A Complete Guide on Dating Pakistani Women

Updated on Jul 2023

Pakistan, a Muslim neighbor of India and the fifth most populous country in the world, has been on the news a lot. For all the wrong reasons too, it seems: war, political and religious tensions, terrorist attacks, etc. What you probably haven’t heard much about is Pakistani women. And yet they are worth knowing! 

In this article, we’ll try to correct the unfairness and tell you as much as possible about ladies in Pakistan. 

Top cities to meet womenIslamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan
Top famous womenMahira Khan, Saba Qamar, Sanam Saeed, Maya Ali, Sanam Baloch, Annie Khalid
Perfect match for foreigners60%
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What Are Pakistani Women Like?

Most western men don’t know much about Pakistani ladies. The first and most important thing you should know is that nearly 100% of Pakistan population is Muslim. Families in the country are extremely protective of their daughters, and this puts a lot of restrictions on Pakistani women. 

This means that you might have a hard time meeting women casually in the street or in nightclubs as you do in your home country.

In the streets of Pakistan, you won’t meet any provocatively dressed women. According to their religion and traditions, a woman must cover herself. On the other hand, many Pakistani women don’t wear hijabs and use shawls called dupattas to cover their heads instead.
These are not all the things that make Pakistani girls stand out. Here are some of the things that make them so alluring.

Exotic Beauty

Many Pakistani women are somewhat similar to Indian ladies and have a stunning appearance. A typical Pakistani beauty has large almond-shaped dark eyes, luxurious long dark hair, light to dark tan skin, and a curvy body.

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Humility and Modesty

Like many Arabic girls, Muslim Pakistani ladies are raised to be modest and humble. That’s why many Pakistani single women can come across as shy and quiet. If you are tired of women who like to be brash and provocative, you should know that Pakistani girls are the exact opposite of that.

Serious Attitude to Dating & Marriage

You won’t meet any decent Pakistani woman who’s into games and casual dating. These ladies take relationships seriously. So if you are lucky enough to date a Pakistani girl, you should know she wants to marry you.


Pakistani Women Profiles

Penelope 22 y.o.
School teacher
Audrey 25 y.o.
Financial manager
Esmeralda 27 y.o.
Social worker
Mehreen 29 y.o.
Sahar 28 y.o.
Nasrin 29 y.o.

Pakistani Women: Facts and Statistics

We can talk for days about these beautiful ladies, but one fact is worth a thousand words. So here are some interesting facts and statistics about Pakistani girls.

  • Almost 50% of the population of Pakistan are women.
  • Half of all Pakistani women get married before they turn 19
  • Although there are no definitive statistics on divorce in Pakistan, almost 60% of Pakistanis believe that the number of divorces in the country has seen a dramatic rise.
  • A little over 20% of the Pakistani labor force are women.
  • There are 20 women in the Pakistani parliament.

Pakistani Dating Culture: What You Need to Know

Finding a partner in Pakistan can be a challenge. You’ll find that most Pakistani ladies are not like western women. There are a few points that you should definitely consider when flirting, dating, and generally looking for a partner in this country.

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Physical Contact

It’s essential to avoid physical proximity. You should be very reserved with beautiful Pakistani women. More often than not, you can’t be alone with a lady unless she is your bride. Take body language very seriously.


Once again: the majority of Pakistani women are Muslim. This might be an issue in case you are not religious. Keep in mind that it’s likely your future Pakistani wife will expect you to convert.

Taking Initiative

Pakistani single women are not allowed to approach men themselves, nor are they allowed to flirt with them or look men in the eye. And though there has been a lot of change and women’s role in Pakistani society keeps growing, the rules are still very strict.
Many Pakistani women have no control over who they marry and when. It’s the brides’ families that arrange marriages to establish beneficial connections. 

Undoubtedly, things are changing, especially in larger cities. Young Pakistani women are increasingly vocal about having the right to choose their own destinies. 

Where Can You Meet Pakistani Women?

A quest to meet a Pakistani woman might be tricky. When in the country, you can see many beautiful Pakistani women in the streets, but approaching them might be a problem. By far not all of them are interested in talking to foreigners or meeting western men.

To make sure that you’ll meet a Pakistani girl who is 100% interested in dating you, we’d recommend using online dating platforms before meeting Pakistani women in person. 

dating pakistani women

Places to Meet Pakistani Girls

When in Pakistan, there are a few places popular with local ladies that you can visit to meet them.


Most people in Pakistan are devout Muslims, so a mosque is an obvious option when you want to meet a beautiful Pakistani. Just keep in mind that religious places are not the best ones for flirting.


Unlike some beautiful African women from Islamic countries, Pakistani girls don’t spend all their time at home. They like going to all kinds of eating joints. More importantly, they won’t be against talking to you there. 

