Mongolian Women: Full Guide on Dating Girls From Mongolia

Updated on Jul 2023

For most foreigners, Mongolia is not as well-known as China or Japan. However, this developing country is definitely worth your attention. Especially if you’re single foreign men who are looking for a beautiful Asian wife.

Mongolian women are some of the main attractions of Mongolia for many foreigners. These girls possess unique traits that distinguish them from other Asian girls. In this article, we will tell you more about beauties from Mongolia and give you useful tips on impressing them. So, let’s get started!

Top cities to meet Mongolian womenUlaanbaatar, Erdenet, Darkhan
Top popular women from MongoliaShuudertsetseg Purev-Ochir, Baljidmaa. Yu, S Odgerel. U
Perfect match for foreigners80%

Characteristics of Charming Mongolian Women

What do you know about Mongolian ladies? For foreigners, Mongolian people may seem the same as other Asians. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that ladies from Mongolia are amazing ladies with unique personalities and beauty. That’s why we want to tell you more about them before moving to the dating tips.

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Appearance & Lifestyle

Outer beauty is one of the things that distinguish a Mongolian girl from other Asian hotties on dating sites such as Asian Melodies. Average local girls look different from Chinese or Korean women, even though your future mongolian wife may also possess Asian facial features. Mongolian ladies usually have square-shaped faces, beautiful dark eyes, and straight black hair. Their skin can be lighter than in other Asian women, and usually have a slight blush on their cheeks.

Also, beautiful Mongolian women have more curvy bodies, and this feature makes them very appealing to men. Most of these ladies are fit and take care of their appearance with a healthy diet and fitness. Thus, local women look amazing and attract a lot of attention.

Personality Traits

The inner world of Mongolian beauties and Mongolian mail order wife is just as fascinating as their appearance. These girls possess a lot of amazing traits that make them interesting and charming to any man. Here, we want to tell you about some of the unique qualities that make them stand out over other Asian ladies.

They Are Feminine and Strong

You may say that these two characteristics are just opposite to one another. But Mongolian women prove that it is possible to be feminine and strong willed at the same time. Due to their long history, culture, and gender roles in Mongolia, local ladies are taught from an early age how to be independent, but also gentle and attentive.

Mongolian Women

Such a combination makes Mongolia women perfect, as these ladies are self-reliant and know their worth, but also have incredible feminine energy and charm that make men fall in love with them.

They Are Well-Educated and Open-Minded

Women from Mongolia are quick-witted and interesting ladies. Any beautiful mongolian woman will fascinate you with their view of life, knowledge, and unique sense of humor. Also, right after Mongolia became an independent state, the quality of education and unique sense of humor for women was greatly improved. That’s why it is hard to meet an uneducated Mongolian lady nowadays, especially in big cities and rural areas.

They Are Kind and Empathic

Another characteristic that makes this Asian bride so attractive is their kindness and supportiveness. Mongolian girls highly value their partners, friends, and members of families, and treat them all with love. When you’re in a relationship with a Mongolian wife, you can rest assured that a Mongolian beauty will always help you in any situation. Their hearts are full of love and empathy, and it makes them even more beautiful.

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Mongolian Women Profiles

Bora 29 y.o.
School teacher
Ichika 25 y.o.
Fang 21 y.o.
Xiu 25 y.o.
Min 28 y.o.
Fang 25 y.o.
Sakura 29 y.o.
Yui 28 y.o.
Himari 26 y.o.
Social worker
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Dating Culture: Facts You Need to Know

Mongolia is a beautiful country with a long history and unique culture. And, of course, there are a lot of customs related to dating and marriage. 

Even though the influence of the Western culture is huge, most Mongolian girls still follow their mongolian wedding traditions. And if you want to date these girls, you need to know Mongolian dating culture. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Beautiful Mongolian girls are more open-minded in relationships than other Asian women and Asiano hotties on dating sites such as Asia Melodies. Mongolian brides don’t mind holding hands or kissing in public after meeting online on dating sites.
  • Traditionally, when local men are interested in girls, Brides by country of Mongolia show it by sending some gifts, like tea leaves, sugar, and pastern. These are uncommon gifts for Western men, but in Mongolia, Mongolian brides have a special meaning. Thus keep this in mind if you want to meet Mongolian women on dating sites.
  • One of the Mongolian wedding date traditions is to ask for parents’ permission to marry their daughters. The process includes several visits to the parents’ house with different gifts.

Interesting Statistics on Mail Order Brides From Mongolia

We are fascinated by a beautiful Mongolian mail order bride and have way more to tell you about them. But, you might be wondering if there is some proof to our words. And that’s why we want to share with you some facts and credible statistics on pretty Mongolian girls.

