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Updated on Jul 2023

Breathtaking landscapes and rich culture are not the only things in Armenia that attract foreigners. This Western Asian country is also known for its beautiful female population. Local women are exotic, mysterious, and elegant, and it’s not surprising they draw many foreign men’s attention. Keep reading to learn about dating Armenian women.

Are you looking for a beautiful Armenian girlfriend too? In this case, this article will definitely help you to get to know pretty Armenian women better and find the best ways to impress them.

What Makes Girls from Armenia Attractive?

The appearance and inner beauty of local girls are definitely something magnetic and mysterious, and sometimes men can’t even describe what exactly attracts them to these girls. However, we are here to give you a better understanding of why local females are that desirable. What does an Armenian woman look like? What are her best traits? Let’s figure it out.

Magnetic Beauty

Even if you have never talked to Armenian ladies before, you might have been charmed by their appearance. One of the most famous Armenian women in the world, Kim Kardashian, who inherited typical Armenian features, is just the only example that proves the beauty of this nation.

Typical Armenian woman face features are distinctive and gorgeous. Most local ladies have big dark brown eyes framed with long eyelashes, a pointed long nose, straight dark hair, and light skin. The contrasts of Armenian women features are the reason why they look bewitching.

Also, they are usually tall and slim, but, naturally, there are also thick Armenian women who are equally beautiful. These girls prefer to wear elegant and not too revealing outfits that highlight their femininity and elegance.

What Makes Girls from Armenia Attractive

Good Manners and a Kind Soul

Besides the beauty of Armenian women faces, the personality of these ladies also deserves to be mentioned. Some of the most beautiful things about them are their manners and kindness. Growing under traditional values’ influence, Armenian girls become amazing young women who respect other people and try their best to always be kind and friendly.

They prefer to be optimistic and live a full life, and this is what attracts people from all over the world to them. However, the women of Armenia can be reserved and quiet shy with strangers, as they are taught to be modest and well-mannered in public.

Family Values

The culture of Armenia is centered around family and its values. Modern Armenian women honor local traditions and values and see family as the highest priority in their lives. These women are extremely loyal to their husbands and let a man take a lead in a family.

Armenian beautiful women become great mothers and wives who take care of the peaceful life of their families. Every wife in Armenia is supportive and thoughtful to her husband and tries her best to show him all her love.

Bright Mind

Despite Armenian women stereotypes, these girls are not housewives and want to become successful in different spheres of life. They are usually well-educated, hard-working, and decisive, which helps them to achieve their professional goals while being good wives and mothers.

It is always a pleasure to communicate with them, as their politeness and bright bonds help them talk on different topics with respect to other people’s opinions.


Armenian Women Profiles

Audrey 25 y.o.
Financial manager
Nasrin 29 y.o.
Sahar 28 y.o.
Penelope 22 y.o.
School teacher
Esmeralda 27 y.o.
Social worker
Mehreen 29 y.o.

Why Do Westerners Consider Dating Armenian Women?

If you are not sure whether you should date Armenian girls or not, we are ready to help you figure it out. Here are our top 3 reasons to choose an Armenian beautiful woman for dating. Keep reading to understand how well these girls fit your expectations of a perfect partner and why you should try your luck with them.

They Tend to Build Long-Term Relationships

Beautiful women from Armenia are not the girls who enter relationships without true feelings and serious intentions. As marriage is extremely valuable in their culture, Armenian ladies dream about building serious relationships with someone they really love.

Also, looking at statistics, we can see that the crude divorce rate is comparatively low in Armenia – only 1.1 in 2020. Local women don’t see divorce as a solution to solving family problems and prefer to put some effort into finding a compromise with a partner.

They Are Open to International Dating

Despite some decades ago single Armenian ladies were looking for marriage only within their country, nowadays a lot of locals don’t mind dating foreigners and getting married to them. One of the reasons is that there are more females than males in Armenia – the sex ratio is about 88 men per 100 women.

