Why Nordic Women are the Perfect Brides for You

Updated on Jul 2023

If you’re a man who values intelligence, independence, and inner strength, Nordic women might be the perfect match for you. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Nordic brides unique and how to win their hearts.

Top cities to meet Nordic womenHelsinki, Copenhagen, Odense, Oslo, Alesund
Top popular Nordic womenLinda Liukas, Zara Larsson, Alicia Vikander, Josephine Skriver
Perfect match for foreigners85%

The Image of Women From Nordic Countries

A Nordic girl is generally quite receptive to men’s approaches to seduction for the simple reason that few boys dare to go out and hit on them. In many cases, the girl will take the lead and approach the men she finds attractive. This is part of the Nordic girl’s mentality.

However, this does not mean that you should approach Nordic women in any way. Cultural appropriation will do you no good. It’s like trying to flirt in French without as much as knowing this language.

As flirting and morals are quite boundless here, local women do appreciate gentlemen. Don’t worry, we are not talking about the English cliché of the respectful man. It’s more about being polite in a very non threatening way.

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One-night stands are yet another normalcy here. It is rather common for Nordic women to just want to have a small affair with a foreigner, especially if he has a seducing accent that she finds tempting. But many girls want to find a serious relationship and will make you wait a little while before succumbing to your seduction attempts.


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Dating Nordic Women: Things to Avoid

When approaching a woman from Scandinavia, it is important to avoid certain behaviors or sensitive topics that could offend her. Here are some examples of what to avoid:

  • The little mermaid. Don’t mistake it for a fairy tale about Nordic countries. Its country of origin is Denmark and you should keep it in mind;
  • Complaining about high prices. This is the bread and butter for the locals who eat healthily and wear jewelry. Everyone is used to such prices. If you complain about it, you risk being seen as a cheapskate by Nordic women;
  • Getting confused between Nordic countries. It is an insult for a Dane to be compared with a Swede. Denmark and Sweden are very different countries with their cultural specificities. This goes for Norway and Sweden too.
  • Knowing nothing about the history of those lands. Try to learn a little about gender equality and history. This will please the girl you are interested in, and you will be seen as an educated person.
  • Pretending that things are done better in other countries. Take Danablu, for example. It is a kind of Roquefort, but with cow cheese. It is a world leader in cheese and is exported all over the world. Never pretend that French Roquefort is better in front of them. You are not partaking in challenges of which one is better.

Where to Meet Local Women

If you want to get to know Danish women, you don’t have any other option than to go to Denmark. Indeed, unlike many other nationalities, the Nordic diaspora is not as widespread. Unless you are lucky and meet a tourist passing through your city by chance, it will be practically impossible to meet a Nordic woman.

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When you go to a Nordic country, you will have several options to meet a girl:

  • By going to bars or nightclubs. However, beware of the exorbitant prices that are charged there.
  • Via street dating. This is not a common practice in the country, so Nordic women are not bothered by men who come to talk to them in public places;
  • By going to local events. You will probably be one of the only foreign speakers and have a special status towards Nordic women who want to meet a foreigner. It is a very effective technique.

But you might not be able to travel to Scandinavian countries, or you might not be very good at meeting girls in real life. In this case, we have a better solution for you: the internet.

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Success Stories from European Women

Success Story #1 Image
Jerry 💞 Ann AmourFactory logo
Jerry met Ann. She was 23 years old and stunningly beautiful, and for some reason, they just clicked. They started dating and quickly fell in love. Jerry knew that this was it - she was the one for him. He proposed to her and she said yes! They were married a few months later and life couldn't be better. Jerry was finally content - he had found his one true love and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.
Success Story #2 Image
Matthew 💞 Anastasia BravoDate logo
Matthew had always loved travelling. He found it to be the best way to escape from the mundane and everyday tasks that seemed to fill his life. However, one day he stumbled across Anastasia on a dating website and instantly fell in love with her. They started messaging each other and soon realised they had a lot in common. They arranged to meet up and after spending just one evening together, they knew they were meant to be together forever.
Success Story #3 Image
Ben 💞 Daria AmourFactory logo
Ben browsed through the profiles and eventually came across Daria's. She was beautiful and seemed like she had a lot going for her. They started messaging each other and it wasn't long before they arranged to meet up. They hit it off instantly and decided to take things one step further by flying down to Dominicana for their honeymoon. It was an amazing trip and they were so happy together. They couldn't imagine being without each other now.
Success Story #4 Image
Malcolm 💞 Alina TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Malcolm had been through a lot in his life. He had gone through a bitter divorce, and he was just ready to move on. So, he decided to sign up for a dating site. And that's where he met Alina. They had a small wedding in Brooklyn, with only their closest friends and family in attendance. It was a beautiful day, and Malcolm and Alina were so happy to be together finally. They knew that they would be able to face anything together now.

