Briefly On Dating In Vietnamese Culture

Updated on Jul 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to dating culture in Vietnam. If you like Asian girls, learning their dating culture is a must. You must remember that when you want to date Eastern women, things go slower than in the West. So patience is crucial; you will also have to remember that the dating culture in Vietnam is much more conservative than that of America or Europe. So you will not see any women and men kissing in public or hugging in front of others.

If you want to show affection make sure you do it in private behind closed doors. Many locals have now turned to dating apps to meet the perfect partner. It allows local girls to chat and arrange meetings with foreign men.

Foreign men are wanted for dating in Asia as they are seen as kinder and more caring than local men. It creates a demand for good Dating services so Vietnamese singles can search for their dating partner abroad. Through our article, you will discover what local ladies are like, how to date them, and what their dating culture is like. If you are interested in meeting Vietnamese girls, we advise you to read this dating culture guide until the end.

About Dating Customs In Vietnam

If you are dating a Vietnamese lady, they expect a man to act like a man. They say Vietnamese women should say no three times to dating you when they like you. So we have decided to create a list of things that are expected when you date Vietnamese girls.

Be Persistent

Do not accept a no in a dating culture here when asking someone on a date. Vietnamese women will certainly admire such a trait in you. The more they see you as a man, the better.

Ask Questions

Your Vietnamese date will appreciate you enquiring about her. It is common to ask about her parents, and it will impress her very much. Vietnamese are close to their family, so any questions about them will go down well.

Do Not be Shy

In the Vietnam dating culture, telling a girl about your work, family, and social status is fine. It does not look arrogant here. It is good to speak about your social status and how much money you wish to have in your life, unlike the West, where such a type of talk is frowned upon.

Meet Her Family

In the dating culture of this country, it is also expected of you to meet family members as soon as possible. In the West, this would mean that you are in a serious relationship, but in Asia, it can happen on the first date. Vietnamese people love to hang out with friends, and the larger the crowd, the better. So it would not be uncommon to meet many of your date’s friends on the first date.

Ask a Woman Out

It is widespread on first dates to head to a cafe for a coffee. There is a big coffee culture in Vietnam, so this type of date is common. It is not common to take the first date out for a meal. In dating culture, Vietnamese girls appreciate kind words and compliments; this will be a way to their hearts.

These are some things about dating culture in this country that will impress Vietnamese girls when you take them on a date. It is always good to have an understanding of the culture and the language too. Just remember that Vietnamese women are delicate, precious flowers that need watering.

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Vietnamese Women Profiles

Fang 21 y.o.
Himari 26 y.o.
Social worker
Min 28 y.o.
Bora 29 y.o.
School teacher
Yui 28 y.o.
Ichika 25 y.o.
Sakura 29 y.o.
Fang 25 y.o.
Xiu 25 y.o.
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Is Marriage In Vietnam For Foreigners Possible?

Many foreigners get married to local girls. It is something that has been happening for years in Vietnam. There is a huge desire for local Vietnamese women to meet American and European singles. These countries are thought of in high regard, and those from these prestigious countries are sought-after dates. Many Vietnamese ladies dream of leaving this country for a different climate and weather. America is one of those places. This is why there are thousands of single Vietnamese searching through dating platforms for an ideal partner. Vietnamese marriage law allows foreign men to marry local women as long as the woman is aged 18 or over.

Vietnamese Relationship Culture And Tips For Foreigners

When you are in Vietnam, you should find that places to drink coffee are very popular, especially with young people. So this is a place where many dates end up in Vietnam. Couples having a cup of coffee is a common practice. We have made a list of tips that foreigners can follow to impress their local dates:

  • Be polite and respectful as this is very important in Asian culture. A local woman appreciates kindness and generosity. So a few gifts go down well. Also, share your time with your date, do not constantly look at your phone.
  • If you learn a few local words and phrases, it should impress your sexy date. Also, let her know about your financial status. This is important as women like to know if they can make a good marriage partner.
  • Listen and listen well. Vietnamese girls love to chat, which shows you that they like you. The more they talk to you, the better. So make sure you are a good listener; they can talk about their friends and family.
  • Be prepared to take things slowly with a woman from Vietnam. As they live at home with their families, you should get some alone time. You will need to wait until you are married until you can have some fun. If you choose casual dating, it is possible to meet a girl from Hanoi in a bar and have a one-night stand.

By using a dating establishment online to chat with girls, you can learn about her background through the chat rooms. This is a great way to understand one another before the meeting. Asian dating culture is all about feeling comfortable with each other before arranging a meeting.

If you remember these dating culture tips, we are sure you will stand a good chance of landing in their good books. The culture of Vietnamese women is to find a man that can take care of them financially. This is the most important aspect of any marriage. Often the bride’s parents arrange a marriage for their daughter. They choose a man that has a good reputation and has a good family history. This is why more are turning to dating sites to begin the dating experience.

