Pretty Sicilian Women: Opening Remarks

Updated on Jul 2023

Sicily is the biggest autonomous administrative part of Italy. Sicily is known as a part of Italy but it lives its own life because of the autonomous rights of the island. Because of its special status and separateness from the other part of Italy Sicily has its own life, and even people from Sicily have a lot of differences from people from mainland Italy. Since our article is dedicated to the beautiful women of Sicily in our article, we will discuss the phenomena of attractive Sicilian women.

Beautiful Women From Sicily: Interesting Facts

As you might have already understood Sicily and Italy de jure is a part of one country, but de facto this region lives its own life. Because of this, there is a major difference between life in Italy and life in Sicily.

Sicilian Women

For example, if you have been to mainland Italy it doesn’t mean that you will be able to understand all the cultural features of Sicilian life. However, if you want to start a relationship with a single Sicilian woman, it will be interesting for you to know some interesting facts about Sicily itself and of course about Sicilian girls.

  • They communicate in the Sicilian language. Even if you know the Italian language perfectly, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to understand the speaking language of beautiful women in Sicily. It’s worth mentioning that all regions of Italy are speaking on dialects, and one of these dialects originated in Sicily.
  • They were forbidden to work in the past. A lot of the Sicilian women have not been able to work in the past, because of the strict traditions. Usually, they stayed at home, took care of the children, and managed housework. However, these times are already in the past, and Sicilian women and girls can choose any activity that they like.
  • They know a lot about Sicilian cuisine. Pretty Sicilian women are very proud of being Sicilians, that’s why they take care of their culture and especially cuisine. It is not uncommon in this region for a grandmother to pass on her recipes for some local delicious dishes. That’s why every hostess will have her own unique recipe for the same national dish.

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Characteristics of Typical Sicilian Woman: Main Character Traits of Sicilian Girls

Like representatives of Italian culture and Italian soul, these girls have a lot in common with Italian girls from the mainland. However, Italian ladies are unique women with their own unique character traits, and if you have already met both Italian and Sicilian, you probably have already noticed that they are completely different. However, in case you haven’t met the Sicilian yet in this section, we have collected their unique traits, so it will be easier for you to understand them once you start dating a Sicilian woman.

Sicilian girl
  • Sicilian girls are strong. For their long history, Italian ladies have gone through a lot of trials. That’s why in our time most Italian ladies have a strong character. They rarely show people that they need help in some matters and prefer to handle all their life situations by themselves.
  • They are feminine. Women of Sicily combine themselves with amazing inner strength and femininity. Nobody knows how they are able to combine this characteristic in themselves. However, when you are around Italian ladies, you will feel amazing because Sicilian babes will fill you with their amazing feminine energy.
  • They are motivated. Once you will start to meet Sicilian girls, you will be amazed by their will. All this because for centuries, these girls were not able to get a good education in Sicilian society. That’s why in our time, Italian ladies do their best to achieve everything in life. They are studying, and they are looking into building a career.
beautiful women of Sicily

Women in Sicily: How Do Sicilian Women Look Like?

If you want to start dating a Sicilian woman, then you might be interested in what an average Sicilian woman looks like? That’s why we hasten to assure you that you will be amazed by the beauty of the Italian ladies. Once you meet Sicilian women you will not be able to think about any other woman that you have met in your life. That’s why in this section, we have collected some Sicilian women features.

Seductive Figure

Despite the fact that Sicilian women know how to eat tastily and they never deny themselves in this, they have just an amazing figure. It’s because of the fact that Sicilian women have genetically perfect figures. Even when they can eat some extra slice of delicious Sicilian pizza, it will simply do nothing to their long legs and curvy figures.

Tanned Skin and Dark Facial Features

Beautiful women from Sicily usually have dark long hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Peculiarities of Sicilian women face features are substantiated by the fact that single Sicilian ladies live in a pretty hot climate. That’s why you will probably never meet Italian ladies with blonde hair. However, be sure that Sicilian women’s faces will be the most beautiful that you have ever seen in your life.