Gorgeous Armenian women like to communicate with foreigners, learn their culture and traditions, and date them. They aren’t scared of possible problems due to cultural differences and are always ready to work on making their international relationships better.

They Are Different From Other Girls

The last reason is for those looking for a woman who isn’t too westernized, yet isn’t similar to Asians. As Armenia is located right between Europe and Asia, local girls possess the best traits and values of these two different parts of the world. Let’s compare Armenian girls and Western girls to see how different they are.

Western womenArmenian women
Gender equality is a must for building successful relationships.These women prefer to see a man as a leader in relationships.
They are straightforward and usually don’t care what others think about them.Women in Armenia are always polite and modest, especially in public
European ladies prefer to wear natural makeup and casual clothesLocal ladies are stylish and like to highlight their beauty with bright makeup
Short-term relationships are common for young Western girls, as many of them prefer to build a family in their 30s.Girls from Armenia are more committed to having long-term or serious relationships.
Why Do Westerners Consider Dating Armenian Women

Dating Culture: 3 Facts You Should Know

Every country has its own unique culture, and some of the traditions form flirting and dating customs. Armenian dating culture includes some special traditions too, and sometimes it can confuse foreigners who are trying to date Armenian girls. To make the dating culture of Armenia clearer for you, here are 5 facts every foreigner should know.

Attractive Armenian Women Do Not Fall in Love at First Sight

When you date Armenian girls, don’t expect them to show their feelings to you right after one date. These beautiful girls need much more time to understand how good you are for them, and what are your real intentions. Patience and honesty are vital to succeed in meeting Armenian girls.

The Acceptance of You by the Girl’s Family Is Essential

A woman in Armenian traditional family has to arrange a meeting for her beloved one with her parents. Usually, a potential boyfriend is asked about his reputation, social and financial status, etc. It is made to let parents understand that the man can provide a happy life for their daughter.

A Man Has to Show His Serious Intentions

As a response to most beautiful Armenian women playing hard to get, a man is expected to put all his efforts to show how much he wants to be with a girl. If a man doesn’t give up for a while, the woman will understand that he has serious intentions and will show her affection. That’s why it is important to be persistent when you meet Armenian girls.

Best Tips on Dating an Armenian Girl

Are you ready to meet Armenian women? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have to know beforehand how to impress these ladies. There are some general characteristics that every single Armenian woman wants to see in her future partner and which she will seek in you.

What exactly do local beauties want their future boyfriend to be? We are here to give you the answers and help to win over a girl you like. Following our tips below, you will definitely conquer an Armenian beautiful woman

  • Bring gifts on your date. An average Armenian woman is usually spoiled by her family and expects the same attitude from her boyfriend. That’s why different gifts, sometimes expensive, are a must to get the attention of the beautiful women of Armenia.
  • Be ready to meet her family. As we mentioned earlier, parents sometimes play a huge role in making decisions about their daughter’s future relationships. That’s why dating an Armenian woman, try to find out more about her family and prepare to meet them.
  • Be sweet and supportive. It is vital to show your affection in this way when you start dating Armenian women. They like men who are gentlemen and ready to help a girl in any situation.


We are sure that dating an Armenian girl is definitely worth all the efforts, as they make great girlfriends and can fulfill one’s life with love and happiness. If you’re looking for a family-oriented woman with a mild temper and magnificent beauty, you should try to win over a girl from Armenia. All you have to do is follow our guide and show your real self to the girl you like.


What Does a Typical Armenian Woman Look Like?

A typical local woman is tall and has expressive big eyes that attract men at first sight. Also, Armenian women hair is usually long and dark brown and creates a beautiful contrast with their fair skin.

How to Meet Armenian Women?

It is easy to meet single Armenian women on the streets of big cities like Yerevan or Gyumri, but the best option is to use online dating apps. It is cheaper than a trip to Armenia, and much easier, as girls there seek relationships for sure.

What Is It Like to Date an Armenian Girl?

Local ladies are usually supportive, loving, and thoughtful to their partners. By choosing to date a local woman, you get an incredible partner who is honest about her feelings and is ready to build serious relationships with you.

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