Estonian Women: Tips On Conquering Their Heart

Updated on Jul 2023

Estonian women are called some of the most charming yet mysterious women. The country is between Russia and Finland and has influence from both countries. From the Russian side, Estonian women took family traditions, devotion, respect for men, and excellent cooking skills. From the Finnish side, local females took independence, quietness, and intelligence.

Having pretty facial features, amazing bodies, and carrying themselves like true ladies make them some of the most desirable mail order brides. Their natural beauty and shy behavior draw many men’s attention. Being so different compared to American women, they make western men build serious relationships and get married. 

If you are interested in gorgeous Estonian girls, you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you interesting facts about local brides, why they want to date many foreigners, and give you tips on conquering these ladies’ hearts.

Top cities to meet womenTallinn, Tartu, Parnu
Language they speakEstonian, Russian, English, Finnis, Latvian
Perfect match for foreigners70%

Estonia may be a small country, but it has so many single ladies who want to date western guys. Why? Eatonia is quite a cold country like Finland and has many men who are not ready to get married even by the age of forty. This leaves many beautiful Estonian women single looking for love on international dating websites. 

Estonian History And Facts

For ages, Estonian women struggled to gain ground and be respected. For example, back in 1990, local women had to fight for their rights and asked for permission to make abortions legal in Estonia, which ended up in a positive result. Local women have always wanted to be heard and feel free. Nowadays, they have the life and respect they deserve. More and more women in this country become feminists and feel happier than their mothers and grandmothers did.

In Estonia, feminism helped women a lot, especially their financial independence. Nowadays, women have the same rights as men and are allowed women work 8 hours and not feel obligated to take responsibility for household tasks and look after children.

The prime minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, is a true example of a strong woman who openly fights for women’s rights and says that there would be less violation in Estonia if women were in charge. Let’s not forget that it is one of the post-soviet countries, and the improvement this country has proved is impressive.

Dating Culture in Estonia

Estonian women dating is not different from dating a woman from another European country. Estonian ladies usually become interested in dating in their early 20s and meet men through friends and special events. Online dating is also popular in Estonia, and there is a massive choice of dating services that help connect local brides with handsome foreign men.

A typical date in this country would be an invitation to a restaurant or social event like a cinema or theater. Estonia is a lovely country gifted with fantastic nature. Young people often spend their time on beaches, in parks, and or enjoying boat trips. They are also quite active so that you can see a lot of charming Estonian women running or cycling.

The one thing that makes Estonian dating culture different from let’s say, American dating culture is the way local girls carry themselves. They have high morals and would not rush to share a bed with a guy they had just met. This can upset some foreigners or make them respect local females.

Estonian brides are quiet and reserved. They are respectful and treat men with much love. So, they expect the same attitude in return. So the way to conquer a local woman’s heart is to show that your intentions are serious and you are a genuine man. If you do not want to push a lovely Estonian girl away, you need to be a gentleman and be patient.


Estonian Women Profiles

Valentina 26 y.o.
Animal trainer
Victoria 28 y.o.
Isabella 27 y.o.
Mariana 27 y.o.
Lillian 28 y.o.
Luna 27 y.o.
Gloria 29 y.o.
Stella 25 y.o.
Emma 29 y.o.
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Estonian Girls’ Appearance

Estonian beauty is pure and natural. Most women have blonde or light brown hair, blue, gray, or green eyes, pale skin, almond-shaped eyes, high cheeks, and puffy lips. Estonian women have slim figures, and you will rarely see a tall girl here. The average height of a local girl is about 5.3.

Estonian Girls' Appearance

Estonian Women Characteristics

Hot Estonian women will undoubtedly surprise you with their stunning appearance. However, these ladies have many positive characteristics that make them excellent girlfriends and wives.


Every Estonian woman you meet will amaze you with her manners and intelligence. These women make the impression of being bright, mature, and well-mannered which indeed draws the attention of foreign men. These ladies never swear, shout, or gossip, and they are never late.


Even though Estonian women strive to have the same right as men and want to be respected, they make excellent wives. These ladies are great at household chores and have excellent cooking skills. Estonian girls are close to their parents and family members. They do not only make excellent wives but daughters-in-law.


Shy and reserved Estonian females know how to put a smile on a man’s face. They enjoy a romantic atmosphere and would love to cook a delicious dinner for their dates. These women are also affectionate. However, you can only discover this side when you gain a woman’s trust.

By meeting gorgeous brides from this part of the world, you will undoubtedly want to get to know them better. Usually, shy ladies who do not talk much cause a significant interest in men.

Estonian Women Characteristics

Success Stories from Estonian Women

Success Story #1 Image
Jerry 💞 Ann AmourFactory logo
Jerry met Ann. She was 23 years old and stunningly beautiful, and for some reason, they just clicked. They started dating and quickly fell in love. Jerry knew that this was it - she was the one for him. He proposed to her and she said yes! They were married a few months later and life couldn't be better. Jerry was finally content - he had found his one true love and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.
Success Story #2 Image
Matthew 💞 Anastasia BravoDate logo
Matthew had always loved travelling. He found it to be the best way to escape from the mundane and everyday tasks that seemed to fill his life. However, one day he stumbled across Anastasia on a dating website and instantly fell in love with her. They started messaging each other and soon realised they had a lot in common. They arranged to meet up and after spending just one evening together, they knew they were meant to be together forever.
Success Story #3 Image
Ben 💞 Daria AmourFactory logo
Ben browsed through the profiles and eventually came across Daria's. She was beautiful and seemed like she had a lot going for her. They started messaging each other and it wasn't long before they arranged to meet up. They hit it off instantly and decided to take things one step further by flying down to Dominicana for their honeymoon. It was an amazing trip and they were so happy together. They couldn't imagine being without each other now.
Success Story #4 Image
Malcolm 💞 Alina TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Malcolm had been through a lot in his life. He had gone through a bitter divorce, and he was just ready to move on. So, he decided to sign up for a dating site. And that's where he met Alina. They had a small wedding in Brooklyn, with only their closest friends and family in attendance. It was a beautiful day, and Malcolm and Alina were so happy to be together finally. They knew that they would be able to face anything together now.