  • According to the UNESCO report, more than 82% of females in Mongolia have participated in tertiary education. And there are more educated women than men.
  • The average age at first marriage traditions among Mongolian women is 26 years. Many ladies prefer to get married in their late 20s.
  • The fertility rate in Mongolia is higher than in most European countries — 2.82 per independent woman. Mongolian educated women love children and make perfect mothers.

As you can see, Mongolian women are different from most ladies from other Asian countries and even more different from Western girls. Mongolians are family oriented but also aim to get a good education and succeed at work. These family oriented ladies on the contrary from ladies from other asian countries definitely know how to keep a balance in their life.

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Success story from Mongolian women

Success Story #1 Image
Eric 💞 Lutatia AsianMelodies logo
When Eric found Lutatia on the dating platform, he had no idea that she would be from Latin America. He had always thought his wife would be from a more traditional European country, but he decided to give Latin America a try. After all, he had never been there before.
Success Story #2 Image
Kyel 💞 Floria TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Kyel and Floria matched on a dating platform and started chatting. They hit it off right away and decided to meet up. When they finally met, they were both surprised at how good looking the other was. They went out on a few dates and everything was going great. Kyel loved how passionate Floria was about life and she loved how romantic Kyel was.
Success Story #3 Image
Xio 💞 Richard EasternHoneys logo
Richard was a successful businessman who had everything he could ever want, except for love. He had tried every traditional dating method, but he always seemed to end up with the wrong type of woman. He was about to give up hope when he decided to give online dating a try. He found a site that seemed promising and created a profile. It wasn't long before he received a message from a woman named Xio. She was beautiful, intelligent, and successful in her own right. They hit it off immediately and began dating. Within months, they were both head over heels in love. They got married and are now living happily ever after. Thanks to online dating, Richard finally found the love of his life.
Success Story #4 Image
William 💞 Min AsianMelodies logo
William had been single for a while and was growing tired of the bar scene. One night, on a whim, he decided to sign up for an online dating site. He wasn't expecting much, but he figured it would be worth a shot. He didn't have any trouble creating his profile, and he was soon bombarded with messages from interested women. One in particular caught his eye: her name was Min, and she was stunning. They began messaging each other and quickly realized they had a lot in common. They arranged to meet up for coffee, and the rest was history. They hit it off right away and have been together ever since. Thanks to that fateful meeting on an online dating site, William and Min are now happily married with two kids.
Success Story #5 Image
Brian 💞 Ji-an AsianMelodies logo
Owner of a retail chain, Brian barely had time for anything else but work. That’s because he joined an international dating service to meet Korean brides online: finding a soulmate in his area seemed almost impossible. He wasn’t specifically looking for Korean ladies but when he saw Ji-an’s photos, he knew he had to know this beautiful Korean woman. He admits that Ji-an was the sweetest, nicest person he ever knew. Very soon, he couldn’t imagine his life without talking to her and that’s when he realized he had to meet her in person! The couple had to go through many difficulties related to preparing a fiancé visa for the Korean bride and bringing Ji-an to the US. But it’s history now: they’ve been married for two years and have a cute baby son.
Success Story #6 Image
Richard 💞 Ha-yoon EasternHoneys logo
Asian culture always fascinated Richard. When he was a child, he spent a few years in South Korea with his father, a military officer. He loved the country and friendly Korean people and knew he had to go back one day. And he did - and was lucky enough to meet lovely Ha-yoon who was then a student. The couple felt special chemistry from the very first meeting and after Richard went back home, they started talking to each other via a Korean dating site and soon realized they can’t be apart! This was a life-changing decision for Richard: he decided to relocate to Korea to be with his Korean bride Ha-yoon. Richard and his life partner have been happily married for four years now and have two beautiful kids.

Best Places to Meet Mongolian Ladies

Wondering where you can meet Mongolian mail order brides? Well, there are a lot of great places to date in person, both in and outside of Mongolia. Beautiful Mongolian ladies are friendly and love meeting new people. So, just choose one of the ways we offer below and try your luck to meet your love.

Visit Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and its biggest city. It is perfect for meeting single Mongolian mail order brides, as there are a lot of great cafes, parks, and other places. In the daytime, you can go to the National Modern Art Gallery or one of the beautiful parks. Young Mongolian girls love to spend time in such places, so you’ll easily find a lot of pretty ladies there. 

At nighttime, you can also visit some of the local bars and restaurants. Many Mongolian brides don’t mind spending an evening in good company and meeting new people.

Meet Them in Your Country

More than 100,000 Mongolians are living abroad. And it is amazing news for those, who want to meet Mongolian women for marriage, but don’t have a chance to visit Mongolia. You can find these ladies in your town, or maybe one of them is living just in your neighborhood.

