Customs of Colombian Dating Culture

Updated on Jul 2023

Colombian women are the envy of many men around the world. They are beautiful, elegant, and sexy in one curvy package. When you set your eyes on these ladies, your heart will skip a beat. But how do they date men? If you are interested in trying your luck with these gorgeous girls, you should learn about their dating culture. We will go through the dos and don’ts of dating Colombian dating culture.

First of all, Colombian women can be very jealous. If you take them on a date and see a female friend and chat, they will not like this one bit. So you need to be prepared. They can also be very possessive; it is not uncommon that after three dates, they will want to hear the three magic words. You can already start seeing some differences between dating culture in this county and the West.

You must also be ready for some emotion in your life if you want to be connected to a Colombian girl. They are extremely emotional and passionate people who will let you know exactly how they feel. Unfortunately, Colombian women can be materialistic.

This stems from the machismo in the dating culture, where men should pick up the bills, and the ladies just need to look pretty. Because of this, Colombian women’s culture is difficult at times. The women need lots of attention and things. This can make many Colombian girls search for men with a background in money.

Dating Customs In Colombian Dating Culture You Should Learn About

When you want to impress a Colombian woman, there are some things you should remember. We will go through some typical dating culture customs that you can expect when Dating a Colombian.

Family is a Priority

First of all, it is not unusual for women to constantly talk about their mother and father when on a date. The family is significant in Colombian dating customs, and talking about them is the norm.

Pay a Bill

Also, if you are from Europe or America, you may be used to going out on a date for a meal and splitting the bill sometimes. You can forget that if you are dating a Latin girl. It is expected that the man will pay for all dates. So be ready to make sure your wallet is loaded at all times.

Learn to Move

Another thing that you may want to learn or at least brush up on is your dancing skills. The dating culture in Colombia is very touchy-feely. It is usual to see people giving each other affectionate hugs and kisses in public. This is expected when you are dating Colombian women. Dancing salsa is part of the dating culture in Colombia, so if you want to be successful and meet Colombian singles, it is best to learn some moves. You will also gain new friends when you date Colombian women.

Go Out and Socialize

They are very social people, so be ready for lots of friends and family interactions. Dating services have become very popular in Colombia over the last five years. In the local dating culture, people enjoy searching for foreigners to date online nowadays.

These are just some basic dating culture traditions that will help you to understand residents better.

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Colombian Women Profiles

Angela 26 y.o.
Cadence 26 y.o.
Barbara 22 y.o.
Francique 25 y.o.
Social worker
Nathalie 28 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Iara 28 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Sofia 27 y.o.
School teacher
Abigail 25 y.o.
Ingrid 25 y.o.
Financial manager
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Does Colombia Dating Culture Allow to Use Dating Sites?

There are lots of great reasons why local women decide to use dating platforms. The main reason is that it is convenient to meet foreign men and start a relationship. Many Latin ladies are interested in international men rather than local men. This is because local men do not treat them as well as foreign men. The machismo culture is still alive in Colombia, and women prefer not to deal with this behavior. So to meet guys from other parts of the globe, dating establishments are ideal. With so many members available through dating sites, the choice is so vast and extensive.

Dating platforms also offer brilliant safety for everyone on them. It is possible to chat in chat rooms for days until you feel comfortable with someone to arrange a meeting. Because you get to know someone from the comfort of your own home, it allows you to gain confidence with this person before meeting them. Another popular method is through dating apps. This way, singles can start connecting with others worldwide through their mobile device. One of the best features available through dating platforms is the ability to show your interest in someone by sending them gifts.

What is great about mail order bride services is that you can add so many details about yourself after the registration process. The more details you add, the better the success rate you will have. You can expect the site to match you with the ideal Colombian lady, making everyone’s dream come true.

How Does Marriage In Colombia For Foreigners Happen?

Some foreigners enjoy heading on a plane and making the journey to Colombia. They want to meet the ladies in a bar or club in person. There can often be a communication issue as not all Latin girls will speak English. The vast majority of foreign men enjoy using dating platforms for casual dating. This is how many foreigners go on to meet a marriage partner in Colombia. It is the simplest way to meet Colombian ladies and start a romance. There are lots of Colombian women searching for foreign men through dating establishments too.

The culture of Colombian women is to want a man to take care of them financially. This is the way the dating culture in Colombia has always been. So through these dating platforms, it is possible to meet the perfect woman to fall in love with. Marriage is something that can happen through dating sites, and this is why so many lonely singles use them.

