Global Liveability Ranking, Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world. The weather here seems to change every minute. But that doesn’t dampen the spirits of local people and many foreigners who visit the place. Every day there is an event, exhibition, music performance or show to enjoy here. Melbourne is a multicultural metropolis, with plenty of restaurants serving the finest food. Doesn’t this sound like one of the best places for romantic encounters?
  • Brisbane. This place seems to have everything for the best dating experience. It’s a place of arts and culture, insanely good food, rich nightlife, and amazing beaches. It’s no surprise it’s such a popular tourist destination. It’s no wonder so many foreign men come here to meet beautiful Australian women. Visit the local restaurants in a bustling city center or go to a cozier place for riverfront dining. Brisbane seems to have combined all the perks of other cities in Australia.
single Australian women

Meet Beautiful Australian Girls Online

There’s no denying that Australia is one of the most distant destinations to go to. Few people can just get up and go there as soon as they make the decision. Besides, the plane tickets aren’t cheap either. Someone living in the US will have to pay around $1000-1500 for the flight alone.

However, there is a solution! You can start meeting Australian girls on one of the dating websites. Online dating gives you an opportunity to talk to many women from Australia with the same interests and build a great basis for your meeting in real life. After all, dating is much easier when you know for sure you have a lot in common with a woman.

Dating companies often publish links to the profiles of numerous available single Australian women. One of the great things about this online dating experience is that you don’t have to worry about not knowing any foreign languages. The majority of beautiful Australian women speak English.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to make sure that the Australian online service you are using is legit
  • How to find a decent Australian dating site
  • How to date Australian women online

How to Impress an Australian Woman

Dating girls from Australia isn’t so different from dating western women. There are different types of women all over the world, so all you have to do is to know how to get them interested. Here are a few tips that will help you find your true love.

  • Don’t try what doesn’t work in your country. If those silly pickup lines didn’t work for you before, they won’t work in Australia, either. Just act natural and be as confident as you can. Authenticity and honesty are among the things these women appreciate the most.
  • Tell her about yourself but let her speak too. Chances are Australian ladies will be interested to know more about your country and yourself. However, they’ll appreciate it if you show your interest in them too. Give her the word and learn from everything she tells you.
  • If she’s interested, be straightforward. Australian women are pretty open about their feelings, so you’ll know if she’s interested in you. So don’t waste time and tell her how you feel! Say you like her, ask her on another date – anything to keep it going.
  • Use your sense of humor. If you feel like you’ve established a connection, don’t be too serious. Breaking the ice with a little bit of humor can go a long way. Make her smile and laugh, and you’ll see that you are on a sure way to her heart.
Australian women dating

Conclusion About Australian Women

If you want to start dating Australian girls, do it now. Australian girls are absolutely amazing and will pleasantly surprise you at every step of your relationship. Australian women have a lot to offer to the man who isn’t afraid of a strong-willed, outspoken woman. Use our tips to make your dating more successful!

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