Balinese Woman: How to Flirt With Her During a Date?

Updated on Jul 2023

Indonesia is an archipelago of hundreds of islands, including the famous island of Bali. This island is full of attractive Asian women. This is good news as we will see together how to date a Balinese woman in this article.

The province is officially Hinduism, but that won’t necessarily be a problem for seducing Balinese girls. The only thing is to know how to go about it, and there will be no worries in this respect.

Top cities to date the women of BaliDenpasar, Kuta, Umalas
Language they speakBalinese
Compatibility with foreigners81%

The Mentality of Balinese Women

To succeed in seducing a Balinese woman, you will first have to know her mentality and way of thinking. Without this, it will be difficult to know how to seduce a woman that matches your needs. Bali is officially a Hinduism province of Indonesia with a huge population. However, the island can be described as being quite liberal about different religions as well.

Balinese Women

Balinese girls will nevertheless be less easy to seduce than women from other Asian countries for the simple reason that Islam still has a fairly important place in the mentality of the locals.

Generally, the girl will always look for a serious relationship. It is quite rare to find a Balinese Hinduism girl who wants a one-night stand unless she is into the sex business. However, it will be possible for you to have your way with a Balinese girl before marriage because religion does not rule all aspects of life, like in Saudi Arabia for example.


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How to Successfully Seduce a Balinese Woman?

When trying to seduce a Balinese girl, you will realize that you will have mainly two different types of women. The ones who will refuse to talk to you and will run away and the ones who will fall “in love” with you after a few minutes.

Of course, you should not be interested in the first group. There is nothing to be gained from this kind of woman, and you will be wasting your time for nothing.

For the second group, however, you have to put things into perspective. See what “love” means to her exactly. It means that she is impressed by you because you may be the first foreigner she meets among foreigners, especially Westerners. They have good positive clichés about foreigners.

It is also important to distinguish between the tourist areas and the others. In the tourist areas, most women are from the sex business or will already know the mentality of foreigners who do not want anything serious. It will be very difficult to find a normal girl on the street, so you’d better start preparing the ground in advance using the internet, for example.

Balinese girl

The Activities Appreciated by a Balinese Woman

As a tourist, for you Indonesia is usually about the many beaches, sipping cocktails in Bali, visiting the Komodo lizards, and low prices. However, the life of a woman in Indonesia is very different. Bali is still quite poor. People can’t afford many leisure activities. As a result, the leisure activities of Balinese girls are very limited and often free.

Here are some examples of what you can do to impress a Balinese woman:

  • Take her to a relatively classy restaurant. It will cost you less than 10€ per person, but it will affect her;
  • Take Balinese brides on an afternoon boat ride or snorkeling trip. You’ll be very surprised, but it’s something the girl has probably never done in her life;
  • Invite her over for a few cocktails. This is something unthinkable for some girls because they don’t have much of a tradition of going to bars to drink. The parties, when they do, are rather at home because it is cheaper.

Things to Avoid When Seducing Balinese Girls

If you want to put all the chances on your side during a seduction attempt with Balinese girls, then you will have to be careful not to shock them by saying inappropriate things. Here are some examples of subjects that should be avoided during Balinese dating:

  • Religion. Even though Indonesia practices a fairly liberal Islam, you should not forget that religion is sacred in every province, Bali included. Do not criticize their religious beliefs under any circumstances and keep your opinions to yourself;
  • The Komodo monitor. This is an animal that can only be found on the island of the same name. However, don’t limit your knowledge of the country to this one animal. Show the Balinese girl you are trying to seduce that you know other things about the country;
  • The province’s colonial past. While the wounds of colonization seem to have healed, avoid talking about the past. Some people still haven’t digested this historical period;
  • East Timor. It is now an independent country, but some Balinese girls still do not accept it. Don’t take a stand on this issue.
Balinese brides

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What Is the Character and Mentality of Balinese Women?

One of the most unique traits of single Balinese women is their softness and compassion. They are very concerned about maintaining a good relationship and therefore tend to communicate indirectly. To maintain harmony, they avoid addressing issues directly. Respect and politeness are also important virtues of Balinese women.

Behind the smile of a Balinese woman hides various emotions such as joy, of course, but also shame, rejection, etc. They smile a lot and with pleasure. Another very common trait is serenity. They radiate calmness, and they’d rather enjoy the moments instead of the constant organization. That’s why they tend to look at life with no worries. Many modern Balinese women have joined organizations in support of women’s rights.

Tips for Getting to Know Balinese Women

Due to traditions, it is rather difficult, if not forbidden, to simply approach a Balinese woman. Extramarital sexual contact should be refrained from to protect the reputation of the woman. Physical contact should still be avoided in public.