Success story from Vietnamese women

Success Story #1 Image
Eric 💞 Lutatia AsianMelodies logo
When Eric found Lutatia on the dating platform, he had no idea that she would be from Latin America. He had always thought his wife would be from a more traditional European country, but he decided to give Latin America a try. After all, he had never been there before.
Success Story #2 Image
Kyel 💞 Floria TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Kyel and Floria matched on a dating platform and started chatting. They hit it off right away and decided to meet up. When they finally met, they were both surprised at how good looking the other was. They went out on a few dates and everything was going great. Kyel loved how passionate Floria was about life and she loved how romantic Kyel was.
Success Story #3 Image
Xio 💞 Richard EasternHoneys logo
Richard was a successful businessman who had everything he could ever want, except for love. He had tried every traditional dating method, but he always seemed to end up with the wrong type of woman. He was about to give up hope when he decided to give online dating a try. He found a site that seemed promising and created a profile. It wasn't long before he received a message from a woman named Xio. She was beautiful, intelligent, and successful in her own right. They hit it off immediately and began dating. Within months, they were both head over heels in love. They got married and are now living happily ever after. Thanks to online dating, Richard finally found the love of his life.
Success Story #4 Image
William 💞 Min AsianMelodies logo
William had been single for a while and was growing tired of the bar scene. One night, on a whim, he decided to sign up for an online dating site. He wasn't expecting much, but he figured it would be worth a shot. He didn't have any trouble creating his profile, and he was soon bombarded with messages from interested women. One in particular caught his eye: her name was Min, and she was stunning. They began messaging each other and quickly realized they had a lot in common. They arranged to meet up for coffee, and the rest was history. They hit it off right away and have been together ever since. Thanks to that fateful meeting on an online dating site, William and Min are now happily married with two kids.
Success Story #5 Image
Brian 💞 Ji-an AsianMelodies logo
Owner of a retail chain, Brian barely had time for anything else but work. That’s because he joined an international dating service to meet Korean brides online: finding a soulmate in his area seemed almost impossible. He wasn’t specifically looking for Korean ladies but when he saw Ji-an’s photos, he knew he had to know this beautiful Korean woman. He admits that Ji-an was the sweetest, nicest person he ever knew. Very soon, he couldn’t imagine his life without talking to her and that’s when he realized he had to meet her in person! The couple had to go through many difficulties related to preparing a fiancé visa for the Korean bride and bringing Ji-an to the US. But it’s history now: they’ve been married for two years and have a cute baby son.
Success Story #6 Image
Richard 💞 Ha-yoon EasternHoneys logo
Asian culture always fascinated Richard. When he was a child, he spent a few years in South Korea with his father, a military officer. He loved the country and friendly Korean people and knew he had to go back one day. And he did - and was lucky enough to meet lovely Ha-yoon who was then a student. The couple felt special chemistry from the very first meeting and after Richard went back home, they started talking to each other via a Korean dating site and soon realized they can’t be apart! This was a life-changing decision for Richard: he decided to relocate to Korea to be with his Korean bride Ha-yoon. Richard and his life partner have been happily married for four years now and have two beautiful kids.

Facts about Vietnamese Parents and Dating

Some interesting traditions happen when a man and woman marry in Vietnam. The Nap Tai is when the groom brings a pair of birds to the bride’s home. This is to show his interest in marrying her. In the next Asian dating tradition, the groom must see a fortune teller to understand if he and his girlfriend will make a good match. This is called the Nap Cat. The next phase is the Nap Te. This is when the groom’s family brings gifts to the bride’s family. There are serious dating intentions between the couple. Another ceremony is called Than high when the groom’s family escorts the bride to the groom’s home.

Why Do Singles In Vietnam Look For Love On Dating Sites?

In the local dating culture, using a dating site is the easiest and most convenient way to meet your love. Through the many dating platforms out there, it is possible to chat and search through thousands of hot singles. All required is that users go through the registration process, which will only take a few minutes. Once this is complete, you can add photos, information about yourself, and what you are looking for online. All reliable sites will use an algorithm to match you with other potential matches.

Dating establishments provide a safe way to connect with others around the world. You can chat with potential dates for months or even years before arranging a meeting. This gives women peace of mind and a sense of safety. Many sites offer special discounted rates to join on Valentine’s day, which is worth looking out for. Dating platforms are a fantastic way to meet Vietnamese singles.

Вating Relationships in Vietnamese Culture vs American Culture

Dating relationships in Vietnamese cultureDating relationships in American culture
Socialising is important in Vietnam, so getting along with friends of your date is important.Giving presents and gifts are common when dating a woman.
Do not kiss in public.Shows of affection are accepted and encouraged in public.
It may take 2 years until you can have sex.It is possible to have sex on the first date.
Going out for coffee is a normal first date.A restaurant meal is common on a first date.
Parents will decide if a man is the right choice.Parents will not decide in Western culture who their daughter will marry.


How Do Vietnamese Women Date?

Vietnamese ladies like men who act as a leader, so make decisions and show your confidence. Local dating culture requires a man to decide, and his female partner will follow him. So we encourage men who are interested in local girls to be decisive in their actions. Remember this tip from our dating culture guide, women will see you as a strong and confident male.

How Long Do Vietnamese Women Date Before Marriage?

It tends to be longer than in America or Europe. It can be between 1 and 2 years. The most important thing is to visit the family of the girl you want to marry and get along with them. The bride's family plays a big role in the marriage; if you are not looked at as a good husband, you can forget dating her.

At What Age Do Vietnamese Get Married?

The average age of marriage in Vietnam is 23 years of age. Fortunately, there is no Vietnamese marriage problem in Vietnam; as long as both the adults are above the required consenting age, they can get married. Over the last ten years, marriage between local girls and international men has increased greatly. This is because of the number of tourists visiting Vietnam.

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