Average Height

Besides the peculiarity with the women’s hair in Sicilia, there is also another significant feature. And it’s the height of the Sicilian women. Once you will start dating Sicilian women, you will notice that probably all Sicilian women will have a little or average height. However, most men consider this fact sexy.

dating Sicilian women

Success Stories from European Women

Success Story #1 Image
Jerry 💞 Ann AmourFactory logo
Jerry met Ann. She was 23 years old and stunningly beautiful, and for some reason, they just clicked. They started dating and quickly fell in love. Jerry knew that this was it - she was the one for him. He proposed to her and she said yes! They were married a few months later and life couldn't be better. Jerry was finally content - he had found his one true love and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.
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Dating a Sicilian Girl: Top 3 Tips on How to Impress Sicilian Women

When you start thinking about dating a girl from Sicily, the first thing you need to forget is some women stereotypes. Also, we’d like to emphasize that probably conquering the Sicilian girl will not be easy since a lot of foreign men are already fighting each other for the heart of Sicilian beauty. So if you’re a western man, be prepared that there will be a lot of potential husbands for the Sicilian bride that you liked the most. However, do not worry, with help of our tips, you will be able to win the heart of Sicilians.

  1. Support her. Despite the fact that Sicilian women are strong and confident, it doesn’t cancel the fact that they are little girls inside. Usually, from a young age, they have to work a lot, so for her, it will be crucial to receive support and love from the person she likes. Even if you just started your communication with your future wife through some dating app, it’s crucial to support her in all possible ways.
  2. Compliment her. If you want her to choose you between dozens of other western men, do not forget to compliment her. Make her feel special, tell her about her beauty, tell her how much you like her. Do not forget to do that every day, especially when you will become her husband, since it will help you to maintain the fire of love in your marriage.
  3. Give her gifts. While you will be dating a Sicilian girl, it’s really important to show her your attention. You shouldn’t buy some expensive presents, for example, if you will just grab a bouquet of flowers for your casual date. Be sure that your girl will be impressed.
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Beautiful Sicilian Women: Table of Comparison

Before you start dating a Sicilian girl, you should be aware that Sicilian women have a lot in common with Italian women. However, they do not like it when somebody compares them with other women and especially Italian. That’s why in this section, we would like to provide you with a table of comparison of a typical beautiful Sicilian woman with other women of Europe.

Sicilian womenOther women
They are explosive. Like any woman from the south part of Europe, Sicilians have a really hot character, that’s why sometimes she can be really explosive. However, be sure that with this girl you will never be bored.Even Italian girls do not have such an explosive character as Sicilian girls. However, Italians can hide some secrets from you, while Sicilians will tell you the truth in the face.
They will care for you more than for anybody. Once the Sicilian girl falls in love, she will give all her care and support to the man she loves. She will cook for you, spend all her time with you, and do everything for you.Be sure that no other woman in the world will not give you so much support or love as a Sicilian woman. No one can truly say why it is like this. However, let’s admit it like a fact.
Camila photo
Camila photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Photographer
Hobbies Tennis
English level Upper Intermediate

single Sicilian woman

Sicilian Dating Culture

The fact that Sicilian women are hot and attractive is already discovered for you. So you might be wondering about how to date Sicilian girls. Without knowing local dating traditions, it will be not an easy task to conquer a girl from Sicilia. Find out the customs inherent in this society.

  • Sicilian women are quite conservative. And this is a huge surprise to those boys who imagine ladies from Sicilia smiley and easy to conquer. It is easy to meet local girls as friends. But if you want to become partners, you will have to put effort to impress the woman you like.
  • Romance is the most important thing in a relationship. Sicilian women want their men to sing them serenades and buy them gifts. This is a part of national traditions, so you will not get away from being romantic.
  • Sicilian girls thrive to have serious relationships. Even though local females love having fun, when it comes to relationships, they agree only on a serious attitude. That includes not only becoming family members but providing for your family and raising children.
  • A compliment is what every Sicilian woman likes to be on a daily basis. Despite the fact that all women like to get compliments, these girls are especially craving for sweet words and sweet kisses.
women in Sicily

Where to Meet Sicilian Women?

As you have a strong desire to date Sicilian women, you have to decide where to meet them. You can go two ways: fly to Sicily and look for your soulmate in real life or go to the best dating sites and start your online dating history.

Go to Sicily

Sicily is a region of popular women. And your first city to visit should be Palermo – the capital of Sicily. There you will find so many hot Sicilian women willing to meet men from abroad. Visit Villa Costanza, Tutto, and Garibaldi night clubs to spot attractive Sicilian girls. Also, go to Forum Palermo, Mercato del Capo, and Mercato Ballaro to hang out with beauties during the day.

Register on Sicilian Girls Dating Sites

If you find flying to Sicily a very complicated trip to look for Sicilian women, you can easily meet them on dating apps. This is as effective as meeting in real life. However, you have to choose the best online dating sites to find real Sicilian women. Do research, read reviews, test a free dating site and keep on looking for your Sicilian wife.

Take a look a this video explaining top things to do in Sicily, so you know where you can meet local singles and where you can take your lady on a date:

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