When visiting a house or mosque, the rule is to always take off your shoes. Should it come to sitting cross-legged in a customary manner, care should be taken not to point the soles of the feet at the opposite partner, as this would be impolite. Some gestures should be used sparingly, as some are considered arrogant, such as folding the arms or hands on the hips.

Balinese dating

Marrying Balinese Girls

Many Balinese women dream of marrying a foreigner. This is because Westerners are considered attractive, but also for financial reasons, as Indonesia is a poor country. Before marrying a Balinese woman, be aware that she will probably do so out of financial necessity.

There are love marriages, but there will always be that doubt that the girl is marrying you to improve her living condition. As long as you stay in Indonesia, there won’t be a problem with that. But if you decide to take your Balinese lady to your country, she may leave you once she gets all the necessary papers.

Balinese Girls: Real Thoughts of Foreign Men

It is nice to approach the Balinese dating culture by seeing what other people think. There are 11 things you need to know about dating on Bali.

There is a video that approaches Balinese dating from an interesting standpoint:

  • Western men have a kind of privilege there, and the girls there are rather open about communication
  • Your financial status makes you attractive to local women. This is rather because they are unsafe. If you don’t have a job then you are not getting social security
  • They want to go to a nice restaurant that is impossible to afford with a local salary.

Where Religion Stands on Dating Balinese Women

Also, Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. If there are a few Buddhist or atheist places, they are simply minorities. Bali, for example, is into Hinduism. So it is likely that you will have to marry according to Hinduism marriage rules.

You should also think twice before marrying a Balinese woman who comes from a religious family. You will need to get the blessing of your parents and generally support them. In addition, divorce is very much frowned upon in the country. A marriage is supposed to last for life, and if you were to divorce your Balinese wife, she might be repudiated by society.

meet Balinese brides
Lian photo
Lian photo
Location Tokyo
Age 25
Occupation Cosmetologist
Hobbies Anime
English level Upper Intermediate

Where to Find Balinese Women Dating Foreigners?

The best way to meet Balinese brides is obviously to go to Bali. Immigrants from Indonesia are not very common in foreign countries. You will find some Balinese restaurants, but they will usually be run by men or married couples. It will be almost impossible to find a single Balinese woman in such a place.

Additionally, if you want to have your chances with a Balinese woman, you will have to go to the bigger areas. If you go to ultra-touristy areas, you will not find what you desire. Women living there are wary of tourists because foreigners usually only want to drag them into beds.

If for some reason you have problems traveling to Indonesia we have the solution for you: using the internet.

Dating in Bali: a Foreign Girl’s Thoughts

A YouTuber called Lisa has made a fine video on what you should expect when you date in Bali:

  • People here are quite open, so there are possibilities for dating here
  • Tinder is possibly the most popular dating app here and is recommended for use
  • Bali is intense and romantic, which makes it a perfect dating spot.

However, you should focus mainly on local people because foreigners here are only for a limited amount of time. They come for a couple of weeks and then leave, so you can’t expect anything serious from them. Regardless, this was her experience dating men, so it’s not 100% with women.

Meet a Balinese Beauty on a Dating Site

To increase your chances of success with Balinese women, you can use a specialized dating site. On this type of platform, you will have the opportunity to easily meet a girl from Bali who wants to meet a foreign man.

It will be possible for you to use this kind of website for two main reasons. The first one is to already make contact with girls on the spot before your arrival on the island. Thus, you will be able to meet her directly when you land in Indonesia. This is useful if you don’t want to be limited to casual girls.

The second use is to find the few Balinese girls who may be living in your country. As it is difficult to meet them in everyday life in a foreign country, it is much more interesting to meet them on the net.

single Balinese woman

Getting to Know the Look of Balinese Ladies

Like Asian women in general, hot Balinese women also enjoy dream woman status among men, which is especially due to their erotic charisma. Often Balinese women are slim and have dark brown eyes. The skin color varies, for example white, but rather dark or black. A soft smile is usually found on their lips.

Among Asian women, Balinese ladies smile the most. This is also one of the reasons that many men want to go to Bali, as they are simply attracted to local ladies. Since Indonesia is strongly Muslim, women’s clothing is also very adjusted to the rules in this regard. The shoulders and knees must always be covered. Luckily, Bali women can ignore this rule because of a different religion.


We are now at the end of our article on how to pick up a Balinese girl. We hope that you will enjoy it and that it will help you to seduce a woman from this country. It is important to avoid tourist areas as much as possible if you are looking for serious relationships. You can also use dating sites to meet girls online before seeing them face to face.

Even though Bali is on an island where Hinduism is the predominant religion, dating there is still a possibility. The island is quite liberal about relationships outside of marriage. We wish you good luck and hope that you will succeed in finding the woman you like in Bali.

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