Pros of Dating Women of Scandinavia Online

If you cannot go to the Nordic region to meet a girl from Scandinavia, or if you simply want to have the possibility to play on another board to get to know other Scandinavian girls, you can use the internet.

By using a specialized dating site with women from Denmark who want to meet a foreign man, you can be sure that the Danish girls on the platform will be there to chat with a foreign person. If you use a local dating site, chances are that a Swedish woman only wants to meet Swedish men.

In our opinion, the best platform to meet a girl from Denmark interested in a foreign man is International Cupid. By using this dating site, you can be sure that the registered girls want to meet someone from another country.

Moreover, you will also be able to have a look at different women if your choices are not limited to blue eyed Finland ladies. Overall, 3 main pluses benefit you during online dating:

  • For the most part, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts better. And also assess the literacy of speech and how careful your pen pal is about language. The duration of correspondence depends only on you, which is not the biggest surprise;
  • If you’ve carefully looked at the photo of the person you like, studied each other’s profiles, entered into correspondence, overcoming the initial awkwardness;
  • The Internet allows you to get more information from the profile of the person you are interested in, than in real life we get even for not even one, but two or three dates.
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Favorite Activities of Nordic Women

It’s always good to know what local women like. It can give you ideas as to how you can spend time together or whether it is possible to encounter them in certain places. Other Nordic women are not different from girls in Europe when it comes to the hobbies they enjoy. Here are some of the things they like to do:

  • Restaurants with girlfriends. However, as the country is surrounded by the sea, you will find many restaurants with fish on the menu. If you invite a Danish or Finnish girl for a date, try to introduce her to foreign gastronomy on the Faroe islands. Being on a typical diet, the girl is likely to give in temptation;
  • Going out to bars or clubs. Be careful with the prices, we are almost on a price multiplied by two if we base ourselves on your prices;
  • Relaxing afternoons at the beach in a foreign country. One could think that there are many beaches in Scandinavian countries. Unfortunately, this is not South America. The climate being what it is and the prices being what they are, it is much cheaper for a local girl to go on vacation abroad;
  • Movie nights. Don’t be afraid to go to the movies with a woman. Almost all the movies that are shown are in English with Danish subtitles. It is not common to have movies dubbed in Scandinavia. There are gold sets of standards to how the movies must be shown.
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Camila photo
Camila photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Photographer
Hobbies Tennis
English level Upper Intermediate

Tips on Dating Norwegian women

For Norwegian girls to find you attractive, you need to know what they are looking for. Here are some examples of what you need to meet to be considered an attractive man by the majority of Norwegian women:

  • A woman from Northern Europe is generally quite educated. Because of this, she doesn’t really appreciate men who look a bit silly. So try to show that you are a serious person who strives for economic equality;
  • However, do this in moderation. If you give the Danish girl the impression that you are too serious, she will think it will be difficult to date you and she will look elsewhere;
  • The exotic side of the foreign language works wonderfully here. Don’t hesitate to speak in your native tongue when going out on a date. Norwegian women will usually find it attractive and exciting;
  • People in Nordic countries are quite respectful and polite. So try to do the same, by saying “thank you”, “greetings”, etc. It sounds silly, but many men have wasted opportunities with Nordic girls simply because they forgot basic politeness.
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Why Should You Date Swedish Women

There is a huge stereotype about Scandinavian girls: the one about their curvier side. Does this mean that it is completely true? It depends on your taste.

Some people are very attracted to well dressed Scandinavian women, while others have no attraction to them. So it is difficult to say whether Nordic women are beautiful or not, as it will depend on each individual.

However, here are some physical characteristics of a “typical” Scandinavian woman. If you like this, then you will probably find those physical characteristics attractive:

  • A rather large size. So it’s better for you not to be too short if you don’t want to date a woman who is too tall.
  • A hair color that tends to be blond and blue eyes. If you like blonde women, then this is a very good country for you.
  • A fairly strong appearance even among many supermodels. Even though there are women with model height, a non-negligible number of girls have a certain size.

Those unique characteristics do not devoid local women of their femininity. It can increase attraction from certain foreigners. Local girls have a unique way with beauty and to many, it is the primal reason for dating them.

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Stereotypes about Nordic singles
  • How to behave with Nordic singles
  • Where to meet Nordic singles online and offline


It is now time to conclude our article explaining how to seduce Finnish women. As you have seen, it is not that difficult to succeed in seducing a woman in Denmark if you understand the subtleties of dating in those lands.

Since it is in practice almost impossible to meet Norwegian girls in popular European countries, you must go to the country or use a specialized dating site to get to know Swedish girls. We wish you good luck in your attempts to seduce a Nordic woman.

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