Success story from Colombian women

Success Story #1 Image
Den and Naomi LaDate logo
I saw Naomi on a dating site so I decided to register for fun. I could not believe it was possible to find love online. To be honest, I was skeptical about everyone searching for love online. My dream was to visit Mexico, so I decided to meet some girls online and have some company when I landed at the airport. After a couple of days of chatting with different girls, I received a text from Naomi. She told me she liked me, which was quite brave as I don't often hear such things from girls straight away. I like her being honest and confident. I think that confident girls are very sexy. We arranged to meet the next day I arrived in Mexico City. When I saw her at a bar, I went speechless. She looked stunning. I was always attracted to Latinas, but this girl looked incredible. Apart from having a strong physical connection, we found many similarities and didn't want to separate. I ended up spending all my time with her, and I fell in love. We are planning to get married next year.
Success Story #2 Image
Ben and Liliana LoveFort logo
Dating a Mexican girl was always my dream, but I used to think they were not serious and needed guys for fun only. I understood I was utterly wrong when I met Liliana at one of the dating services. She was charming, polite, and honest and spoke much about her family. This was when I realized my impression of Mexican women was utterly wrong. I started thinking of her as a potential girlfriend as she was very warm and kind to me, not to mention her fantastic appearance. I helped her to get a visa to visit me. We spent a few days together, and it was the best time of my life. We got on well, we shared many thoughts, and I knew Liliana was the woman I wanted to marry. So we got married this year and now live together in my hometown. I couldn't dream of a better wife.
Success Story #3 Image
Jordan and Isabella LatinFeels logo
We met at a dating site a year ago and are now planning to get married. We both were looking for a long-term relationship and were lucky to find each other online. After a couple of months of chatting every single day, we decided we needed to meet in real life. Jordan invited me to New York City. It was an unforgettable trip. It was very romantic, and we could not get enough of each other. We knew we had strong feelings towards each other when we spoke through the site, but when we met in real life, we didn't even need to say anything to each other. It was clear that we were meant to be together.
Success Story #4 Image
Paul and Diana TheLuckyDate Latam logo
Diana and Paul's love story is one for the ages. They met each other on a dating site and quickly hit it off. They had so much in common, and they just clicked. They started dating soon after they met, and they were very happy together. They were always laughing and having fun together, and they just seemed to really understand each other. They got married a few years later, and they are still happily married today. They are living proof that you can find true love online!

Secrets Of  Colombian Dating Etiquette

Some secrets can win you a sexy Colombian wife from a local dating culture. If you follow our dating culture tips, you will have a much better chance of getting yourself a partner:

  • When chatting through the various chat rooms, be sure to ask about your date’s parents. As Colombian women are very close to their parents, this will get you in their good books.
  • Remember to shower them with compliments. Latin girls will love this and also expect it. If you are going through platforms to meet the most suitable partner, it is a good idea to make sure they know you like them. Colombian women are not expected to let men know they like them. It is down to the man to make the first move.
  • Food is essential if you want to woo your Colombian date. Colombian women love to eat and chat. So if you arrange a date, make sure you include some incredible food.
  • As Valentine’s day is a perfect day to take your woman on a date, remember that Valentine’s day is celebrated in September in Colombia.

With these tips in mind, you will get a stunning Latin bride easily!

Famous Colombian Wedding Traditions

With Colombian marriages, you will not find the best man or bride of honor. Instead, there is a godfather and godmother who help out with all issues that may arise. They are actually on call around the clock for the couple. The Colombian marriage law states that most weddings are Roman Catholic.

Another tradition is that the bride and groom light a candle. They then come together and hold one candle, symbolizing one life together. Another fun tradition is that single men place their shoes underneath the bride’s dress. She then chooses a shoe, and that man will be next to marry.

The average age of marriage in Colombia is 22 years old for women and 26 for men. So in total, the average age for marriage is 25 years old in Colombia. When adults finally do get married, the wedding reception is a lively affair. There will be music and dancing into the night. It is usually heavily influenced by Brazilian music.

The bride will also place a coin in her shoe, which symbolizes that she and her husband will never be short of money. There is plenty of food and liquor at the reception, where the fun has no end. There is no Colombian marriage problem like there is in North America, where divorce is so high. The divorce rate is not very high in this part of the world.

Now you know so much more about the residents of this country and their traditions. We bet you will feel confident if asking a girl on a date or even making a proposal.

Dating Relationships in Colombian Culture vs American Culture

Colombian culture relationshipsAmerican culture relationships
Women talk about their family a lotThe women talk about themselves a lot
Kissing in public is expectedMany women prefer kissing in private
Colombian women can be very possessiveAmerican women prefer to be hard to get
Colombian women get jealous easilyA big number of American women enjoy open relationship
Sex on a first date may not mean you are in a relationshipSex is fun for most Westerners
Colombian women expect the man to pay for restaurants.You can often share the bills in a restaurant


Do Colombian Want to Marry Foreigners?

Foreigners are held in high regard in Colombia, especially American men. Many Colombian ladies are eager to date an international man through a dating platform. To date Colombian girls is a joy and pleasure and something that you will never forget. The dating culture is similar to Mexican dating customs, where the woman’s family is talked about constantly. Foreign men are looked at as how local girls can live a dream life in America with better weather and lifestyle.

At What Age Do Colombian Get Married?

Usually, the women get married at 22 years of age and the men when they reach 26. Marriage is an important part of Latin dating culture and is desired by most Colombian couples. As long as a couple has a good understanding of each other, they will decide to get married and have children. Couples want to get married in a church, as most people follow the Roman Catholic religion.

How Do Colombian Women Date?

In local dating culture, Colombian women love a man to treat her on a date. She will expect a nice meal, and the man will be paying the bill. Many Latin girls love serious dating as marriage is something they all desire. Remember that the climate in Colombia is hot, and so are the women, so be ready for some passionate action. Always remember that Latin ladies love a good time inside the house or outside.

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