Shopping Malls

Shopping is another common hobby these ladies have. There’s a good chance you’ll find lots of beautiful Pakistani women here. 

Dating Pakistani Women Online

Considering many issues related to approaching Pakistani women in the streets and public places, online dating seems like a great alternative. Online dating sites offer a huge choice of women from all over the world, including beautiful African women and Pakistani singles who are interested in dating and marrying foreign men. 

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How to Impress a Pakistani Woman: 5 Tips

While dating in Pakistan is a complicated subject, you can still date a Pakistani girl and have a great time if you know the rules. You likely won’t be allowed to meet her alone, but there are still some things you can do to impress her.

  1. Make your intentions clear from the start. Meaningless hookups aren’t what these girls are after. If you say you want to date them, they’ll understand it as the start of a serious relationship that must lead to marriage. 
  2. Make friends with her family. For a Pakistani woman, family is everything. Her family members will always have a great role in her life. Getting them to like you is the surest way of winning her heart.
  3. No touching. In your home country, there might be nothing wrong with touching a woman’s hand or hugging her when you meet her. This is completely out of the question when you date a beautiful Pakistani. 
  4. Be a gentleman. Politeness and respect should be the first things to remember when you date a Pakistani woman.
  5. Look presentable. Local women like well-groomed, well-dressed men. 

Why Are Pakistani Ladies Worth Dating?

Before looking for local women, it’s extremely important to learn about their culture and their special characteristics. So why can it be worth getting to know a woman from Pakistan?

  • Many Pakistani ladies are quite restrained. This is the result of strict upbringing and in some cases, still prevailing oppression. This is why single Pakistani ladies tend to be quiet and reserved. If you want a woman who doesn’t argue much and won’t make a public scene when there’s something she doesn’t like, this is an ideal choice for you.
  • To a Pakistani girl, family is everything. They often learn from a young age that they should be there for the family above all. But they also enjoy a family life of their own.

Pakistani Ladies

Advantages of Meeting Pakistani Ladies on Dating Sites

Considering the peculiarities of Pakistani culture, online dating might be a great option. There are a few powerful advantages to starting your acquaintance with beautiful Pakistani women this way:

  • By starting your communication on one of the online dating apps or sites, you’ll make sure the girls you are talking to are 100% interested in dating a foreigner. You can never be absolutely sure of that if you approach them in person.
  • Online dating allows getting to know local women before you meet them in person. This means you can avoid a great deal of awkwardness that’s often there when you meet someone you don’t know well. It’s an opportunity to learn many interesting things.
  • Reputable international dating websites offer a safe environment for meeting foreign ladies, whether they are beautiful Pakistani, Arabic girls, or African ladies. They make sure you don’t fall victim to scammers, which are unfortunately not uncommon when it comes to international dating. 

Do Many Foreign Men Prefer Dating Pakistani Women?

This might surprise you, but yes, there are many foreign men who are interested in dating ladies from Pakistan. There are various reasons for this. The beauty of these women is, of course, among the primary ones. It’s closely followed by the fact that a typical Pakistani lady is conservative and prefers traditional values.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some statistics on how many men from other countries express interest in dating Pakistani beauties.

  • US – 60%
  • UK – 80%
  • Canada – 75%
  • Australia – 55%

Why Are Pakistani Women Interested in Dating Foreigners?

After reading all of the above, many of you might think that getting a Pakistani girlfriend might be a difficult task. And you won’t be completely wrong. So considering all the difficulties related to the matter, why are these ladies interested in dating foreign men?

There are a few serious reasons why this happens. Consider them before you plan to meet a Pakistani lady.

beautiful pakistani

#1 They Have an Idealized Image of Western Men

A typical Pakistani woman sees western men as polite, generous, and considerate. In other words, they see them as perfect gentlemen. The ones who will give them flowers and compliments, appreciate their beauty and personality.

#2 They Want Better Opportunities

The vast majority of Pakistani women are raised to be wives and stay-at-home mothers. They are not encouraged to get a better education or a job.

#3 They Want Better Treatment and More Rights

In Pakistan, women are still an oppressed minority. A typical Pakistani woman hardly has any say in any important matters, even when they are about her own life. Even when they do manage to get a job, their salaries are incomparable to those of men. 

#4 They Want Safety

Pakistan isn’t a safe place to live. There are loads of issues related to crime, human trafficking, and violence against women.

Watch the video to learn more about Pakistani women dating: 


Pakistani women might not be easy to get, but they are worth a try. These beautiful ladies have a lot of love and affection to give to the right man. Our recommendation is to learn as much as you can about Pakistani culture and start dating a beauty from Pakistan as soon as possible!

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