But, how to find them? First, you can find a local restaurant or cafe with Mongolian food and visit this place. It is a perfect way to meet a Mongolian wife. 

The second option is simple and quite popular — you can use online dating platforms to find Mongolian singles near you. We will tell you more about online dating with Mongolian women and its advantages later in this article. Read on to learn more about dating a Mongolian woman.

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Tips on Conquering Beauties From Mongolia

To impress Mongolian women for marriage and make them fall in love with you, you need to know what these ladies like and what mail order brides expect from a potential partner. So, here are some tips for a successful first date:

  • Make sure you look well-groomed. Asian women from Mongolia pay attention to how men look, as appearance means a lot to them.
  • Treat her equally. Show that you respect her opinion, view of life, and feelings. It will let her know that your feelings are real.
  • Respect her traditions, even weird ones. Mongolian culture is unique and can be shocking for foreign men. However, if you really like your Mongolian lady, try to understand her mongolian culture better.
  • Be romantic and caring. Compliments, small gestures of attention, romantic dates, and other things will be highly appreciated. 

Proceed for more information about dating a Mongolian woman.

Lian photo
Lian photo
Location Tokyo
Age 25
Occupation Cosmetologist
Hobbies Anime
English level Upper Intermediate

Are Mongolian Ladies Worth Choosing?

Do you want to know why foreign men date and get married to Mongolian women? There are enough reasons for this:

  • Mongolian woman make good wives and dedicated mothers, unlike women from other countries. These ladies are loyal and devote themselves to their husbands and children. But, keep in mind that such an asian woman from an East Asia country will never forgive adultery.
  • Mongolian brides are independent, unlike women from other countries, straightforward, and strong ladies. Mongolian brides like to balance work and family in their life. And sometimes, it is a key to happy relationships.
  • Mongolian woman know how to create a cozy atmosphere at their own home, unlike women from other countries. A Mongolian bride will cook food for you and make everything so you can feel good at home.
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Mongolian Online Dating: Why Does It Work?

Using international dating websites is a popular way to find a partner nowadays. And it is not a problem to meet Mongolian mail order brides online, as a lot of girls search for love on dating platforms. Also, these method has a lot of benefits for foreigners, such as:

  • On a dating site, you can find a perfect match within a few minutes just by setting filters like location, age, appearance, and others.
  • You don’t need to travel long hours without any guarantees that you’ll find a romantic partner there.
  • Modern communication tools allow you to build serious relationships even when staying far away from your girlfriend.

So, if you want to meet a beautiful Mongolian wife, but can’t go to Mongolia right away, online communication is perfect for you. it is an easy and, speaking honestly, much more affordable way to find a loving partner abroad.

Are Mongolian Popular Among Foreigners?

Do you want to know how many foreigners date Mongolian women? Well, there is not a lot of official information available. However, we still can share with you some facts.

  • About 40% of foreigners who date Mongolian girls for marriage are either Canadian or American men. The reason is Mongolian diaspora in their countries is the largest.
  • About 10% of foreign partners to Mongolian brides are South Koreans.
  • All other foreign husbands and boyfriends are mostly from Russia and Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, France, and others).
mongolian women for marriage

Why Mongolian Girls for Marriage Date Foreigners: Top Reasons

Why are most men so popular among Mongolian girls for marriage? Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons:

  • Mongolian men are not very caring and attentive. Brides by country of Mongolia lack romantic feelings and this makes Mongolian ladies look for love online.
  • Mongolian women have a high proficiency in the English language and just don’t want to limit themselves to dating only locals but can communicate with English language speaking people as well.
  • Women from Mongolia are more westernized and see Western men as good partners.

Watch the video to learn more about Mongolian women dating:

Final Thoughts

Mongolian mail order brides are amazing ladies who definitely deserve your attention. Mongolian mail order ladies are different from Asian hotties and possess a lot of qualities that make them good partners for serious relationships. So, if you want to find an interesting, beautiful, strong-willed lady, Mongolian brides are perfect for you.


What is the best way to meet Mongolian women?

You can meet Mongolian women online or offline, depending on your preferences. However, online dating is more convenient for foreigners and more effective. There are a lot of Mongolian brides searching for love online.

Are Mongolian women loyal wives?

Yes, Mongolian wives are extremely loyal and devoted to their families. Brides by country of Mongolia stay loyal to their husbands for their whole life. Brides by country of Mongolia become loving partners and caring mothers and know how to build a happy family.

Why do Mongolian girls look for foreigners?

Any Mongolian girl looks for foreigners simply because there are no reasons for them not to do so. Brides by country of Mongolia are well educated and open-minded women even if they come from families living below the poverty line with lots of younger siblings, who see foreigners as loving partners. Also, a lot of Mongolian live abroad and had a chance to meet foreigners in person.

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