Differences Between Western And Estonian Women

There are quite a few differences between Western women and Estonian women. They certainly look different and have different attitudes to dating and marriage. Let’s see what the main differences between them are:

Career-mindedMore family-oriented
TalkativeShy and reserved
Have big egosDesire respect and admiration
Like casual datingPrefer serious relationships

You will undoubtedly have a new dating experience if you decide to date a lady from this part of the country. These women will treat you with much respect. They will listen carefully to what you say, this will respect your opinion, and they will allow you to lead in relationships.

What Are The Reasons Foreigners Want To Date Estonian Women?

Dating Estonian women is a popular query on the Internet. Many men look for women who would be independent and intelligent but at the same time family oriented. Western European women do not want to get married, while Eastern European brides seem too family-focused. So, ladies from Estonia seem like a perfect choice. They study hard, and they need to work, but at the same time, they cannot imagine their life without becoming good wives and mothers.

The main reasons why American men are interested in dating local females are:

  • They are stunning – Estonian women will impress you with their natural beauty and charisma.
  • They make devoted wives – an Estonian lady makes a faithful wife who prioritizes her family. She is a caring, loving, and reliable life partner.
  • They make men feel special – When you meet Estonian brides, you will notice that these women do not try to be better, stronger, or cleverer than men (unlike in the US). They like to be treated like princesses, and they admire men who take responsibility.

These are the top three reasons why so many western guys are interested in dating Estonian mail order brides.

Camila photo
Camila photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Photographer
Hobbies Tennis
English level Upper Intermediate

Ways To Impress an Estonian Woman

Since there is significant interest from men from other countries in local girls, we decided to share some tips on conquering Estonian girls’ hearts. Whether you choose offline or online dating, you need to be aware of cultural differences and know how to approach a foreign girl:

Learn some words in her language

It always works well if you know some words in the language your date speaks. So, learn to speak Estonian and impress a woman on your first date. For example, you can compliment her look. Here are some pickup lines to get the attention of single Estonian women on the first date:

  • You’ve got beautiful eyes – Sul on ilusad silmad
  • You are very dear to me – Sa oled mulle väga kallis
  • You make me (feel) very happy – Sa teed mind väga õnnelikuks

Wait until she warms up to you

Beautiful women can be shy, reserved, and even cold when you first meet them. However, it should not put you off. These women are worth fighting for and waiting until their hearts melt. By being patient, gentle, and respectful, an Estonian woman will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts and give you a chance.

Estonian girls love attention

The best way to impress an Estonian girl is to show her how much you like her. These women will admire you taking them to the theater, a nice restaurant, and ordering flowers for them. They fall in love with thoughtful and romantic men.

By remembering these three simple tips, you will have a high chance of getting the attention of a charming bride from Estonia and making her fall in love with you.

Where Can I Meet Estonian Girls?

A big number of single men from around the world would love to meet sexy Estonian women. This country is worth visiting as it has lovely nature, delicious food and, of course, some of the most attractive Estonian women for dating. So, if you decide to visit Estonia, these are the best places for meeting a single girl:

  • Popular tourist destination: when in Tallinn, visit Old Town, walk along the Baltic sea, or visit St Olaf’s church
  • City center: here you will see plenty of nice little restaurants like Olde Hansa or Manna La Roosa. You should certainly try hearty local food. You will undoubtedly enjoy it even more in winter, as it is quite cold, snowy but very cozy during winter months.
  • Nightlife: the capital of the country has rich nightlife and quite a few nice places where you can chill out and get acquainted with local people. Cafe Amigo and Club Studio are two great places for western men to visit.

Tallinn is the biggest and most charming city. However, you can explore other cities to expand your chances of meeting your future wife. Check out sites where they publish links to the most popular places for people to meet in the city. Top tourist destinations as well as restaurants, cafes and shopping malls in the city center have a high concentration of single ladies. So, do not lose a chance to walk past a good-looking Estonian girl and start a chat with her.

You will not face any problems when meeting local females. They speak several foreign languages including Russian, Latvian, Finnish, and they also speak English well. Thanks to their ability to speak foreign languages, meeting handsome western guys is a pleasure for Estonian girls.

How Do You Tell If Estonian Women Like You?

One of the things that many western guys worry about is how to succeed in dating a foreign girl. If you date a Latina girl, she will want to kiss and hug you in public places to show her interest. If you date a Ukrainian woman, she will want you to meet her family – this is how women from this country show their interest. So how do you know when an Estonian woman likes you?

They will ask you many questions

Usually, Estonian girls are quiet, but if they like you, they will start asking you many questions. These women have a good education, so you will find it exciting chatting with them on various topics. According to statistics, 24% of professors at Estonian universities are women.

They will want to spend free time with you

Usually, Estonian women need space and time on their own. However, you will know for sure that a girl likes you if she wants to spend the whole weekend with you. It would be great if you have the same interests and could enjoy each other’s company.

They will cook for you

Cooking is a big part of the culture in Estonia. They have many hearty meals that taste incredibly delicious in winter. If a woman invites you for a dinner that she cooks herself, this is a true sign of falling in love with you.

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If you are looking for true love, a good idea would be to head to an independent review service with names of trustworthy dating companies offering profiles of Estonian women. Meeting local females is worth a try as they are incredibly feminine, romantic, and sweet.

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